Kerama Marazzi tile for kitchen apron

Ceramics combines design sophistication with the highest quality. Kerama Marazzi tiles are perfect for an apron for the kitchen, because in addition to the listed advantages, it also has an affordable price.

Why tiles?

The kitchen work surface is constantly exposed to various factors. This is water, and steam, and fats, and heating of the air that occurs during cooking..

Ceramics, unlike other materials, withstands both temperature extremes and high humidity. It is durable, does not emit harmful substances, does not deform, and is unpretentious in maintenance. The tile is easy to clean from dirt, and its color does not fade either from time to time or from exposure to sunlight.


Kerama Marazzi is part of an international concern with Italian roots. It is one of the most popular producers of ceramics and granite in Russia. In addition, the company produces mosaics, panels, borders, baseboards and other decorative elements..

Why are the products of this company so good??

  • Design. The company’s collections are developed with the participation of professional designers. The range includes both classic elegant models and extravagant ultra-fashionable options. New thematic collections are released annually.

A kitchen apron should be in harmony with the headset and the general interior of the room. A variety of colors, shapes and styles, as well as a wide range of prices allow you to choose the right option for any kitchen.

In addition, when buying a set of brand products, you will receive not only ceramic squares, but a whole harmonious series, including basic tiles, decor, borders and other elements. Thanks to this, you can create a real stylish composition in your kitchen..

  • Quality. The company’s products comply with international standards and have all the necessary certificates and expert opinions. The production uses the most modern equipment and the latest technology. Multi-stage control guarantees the strength, durability and flawless appearance of the products. In addition, in the manufacture of tiles, the company uses only natural materials, which speaks of its safety and environmental friendliness..
  • Price. Despite the impeccable quality, the company’s products belong to a moderate price category, which is significantly different from the more expensive Italian counterparts..

How to choose

In the Kerama Marazzi assortment, you can find whole series offering ceramics for both floors and walls in a single design. This makes it easy to choose a harmonious room design option..

However, this is not the only option, because the fantasy is limitless. You can also choose products from different collections to decorate different surfaces. This option is suitable for those who want to make the kitchen design more original, as well as for owners of an apartment with an already repaired floor..

In such cases, when choosing a suitable option for a kitchen wall, you should adhere to the following principles:

  • the color of the apron should be several shades lighter than the color of the floor of the room
  • for a small kitchen, it is better to choose glossy tiles of light colors, visually expanding the space
  • also for small rooms, wall decoration with small ceramics is recommended, because large format products on the wall of a miniature kitchen will create a feeling of cramped

In terms of quality, Kerama Marazzi products are always on top. But still, when buying, it is important to pay attention to some points..

  1. It is necessary to immediately calculate the required number of tiles and purchase everything at once. After all, the shade of the material from the same collection, but from different batches, may differ slightly. The inconsistency of tones can ruin the whole impression of the wall decor, which is why this moment is so important. It is also advisable in the store to compare the color and size of products from different boxes. They must be identical.
  2. Make sure that there are no cracks or chips on the purchased material, because if improperly stored or transported, such damage is quite possible.
  3. Calculating the amount of material, add 10% to the resulting amount. This stock will allow you to replace something that may be accidentally damaged during repair work..

Color solutions

Usually, warm colors are used for kitchen decor. The most suitable colors: all shades of orange and yellow, pale pink, white, beige. Brown elements are also appropriate in this color scheme..

Blue and greenish shades in the kitchen should be used with caution. However, if they are in harmony with the furniture and the general design of the room, then such cold colors will look great in this part of the apartment..

As for the pictures, these can be vegetables and fruits, mouth-watering sweets, floral motifs, kitchen utensils, dishes and other images. For lovers of a more unobtrusive and calm interior, abstract ornaments are suitable. Connoisseurs of minimalism can choose plain ceramics for the apron. After all, even this option will look beautiful, provided the color combination with the headset.


The main collections of the brand

Kerama Marazzi company creates its collections based on traditional motives of different countries, combining them with modern decor trends.

  1. The English collection includes tiles in discreet pastel shades. Delicate floral motifs and discreet prints are used here. At the same time, ceramics of this trend are not at all prim, they are refined and elegant. This option is ideal for a classic kitchen..
  2. The British series is brighter and more eccentric. This is the style of a modern city in radical reds, blacks, dark browns. This design will appeal to lovers of clear lines and modern minimalism..
  3. Scandinavian options are as subtle as English-style pieces, but the color scheme is colder here. Dazzling white in combination with soft lilac, gray and pink creates a mood of freshness and coolness. Among the prints, there are plant motifs, images of representatives of the northern fauna and other drawings..
  4. The French style is designed in soft and deep colors. Noble and elegant design, originality of patterns – all this embodies the charm of one of the most romantic countries.
  5. The Roman series includes a variety of color options. Abstract patterns prevail here.
  6. Japanese elegance is also reflected in the company’s products. This collection is extravagant, but at the same time austere and sustained.
  7. The Latin American series includes products in rich colors that reflect the flavor and dynamism of this hot country..
  8. The brightness of India is embodied in the brand’s ceramics with soft tones and prints in the national style. A real celebration of colors in your kitchen.
  9. The Italian series is calm and sophisticated. It is dominated by beige and brown colors. There are also products in laconic black and white colors..

The variety of options allows you to choose the best apron design that suits your kitchen.

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