Kitchen faucet with pull-out spray

Choosing a faucet for the kitchen is not an easy task. The modern plumbing market is replete with a variety of forms, materials, technical capabilities. One option is the kitchen faucet with a pull-out spray. Is it comfortable?

Advantages and disadvantages

Kitchen faucet with static water supply fades into the background. The faucet with a pull-out shower is gaining more and more popularity. And this is no accident. This type of device has certain advantages:

  • It is convenient to wash a large amount of dishes. It is possible to control the direction of the stream, water does not spray in different directions.
  • Conveniently wash the sink – no need to use an extra bowl to rinse all corners.
  • Convenient to wash fruit, while wasting less time and water.
  • The jet will not damage the skin and pulp of soft fruits and vegetables.
  • You do not need to have a deep sink to be able to fill a large container with water. To do this, just pull out the watering can.
  • The device allows you to save water with a diffuser nozzle.
  • Ideal for sinks with two bowls or more.

A wide range of faucets with a watering can will help you to choose a faucet in accordance with your desires and perfectly fit into the kitchen interior. There is an antique model for a classic kitchen style, a black faucet that fits perfectly with a high-tech style, and standard stainless steel faucets, suitable for all styles of kitchen design..

But they also have a number of disadvantages. The main one, of course, is the price. The cost of such taps is much higher than that of ordinary ones, not every Russian buyer is ready to pay a very round sum for a kitchen faucet.

Difficulty in operation. The fact is that when purchasing such a mixer, many do not know how to clean the spring from fat and limescale, and this spoils not only the appearance, but also the technical properties of this attribute..

But the second drawback is easy to fix. To clean it, it is worth using soft substances that do not contain abrasive particles. The more often the tap is cleaned, the less lime and grease will accumulate, and the mixer will delight you with its flawless operation for a long time..

And what is comfort for you, and whether you agree to pay for it – it’s up to you.


Mixers with flexible watering can differ among themselves in different parameters. There is a way of opening, and different installation, and different ways of pouring out, and various types of watering cans and a hygienic shower. Kitchen taps of this type are also available with additional functionality, for example, they can have a hose for drinking water.

Ways to open water

  • Single-lever – have one switch pedal. It opens the water supply, and depending on which direction you turn it, the temperature of the supplied water is regulated.
  • Two-arm. They have two lambs, which separately open hot water and cold water.
  • Contactless. They have a built-in sensor that reads that hands or dishes are brought under the stream, opens and closes the water.

Installation types

  • built into the countertop;
  • built into the wall.

Spout features

In all types of mixers, spouts are assembled from separate parts or cast. In the first case, all parts of the crane are disassembled into separate fragments, and they can be replaced if necessary. In the second – the body is one-piece and represents a single structure without seams.

Also, the gander on the kitchen faucet has a different configuration:

  • Straight.
  • L-shaped.
  • S-shaped.
  • C-shaped.
  • R-shaped.

The first two types were very popular..

The shape of the outlet can be standard round or square. It can also be slightly flattened and oval in shape..

The spouts vary in length:

  • Long – over 28 cm.
  • Short – 15-18 cm.
  • Medium – 20-24 cm.

Long spout taps are typically used in sinks with multiple bowls..

There are also several options for attaching a retractable watering can:

  • The shower is pulled directly from the mixer head.
  • With a separate shower that can be attached to the tap.
  • With a shower head, the hose of which is stored under the sink, only the shower itself is installed upstairs.

Manufacturing material

The main materials from which faucets with exhaust spray cans are made are steel, granite, ceramics. The most reliable taps are those that combine a metal body with ceramic parts inside. They are subject to less wear and tear and serve flawlessly for many years..

We should also highlight the mixers of their bronze. It has to do with the way they look.

These kitchen faucets are usually styled antique. They look great in the interiors of kitchens design solutions art decor, classics, such a mixer would be useful in a rustic kitchen.

What to look for when choosing

  1. When choosing a mixer, you must first of all pay attention to the height of the spout. If the sink is shallow, then the spout of the faucet should be placed high, and if the sink is deep enough, then the faucet may have a low spout. But a highly placed gander has its drawbacks – water splashes fly in different directions. Therefore, it is necessary to find a middle ground. Therefore, some manufacturers equip kitchen sinks with a mixer. In such kits, the height of the tap and the depth of the sink are convenient on all sides..
  2. The angle of rotation of the spout also plays an important role. In standard cranes, it has 120-140 degrees. In more expensive models, the rotation angle can be over 180 degrees. This is very convenient, especially if your sink has several bowls or you wash large dishes..
  3. It is better to choose a matte surface. Dry drops of water will be less visible on it, and it will be easier to care for such a faucet. But when choosing a faucet, please note that it should be in harmony with the sink, and if you have a stainless steel sink, you need a faucet with an appropriate coating for it..
  4. If the water in your home is of poor quality, then you should choose a tap equipped with a filter. In such a mixer, an additional spout is usually removed, through which filtered water for drinking flows.

Top manufacturers

Due to the growing demand for faucets with a pull-out spray, many well-known manufacturers of sanitary ware produce this product..

Frap Is a Chinese company. It has been on the market for 16 years. Produces fairly high-quality mixers, according to customer reviews, at a very attractive price. Products are produced on Italian equipment in accordance with European and American standards.

Grohe – manufacturer from Germany. He presents on our market a huge range of kitchen faucets, including those with a pull-out shower. There is not only a huge variety of forms here. You will find a variety of colors, from tap white and beige to orange, red and black. There is also a wide selection of taps with an oversized spout, perfect for washbasins with multiple bowls..

Blanko Is another German manufacturer with a wide range of products. The quality of these mixers speaks for itself. And a huge selection of colors and models of performance will not leave indifferent any buyer. In addition, almost all models have the ability to switch the shower to jet mode, which is especially convenient.

Vidima – excellent quality Bulgarian mixers. This manufacturer also did not miss the opportunity to replenish its range of kitchen taps with a pull-out spout..

When choosing a faucet for the kitchen, you need to take into account all the components. First of all, of course, ergonomics. The kitchen is a work area where it should be convenient to do business, be it cooking or washing dishes. But we must not forget about the aesthetic part either. It should look appropriate in the stylistic solution of the room. True, a vintage faucet in a high-tech kitchen, or a mixer of regular geometric shapes with sharp corners in a classic kitchen will look funny..

Whatever you choose, the kitchen faucet should first of all suit you, then it will serve you for many years and will not require replacement.

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