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A healthy lifestyle always remains relevant. At the same time, its fundamental direction is proper nutrition. But what kind of nutrition is complete without natural fresh juices? It is not surprising that in our time there is a whole separate area of ​​specialized technology that facilitates the task of their manufacture. We are talking, of course, about juicers..

A good juicer is often an indispensable piece of equipment in the kitchen. Modern models allow you to prepare juice not only from berries or citrus fruits, but even from carrots, apples, cabbage.


Of course, juicers have their favorites. For example, equipment from the well-known German manufacturer Bosch is very popular. Let’s take a look at the main brand models.



The juicer differs from its predecessors in the series with some improvements. This is a centrifugal type model. The main body parts are made of aluminum, so the equipment is light enough for its dimensions, and the alloy quality is quite suitable for its functions..

First of all, it is necessary to note the increased power of 700 watts. This slightly increased the juice output, especially in the case of soft foods such as grapes or citrus fruits. If the model of the MES20A0 series had about 50% of the product mass at the output, then the MES25A0 raised this figure to 70%, which makes it more profitable to use..

The neck is over 70 mm in diameter, which allows you to load almost whole apples and pears, eliminating the need to cut them. The spin, as mentioned earlier, has become much stronger, so the remainder of the used products is practically dry. The mesh is practically not clogged, it is made of high quality stainless steel. Also, the model is very stable, since the rubberized legs in it are replaced with full-fledged suction cups, due to which vibration and noise produced are also reduced..

It is also worth noting that the plastic elements of the juicer have undergone some changes. The material used has improved. For example, the same juicers MES20A0 and MES20CO often received negative reviews, since plastic surfaces quickly lost color, and after a while juices were obtained with a specific odor..

The set of goods includes a container for the resulting juice, with a volume of 1250 ml, a lid for it, as well as a special brush for cleaning the mesh. The total price of a juicer model MES25A0 is about 5500 rubles, which is quite reasonable for equipment of this level. Of course, it is not without its flaws. Most of the negative reviews are related to the inconvenience during cleaning the cake compartment. As well as poor processing of soft fruits and vegetables.


A distinctive feature of the new model in the series is the rejection of plastic. All elements are made of aluminum and stainless steel, from the neck to the juice dispensing spout. At the same time, the weight of the model is quite small for this size, only 5.35 kg.

As for the efficiency of work, this is another representative of the centrifugal juicers. Has a standard power of 700 watts for the series. The yield of juice is not less than 50% of the mass of products and cake is sufficiently dry. As in the case of the previous model, a relatively low efficiency is observed in the case of soft vegetables and fruits, however, this is the case with almost all centrifugal juicers..

The technical part of the MES3500 is quite reliable. The juicer has a built-in 1.25 liter juice container and a 2 liter pulp container. The stainless steel mesh can be easily cleaned with the supplied brush. In general, the juicer is easy to disassemble for drying. A special scheme will not allow you to turn on the technique in the event that it was assembled incorrectly. There is also a “SafetyStop” mode, which automatically turns off the motor if you open the cover.

Keeping up with the trends, the new model demonstrates ergonomics and convenience. The wide neck eliminates the need to cut food. And if you have always been annoyed by the increased noise from working equipment, then you can take a break from it. By replacing the rubberized pads with suction cups, the MES3500 juicer is more stable and produces virtually no vibration.

Reviews about the model are usually positive. Its average price in stores is about 7,000 rubles. This may seem like a serious amount for a juicer, but this model assumes a fairly high quality and durability. One of the drawbacks is the lack of the ability to juice citrus fruits.

Bosch MCP-3000 model

Another well-known series from Bosch, which is intended for lovers of citrus juices. The MCP-3000 model is characterized by limited functionality, affordable price and convenient dimensions..

It is made of high quality plastic, which is quite acceptable for this version of the juicer. The weight is only 830 grams, and the dimensions make it easy to place the equipment on any free area of ​​the table, and just as easily store it on the cabinet shelf. The MCP-3000 is easy to use and delivers fast and efficient results.

With its price of about 1000 rubles, such a juicer is available to everyone and can be a great gift for a lover of citrus juices. Quiet, compact, convenient – this is what those who have already tried it out about the Bosch MCP-3000 juicer. It has practically no flaws and will last a long time..

How to choose the right one

There are many models, the quality of which is guaranteed by Bosch and its many years of experience. Of course, many juicers are expensive.. That is why, before purchasing such a technique, you should determine for yourself all the main selection criteria:

  • Pay the most attention to the power of the technique. The model with high power ratings is able to guarantee high performance. Juice extraction will be much higher, therefore, the waste of products will decrease. On the other hand, such a technique will consume a lot of electricity with regular use, which can subsequently seriously hit the pocket;
  • Do not forget to clarify what material was used in the production of the juicer. The presence of plastic may well be alarming. Earlier models such as the MES20A0 received a lot of criticism due to the poor quality of the plastic elements, which lost color and gave the juices an unpleasant odor. A good option is, for example, the model MES3500, in which all elements are made of aluminum and stainless steel;
  • Working mechanism type. Centrifugal versions of juicers are very popular, but there are also presses, augers, and the most simple citrus juicers. You should choose based on your wishes, as well as accounting for the consumed power and electricity;
  • Functionality plays an important role. In this case, a lot depends on your personal requirements. If funds allow, then you can purchase universal equipment, such as a full-fledged food processor with all the functions of a juicer. And if citrus juice is enough for you, then the best choice will be the Bosch MCP-3000 model, the cost of which is only about 1000 rubles, and the quality and convenience will pleasantly surprise.

Disassembly rules

Juicers from Bosch are quite simple to use, since their structure practically does not differ from the standard for this type of equipment. In any case, to disassemble such, you only need a couple of minutes..

  1. First you need to de-energize the equipment.
  2. After that, remove the food pusher from the neck, if you used it, and then pull the cake compartment out from under the lid. In most models, it can be attached to the main body with additional fasteners.
  3. Also remember to empty the entire built-in fluid reservoir. To do this, just tilt the juicer slightly so that the accumulated juice flows out..
  4. After that, you can remove the filter mesh and the container itself. Be especially careful with the filter as the edges may be sharp.
  5. You can wash and dry the juicer elements manually.

Some models are dishwasher-safe. For example, the Bosch MES3500 juicer, which is entirely made of aluminum and stainless steel.


If we talk about Bosch juicers as a whole, and not take into account individual models, a number of advantages can be noted. A series of products in this area is constantly evolving, so now it deserves its attention, even if only because of the sufficiently high quality and an experienced approach to production technology..

Juicer prices directly depend on their technical characteristics and body material. In the article, we examined in detail the currently most popular models, but you can always find in the store Bosch equipment that is right for you..


The appearance of most of the models is also quite pleasant. They are ergonomically shaped, and color variations are so diverse that your new juicer can become not only an ordinary appliance, but also another design element in your kitchen. By opting for a Bosch juicer, you get the opportunity to enjoy your favorite fresh juice every morning without much effort and money..

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