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Talk about good quality drinking water will never lose its relevance. Household water filtration systems appeared about twenty years ago and are still being improved to this day. Jugs, cartridges that are installed on a spout are now impossible to find. Gone are the individual taps for drinking water at the sink. At the moment, modern products are popular for supplying water under the filter, which are discussed in this article..


Features and Benefits

The filtered water kitchen faucet has many advantages, which should be familiar to anyone who decides to purchase this product:

  1. the device saves time. If you compare with jugs, then you do not need to check the availability of water. Opening a special tap leads to the fact that a stream of drinking water will instantly flow from it;
  2. compactness. Such a filter takes up little space and can even fit in a small kitchen. The filter itself is located under the sink, an auxiliary water conduit is built into the mixer;
  3. aesthetic qualities. This unit is much more attractive than its ancestors. Few people found it convenient to install a faucet separately in the sink, and hanging cartridges or adapters are not comfortable to use..
  4. competitors report high prices for drinking water purification mixers. Compared to jugs and cartridges, they’re right. However, a comprehensive cleaning system is not so cheap..



Combined mixers are lever and valve, as well as standard counterparts. In the front or side of the housing, there is a small lever that controls the supply of drinking water. The last option is the most comfortable if you will be using the device all the time..

Combined mixer 2 in 1 is also called a mixer, with the ability to connect a filter, they have two options: one mixer is capable of supplying filtered and ordinary water.

Such a two-in-one mixer with a filter connection, connects to treatment systems and is able to save space at the sink, because there is no need to install an additional drinking tap for the filter. At the moment, such units are popular in the domestic market..

Kitchen faucets with two spouts can have two filters: home flow and reverse osmosis. The first is engaged in purification of water to a drinking state. Installation is within the power of any person, because it does not require special knowledge in installation. The filter is mounted under the sink to the cold water supply system, with an exit at the top, in the mixer. The cleaning process in devices with double spouts is instant.

Currently, manufacturers offer two options. In more detail, a 2 in 1 mixer for a filter can be as follows:

  1. consist of two independent holes. The holes can be located in one outlet without interconnection;
  2. have one spout hole, but two channels. One canal responds to tap water, while the other runs drinking water. Mixing is carried out by the flow of water, which is provided by the aerator. Flow control is carried out using a handle with switching to the required mode;

You can choose from a variety of colors, depending on the interior of your kitchen. There are white mixers, black, gray and other colors..


How to choose

First of all, the owners pay attention to the design and cost of products, as well as to the manufacturer who offers quality products to their customers..

It should be based on the material of manufacture. The mixer must be made from reliable raw materials. The most common types are:

  1. from stainless steel, brass, nickel alloys, bronze;
  2. ceramic;
  3. made of plastic.

Plastic mixers, along with the components, are characterized by a high degree of resistance to aggressive media, not prone to corrosion and alkalinity. It is worth noting their shorter service life compared to metal and ceramic products. The best are combined products, the body of which is made of metal, and the inner parts are made of ceramics..

Due to modern technology, you can find on sale devices with a coating that imitates gold, platinum, silver and even marble. Fingerprint-free matte finish.

If you are planning to buy a mixer, pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. take into account the length of the spout, along with its curvature, as well as the height. For deep washing, you need to take a lower version;
  2. choose the most convenient location of the control knobs;
  3. decide on the type of spout. There is a rotary and fixed option.

When you decide which mixer with filter will be in your kitchen, check the composition of the accessories. As a rule, the kit should contain hoses for connecting to the water supply system, fasteners with adapters. In some cases, the filter is included.


Brand models overview

The choice of the manufacturer plays an important role when buying a combination mixer. Leading positions are occupied by such brands as: “Zorg Sanitary” from the Czech Republic, the German company “Kaiser” and “Blanco”. Products of these brands can satisfy the tastes of any customers, and their quality is always at its best. However, it should be borne in mind that the price category of this product can surprise no less than the properties of the models.

The mixers from “Jacob Delafon” are worthy of attention. The designers of this brand have developed a whole list of filter mixers. The company has lever units. Their work is based on the fact that the flow of water begins to appear after the lever is lifted up. To change the temperature, turn the lever to the left or to the right..

These units have main parts, consisting of: base, handle, spout and aerator. Based on these components, designers were able to create many collections using a variety of fantasies. High quality brass models with chrome finish and other options are available to customers.

The manufacturer Zorg claims that modern kitchens and bathrooms cannot be imagined without its faucets. High-quality products of this brand are able to provide water supply, as well as complement any interior. These products perfectly combine functional and aesthetic components, which guarantees comfort in use and reliability..

In the production of mixers, utmost attention is paid to quality control at every stage. The manufacturer checks for defects and workmanship, conducts strength tests, along with electronic tests.

Another Czech manufacturer, Lemark, is popular on the domestic market. The main advantage of the product is its attractive design. Rounded shapes are able to fit into a modern interior. High quality products and four-year warranty attract buyers.

Among the German companies for the production of filter mixers, the Kaiser brand should be noted, which produces products of high quality and unique design. Each mixer is easy to use. The products are made of high quality brass, which has a dirt-repellent property. The material is scratch resistant and does not fade.

Multifunctional mixers “Blanco” are characterized by compact dimensions and graceful shapes. In most cases, products are made of stainless steel or granite, and there are also combined types of materials. A wide range of colors and shapes allows you to choose a mixer for any kitchen. High quality mixers are of great importance..

Faucets from Omoikiri emphasize Japanese quality combined with refined style. The company offers a wide variety of choices and various materials of manufacture. The assortment contains wear-resistant and durable products that will delight every customer with their high-quality work..

Each manufacturer offers different color solutions. You can find a faucet for yourself that is not only of high quality, but also fits perfectly into the interior of your kitchen. Faucets in mocha color are in demand, which make the design of the room attractive and become the highlight of the entire interior..


Interesting solutions in interior design

When choosing a mixer for a filter, you should pay attention to its appearance. Consider the design of your kitchen, because the product must fit into it and blend in harmoniously with the rest of the items. Many manufacturers offer interesting options that deserve attention..

The exclusive category includes faucets that are made of glass and ceramics. However, such models are very expensive and are rarely found in stores. Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors, in which there are monochromatic and contrasting shades, combined colors.

For those kitchens that have a retro-style interior, designers suggest purchasing faucets that imitate bronze or copper. For a modern high-tech style, chrome or stainless steel is suitable..

For customers who have a sink with two or three bowls, we offer combination mixers equipped with a pull-out spout.

Choose a mixer responsibly. For an original interior, every little thing is important, including the appearance of products for supplying water. Take a closer look at the assortment offered by well-known manufacturers, and you can find there exactly the option that fits perfectly into your kitchen..

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