Kitchen curtains – modern style for a small kitchen

Kitchen curtains - modern style for a small kitchen

The kitchen is where we spend a lot of time cooking and family dinners. Therefore, the atmosphere there should be cozy and homely. Properly selected curtains will help you create a warm atmosphere even in a small kitchenette..


What to hang on the windows in "Khrushchev" or a small apartment in a new building is a question faced by many. One of the details that often “makes” the interior is considered to be a properly selected window decor – curtains, curtains or blinds. Correctly selected curtains can create the appropriate mood and atmosphere. In addition, the curtains hide the space of the room from prying eyes of passers-by on the street, as well as too bright the sun..


By choosing the right curtains, you can even visually enlarge your kitchen space. Most often, light-colored curtains from light airy materials are chosen for a small room. It is they who are able to let in a maximum of the sun and fresh air into the room..

But curtains that do not fit the design of a small kitchen will turn it into a real small closet. Such curtains are too dark or complemented by a huge number of small patterns..

Varieties and fashionable novelties

There is a wide variety of curtains, among which you can definitely choose an option for a small kitchen, which will only decorate it..

Light curtains on lambrequins

First of all, you should pay attention to translucent tulle curtains made of lightweight fabrics. They will help create the desired cozy atmosphere in your kitchen. Such curtains will perfectly fit into any interior. However, many housewives, realizing that light-colored curtains are very easily soiled, sometimes do not buy them in the kitchen. If this idea also stops you, then pay attention to the curtains with a special impregnation. They easily repel dust and dirt and remain attractive and neat for a long time..


In the modern world, a more practical type of curtain is popular – blinds. They are compact, laconic and fit well into both classic and modern interiors. Laconic and compact blinds will perfectly decorate any room and will not take up additional space.

Monochromatic blinds and those decorated with a print are also popular. Many people especially like the blinds decorated with some kind of themed pattern. They enliven the interior and cheer up every time you look at the window..


Exotics are also in trend lately. Stylish bamboo curtains perfectly decorate the kitchen windows of the room, made in any style. Bamboo curtains are usually more expensive than plain blinds as they are most often handcrafted. These curtains are made of thin bamboo sticks. Sew all these pieces by hand.

Bamboo curtains differ from each other, primarily in weaving. The advantage of bamboo curtains is that they are resistant to moisture and direct sunlight. The colors of bamboo curtains are quite different, but usually they are something close to neutral shades..


To decorate small windows, you can use classic Austrian curtains. They are created from light, airy fabrics, and, when hung on a window, they are collected in elegant folds, securing them with braid. Such curtains look cute and atmospheric.


Along with blinds, Japanese curtains, consisting of a single piece, are popular. They are closely attached to the window and, if necessary, are raised or lowered along the cornice, remaining the same level.


Lovers of elegance in the interior will love Roman blinds. They, like the Japanese ones, consist of several even canvases. But in this case, the curtains are arranged in a classic way – on the sides of the window.

Roman shades, if desired, can be fixed with a special tape. Thus, they will transmit exactly the amount of light you need..

How to choose

When choosing curtains for a small kitchenette, you should focus on several main parameters at once..


First of all, pay attention to what material the curtains are made of. The most popular are curtains made of lightweight thin fabrics. To make the curtain composition look as impressive as possible, you need to choose the option with double drapery. Such curtains will look very good in a retro-style kitchen..


Also, the curtains must certainly match the style of your room..

The most popular is the Art Nouveau interior. In a kitchen made in this style, plain plain curtains will be appropriate. If you want something more original, choose blinds decorated with photo prints.

The same can be said about high-tech style. It is one of the most modern and practical. Therefore, simple and concise curtains of light colors will also be appropriate here. These curtains are perfectly combined with various chrome surfaces. You can also pay attention to plain fabric curtains. They do not trap light and look great in the interior of any room..


The color of the curtains also plays an important role. The right color helps to visually expand the space and hide some visual imperfections of the room..

For a small kitchen, stylists recommend choosing curtains in light shades. However, if the kitchen has large windows that let in a lot of natural light, then you can choose darker curtains..

Very often, the curtains are matched to the color of the wallpaper and the overall style of the kitchen. Thus, it is possible to achieve harmony and balance. If you have light-colored walls, you can complement them with pastel-colored curtains. However, you can also try to combine different tones and even textures. This option looks very unusual and interesting..

Window shades for the kitchen can also influence our mood. So, models of red flowers provoke aggression, green ones give appetite, and blue ones – soothe. Therefore, you can also choose curtains, focusing on the psychological influence of their color..

How to create it yourself

In a modern style, there is a wide variety of kitchen curtains. But, if you cannot find a suitable option for yourself, or want to complement your kitchen with something original, then the curtains can be sewn by hand. You don’t have to be a talented craftswoman for this – you just need to be able to work with a typewriter and have good taste..

First of all, choose the right material. The easiest way to sew curtains is from chintz, cotton or linen. Alternatively, you can try materials such as organza or tulle. When sewing curtains, remember that if expensive fabrics or models with complex patterns are used for them, then the style of the curtains should be extremely simple and vice versa..

The length of the curtains depends on the interior of your room itself. They can be either short or long in a rustic way. Create your own ideal curtains so that the interior of your kitchen suits you and makes you want to spend whole evenings at family dinners or tea parties.

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