Kitchen cupboard

Kitchen cupboard

Choosing a cupboard is a very important detail when arranging a kitchen area. A kitchen cabinet is not only a container for all kinds of utensils, but also one of the main interior accents. Therefore, his choice must be approached with knowledge of the matter..


For a more correct and complete choice, you just need to study the classification of cabinets for storing kitchen utensils. If you don’t know what to choose from, then how can you find out that this particular locker is what you need?


This option is relatively small in size, so it fits well into a small kitchen area. A small wall-mounted kitchen cabinet will fit a standard set of dishes for three or four people. To keep fragile dishes safe, mounted models are equipped with special metal holders.

The dishware hanging cabinet with transparent glass or plastic doors looks very nice.


This type of cupboard can be made both in the form of a wall-mounted and a floor-standing module. Both options are remarkable in that they take up a minimum of kitchen space, with maximum functionality..

The corner cabinet, due to its originality, becomes a stylish decoration of the kitchen. It is usually installed in the kitchen-dining room, or in the kitchen-living room. The tall corner wardrobe looks especially beautiful, which matches the style of the rest of the furniture. In such a cabinet you can place all the available dishes..


This version of the container is somewhat outdated. Previously, almost all kitchens were decorated with buffets. This was more likely due to the fact that a more convenient alternative did not exist at that time..

The sideboard has a rather attractive and original appearance, but its dimensions leave much to be desired. Therefore, it is difficult to place a “grandmother’s” closet in a standard kitchen. The portion of the buffet – kitchen-living rooms and large-sized dining rooms.

In addition to its dimensions, the buffet has a number of “inconveniences”:

  • High price. Massive original wardrobes are made only from natural wood.
  • Non-standard look. Due to its interesting dimensions: low but wide, the sideboard does not fit into any modern interior. The buffet should be an independent and separate part of the kitchen from the headset, therefore it is more often purchased for decorating a country-style kitchen, Provence, etc..

A modern model of a sideboard that has everything you need: racks for drying dishes, shelves, cabinets and drawers.


A showcase is the same cupboard, with the main difference in the form of a large amount of transparent glass. This model is very convenient, as it accommodates a lot of very different dishes and is very beautiful..

Showcases can be either small: they are installed on the top or on the floor, or full-size: they stretch from floor to ceiling. Stylish models are an excellent decoration for a kitchen-dining room. Many designers make absolutely glass showcases, which is not very convenient for domestic use, but has a very original look.

How to equip a closet from the inside

Regardless of the type of cabinet purchased, you can equip it as soon as you like. The main thing is that the dishes in it are safe..

A shelf in a closet is, of course, convenient, but unsafe. There is always a chance of dropping and breaking a plate, regardless of whether there are children in the apartment or not. There are several options for fixing dishes in a kitchen cabinet..

  1. Railing systems. They are used both inside and outside the cabinet. Their device is very simple – metal tubes and hooks on which both plates and mugs can be fixed (Fig. 5). Such a storage system is convenient not only in terms of operation, it is also easy to remove and wash. Suitable for modern stylish kitchens.
  2. Dryer. This element should be in the cupboard of every housewife. With the help of the dryer, you can easily dry a wide variety of dishes, and if necessary, you can permanently store on it, for example, plates.
  3. Metal grates and plastic trays. These parts are necessary in every kitchen for storing small parts: spoons, knives, forks, etc..
  4. Special rubberized mats on which the dishes are directly placed. They do not slip and the dishes are very stable on them..

Selection rules

It is impossible to make the right choice if you are guided by only one appearance. You need to carefully study the model you like before buying:

  • Inspect the shelves, touch and try to move, if they stagger even a little, then you should think about what will happen to them during the load.
  • Drawers should slide out smoothly and quietly.
  • The base cabinet must have adjustable feet. Otherwise, it may squint a little, since the floors in apartments are not always perfectly flat..
  • The strength of the fittings should be at a height, beware of cabinets with plastic parts – their service life is too short.
  • The material of the whole product. If you have a cramped kitchen, small children, or often have numerous guests, then glass showcases are not your option..

The basic rule is to choose a high-quality model made of durable materials with precise assembly. Appearance should be in second place, since you can decorate the cupboard yourself with the help of original lighting or paints.



Any cupboard draws attention to itself, which is why it is so important to choose the right model. Usually, these cabinets are purchased separately, since kitchen sets do not provide for such a design. A couple of shelves and a few drawers don’t count. The real hostess is always few of them, and there are a lot of dishes..

The design of kitchen cabinets in furniture stores is very different, so choosing the right model is not particularly difficult:

  • A cupboard in a classic interior should be made of natural wood. Skilful carving or translucent glass can be used as decoration..
  • Modern. This style implies the presence of metal and plastic furniture. Therefore, the cupboard can be partially made of plastic materials, and metal grates or dryers may well be..
  • It is easy to fit old or modern cupboards of various types into “country” or “Provence”. They can be either completely wooden or decorated with transparent or stained glass.
  • Brutal kitchen styles such as “loft” or “urban” are characterized by cold metal furniture. Therefore, in order to install a cupboard in the kitchen in this style, you will have to contact the designers, since it is almost impossible to find something suitable in an ordinary furniture store. Despite the high cost of the designer metal cupboard, many choose such models due to the interesting design and high reliability of the structure..

Choose a cupboard with your heart, and it will delight both you and your guests..


How to install a cupboard? This question can be answered easily, since the answer usually depends on the size of the premises. It is very convenient to place the kitchen cabinet in the corner, so much more space will be saved. An equally convenient option is to put the wardrobe in the immediate vicinity of the dining table. In this case, access to clean dishes when setting the table for guests will be the most practical and fastest..

If there is a large enough space, the cupboard can serve as a kind of partition that delimits the space into the cooking zone and the place for eating..

Often, cupboards are large. To hide this drawback as much as possible, you can provide a similar design with mirrors and illumination. You can install such a cabinet along a wide wall. Interior mirrors will reflect the space, and it will visually increase significantly.


Do not get too hung up on the color scheme of the cupboard. Its main purpose is to keep the dishes clean, so it is better to choose neutral tones or translucent glasses. If there are enough transparent parts in the cabinet, then the dishes themselves, which are in it, will decorate the structure..

Bright colors are the lot of the kitchen unit, so you should not choose a cupboard to match it. Maximum – doorknobs to match the main furniture. The main thing in a kitchen cupboard is content.


Keeping the cupboard in its original condition is easy enough.

To do this, you just need to follow simple rules:

  • Wipe the inside and outside with a damp soft cloth (microfiber, flannel).
  • Use detergents only when urgently needed..
  • After washing the surface, always wipe dry without leaving a drop of liquid.
  • Wipe glass and ceramic panels only with special agents. Before use, be sure to read the instructions.
  • Remove dirt from wooden shelves only in the direction of the wood pattern to avoid accumulation of dirt in the pores of the tree.
  • You need to fill the cabinet with dishes correctly. Do not overload shelves and racks. The maximum that one shelf can withstand is 10 kg. For greater safety, you should not come close to this limit..
  • The cabinet fittings should be lubricated as often as possible so that they do not creak or wear out prematurely..
  • From time to time you need to tighten the mount.

Any detail and furniture needs timely care, the service life directly depends on this. Do not forget this, and the kitchen cupboard will serve you for many years in its original form..

Separate cupboard for comfort and beauty in one package. This design performs two important functions: it keeps the dishes intact and clean and decorates the kitchen space with its appearance. Therefore, you need to carefully select such furniture, weighing all the pros and cons. Act smart and your cupboard will fit perfectly into your kitchen décor.

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