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The Polish company Zelmer has long been known on the market for its quality and wide range of models. Juicers of this brand are distinguished by their reliability and long service life..

This company has been awarded international prizes more than once, it has been awarded the European quality mark. How to choose the right juicer model for you? Let’s figure it out.



Citrus juicers are available in single-speed and double-speed.

Single speed – the cheapest and easiest to use devices. A vivid example is the Zelmer 377 juicer. They have a power of 85-250 W, the set does not include a container for ready juice. Additional features include overtemperature shutdown and protection against accidental start-up.

Two-speed devices for soft fruits, berries and vegetables, have a power of up to 400 watts. Of the additional functions – there is an automatic Turbo mode, which cleans the sieve from the pulp.

Another model from the same series – Zelmer 486, has rpm protection and does not turn on when the lid is not tightly closed. Most of these juicers can easily make a blender or coffee grinder..

Versatile models have power up to 800 W, two-speed mode and Turbo option for filter and foam separator cleaning. A good example is Zelmer 496. The advantage of such models is that the process is completely automatic. You don’t even need to peel fruits and vegetables – they can be loaded into the juicer right in the skin. The speed of such devices is the fastest – a liter per minute of time..

By the principle of operation, juicers are divided into two types.

  • Centrifugal;
  • Auger.

An example of a centrifugal type model is the Zelmer 377 Jilita. The principle of operation of such a model is that the cake moves in a circle, and the juice flows through a special hole into the glass. The rotating part is called a separator. This nozzle can be either in the form of a cone or in the form of a cylinder. The more revolutions per minute the device produces, the higher the quality of juicing. The hardest part is with hard fruits and vegetables, because they are difficult to squeeze, which means the quality of the juice becomes lower..

Auger juicer borrowed its principle of operation from a meat grinder – vegetables and fruits are ground with a spiral piece. The main advantages are that it is much less noisy than centrifugal and consumes less electricity. Also, you can not only squeeze juice from it, but also prepare a smoothie – a thick liquid with ground fruits and berries. Such a device can work for a long time, giving you liters of fresh juice. An example of such a juicer – Zelmer 1500.


Model reviews

Zelmer 496

Main characteristics:

  • Power – 700 W;
  • Universal purpose;
  • Mechanical control;
  • Tank volume – 1.2 liters;
  • Two speeds;
  • Turbo mode;
  • The body is made of food grade plastic;

Price – from 4400 rubles.

This mechanically controlled juicer works like a centrifuge and is equipped with a separate juice container. The width of the raw material compartment is 7.5 centimeters. Additional features include a foam separator, lid open lock and automatic pulp ejection.

Zelmer 377 Jilita

Main characteristics:

  • Power – 250 W;
  • Universal purpose;
  • Electrical control;
  • The volume of the inner bowl is 0.8 liters;
  • One speed;
  • The body is made of food grade plastic;

Price – from 3090 rubles.

This auger juicer with innovative SES technology allows you to work with all fruits, vegetables and berries, as well as squeeze juice from herbs. A slow spin mode is built in here, where at a low speed you can save a maximum of useful substances.

The model has options for making juice and puree and for collecting cake. It works with the help of two-way reverse rotation of parts and has a turn-on lock if the lid is not closed or not closed tightly.

Zelmer JE 1200

Main characteristics:

  • Power – 500 W;
  • Universal purpose;
  • Mechanical control;
  • The volume of the inner bowl is 1.5 liters;
  • Two speeds;
  • Without turbo mode;

Price – from 5650 rubles.


This centrifugal juicer has a blender option and allows you to load fruits and vegetables unpeeled and uncut. Transparent walls of the tank will help you see the amount of liquid inside, and high power allows you to instantly prepare a liter of juice.

Additional functions allow you to automatically get rid of the cake and separate the foam from the finished juice or puree. Here, too, there is an automatic blocking when the lid is not closed. For easy storage, the cord and outlet fits inside the model. It is also equipped with rubber feet, which is very comfortable against slipping and for stability..


How can you choose exactly what you need from this variety? Use these tips:

  1. The power shouldn’t be too big. A juicer at medium and low speed will perfectly cope with the production of several glasses of juice, as well as blanks for the winter.
  2. Lovers of vegetable juices, such as beets or carrots, should consider purchasing a universal juicer. A good alternative is the auger model.
  3. Also, the auger juicer is well suited if you need frequent access to it or do a large amount of work. For example, you have a large family and you constantly prepare delicious juice for everyone at home. Or you are preparing something for the winter. This kind of car will cost more, but it is much more durable and will not break down at the most inopportune moment..
  4. In no case should you save on separator material. Yes, the aluminum case is several times cheaper, but the vitamins in it instantly evaporate. Better to opt for stainless steel.
  5. Be sure to choose a wicker sieve – it does not clog and does not require constant cleaning, like a stamped one.
  6. Many juicers have a special drop-stop function, which ensures that nothing extra flows out of the machine. Thus, you will not constantly wipe the table..
  7. If you would like to squeeze juice from grass, seeds or grapefruit at home, choose only the auger machine. For ease of use, it is better to choose a horizontal model.

How to assemble and disassemble

Of course, all models are different, but there are general rules, following which you will protect yourself and not harm the car..

  1. Remember that before starting disassembly, it is worth not only turning off the machine by pressing the lever on it, but also removing the plug from the outlet. Wait for the rumble to subside, and only then proceed.
  2. First, remove the pusher from the place where fruits and vegetables are loaded. Next – remove the bowl intended for squeezed products from under the lid.
  3. Let the remaining juice drain out by gently tilting the body forward, and only then disconnect the jug.
  4. The lid is usually attached to the body with clamps – plastic or metal. Find them and remove the cover.
  5. And finally, after that, you will have access to the container into which the ready-made juice is drained and to the filter. Remove them carefully so as not to damage anything. Pay special attention to the filter – it is quite sharp and easy to cut.


Nothing inspires confidence like testimonials from people who have used the product themselves..

  • First of all, everyone notes the quality of the Polish assembly, while most juicers are assembled in China. They also talk about the quality of parts – a reliable strainer, an iron body and good, thick plastic.
  • The buyers were also satisfied with the price of the product – here the cost is not overpriced, due to the fact that the company is not as well known as many others..
  • Zelmer JE 1200.5 pleases many buyers with performance and ease of use.

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