Kitchen furniture design

The kitchen is an important part of any home, because it is on it that we all gather together for breakfast or dinner. It is in the kitchen that we can spend time with our friends, in the company with a cup of coffee and talking about the most important things. For this reason, you should be responsible for the choice of design, so that despite what is happening outside the window, your kitchen always has a cozy and comfortable atmosphere..

Which style to choose

In this matter, you should start from the interior of the room, your preferences and wishes. Below are the main styles that can often be found in the kitchen.


Classic furniture will always be in demand, regardless of the time and fashion trends. Such an interior will always be relevant, because it combines sophistication and style. As furniture is influenced by numerous external factors, opt for solid wood.. It is best to buy products from:

  • ash;
  • oak;
  • beech;
  • hornbeam;
  • maple.

If you plan to design your kitchen furniture in a classic style, make sure that it is not painted. The tree should be in its natural color. Forged metal or stone can be used as individual parts. But the main part should be wood..

The best and inexpensive option is chipboard and MDF furniture. A material like this will help you maintain a classic design..


Furniture in this style will be a good solution for any kitchen.. This interior is ideal for a “Khrushchev” building, because such a room will not be loaded with unnecessary details and will retain the feeling of free space. For a large room, this design is suitable, since all unnecessary components will be hidden from view..

Kitchen furniture in such an interior is very practical. It has no carving, relief and curls, so it is unpretentious to maintain.. The kitchen set can be made of the following material:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • plastic.

In some options, a natural stone countertop can be used.


Ethnic style is gaining popularity in modern apartments. They are characterized by national features of local life, as well as exotic and overseas notes:

  • African;
  • Japanese;
  • indian;
  • Australian and other.


When choosing furniture, pay attention, first of all, to the dominant materials used in production, as well as to the color scheme. For example, for a kitchen that supports African style, you should select furniture made of wood with bright colors. The Indian interior is characterized by gilded elements. If you choose Japanese design, then stick to strictness and clarity in the lines..


In Provence, there is lightness and simplicity, which are aimed at relaxation and rest. If you decide to decorate an apartment in this style, you should select products that are made of natural material.

Artificial colors and shapes are not allowed, the interior must have full naturalness. You can apply the effect of “aging”, but it should not be conspicuous.


Such an interior contains simple and slightly rough shapes. The style is combined with light furniture, with soft and pastel colors.

High tech

If you are a fan of everything modern, then pay attention to high-tech. This interior is actively used in the studio and combines modern technology and unusual materials. Here, even in a small area, household appliances can be accommodated, which will be hidden in the built-in furniture..

This style is supported by furniture made of the following materials:

  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • metal.

The color of the products can also be unusual, ranging from rich, bright shades to delicate white. Modular headsets are actively used, as well as panels.


When buying furniture, it is important not only to resolve the issue with the interior, but also to decide what color scheme the room will be in. It is important to choose the shade correctly so that it fits the area of ​​the room and other interior details, for example, walls, ceiling and even the floor..

Light shades

Light colors will go well with a small kitchen, which has an area of ​​up to 6 square meters. These include the Khrushchevs, in which there is always not enough space. Due to light shades, you can visually enlarge the room and make it lighter.

It is not at all necessary to buy white furniture, you can buy gray, cream, sand shades, which will also help to create a wonderful atmosphere in a small room..


Light furniture differs from boiling white options in that they are practical to use. On the products, dirt, grease drops that appear during the cooking process are not so noticeable. For the same purposes, designers recommend buying furniture of not one tone, but with small ripples..

Yellow shades

Yellows, as well as oranges, will be the perfect solution for a kitchen that lacks sunlight. Also, this color scheme is suitable for the room located on the ground floor. Due to these shades, the room becomes slightly warmer than it is in reality..

Keep in mind that yellow is a color for inspiration and energy. When you walk into a kitchen like this, you will always want to create. This is suitable for a room like this, because the action takes place in the kitchen. In the form of cooking, washing dishes, etc..


Green symbolizes nature, harmony and balance in life. He is able to calm down or, on the contrary, give strength to a tired person. For the latter, pistachio or herbal color schemes are preferred..


You can use the green color scheme in the wall cabinet, for the upholstery of the kitchen corner, as well as the apron. The green countertop will also blend harmoniously with the rest of the interior..

Such shades are relevant in high-tech style, ethnic interiors and minimalism..


You can choose any shade of blue for all kinds of designer interiors. For wooden furniture, you can choose lighter colors, and for plastic and metal products, you should choose a deep blue hue..



Red is the dominant feature in any interior. For this reason, it is not recommended to use pure red in a small room. Give preference to more delicate shades: cherry, pomegranate or burgundy. It is also not recommended to use red colors for those who have a kitchen facing south..


Remember a few rules when choosing red furniture:

  • red furniture should be in harmony with the rest of the details of a neutral color;
  • only walls are painted in this color;
  • this color is an accent, therefore curtains, dishes and interior items are made in it.


Brown, like any dark color, is the most convenient cleaning option. Such furniture will not show dirt and grease. Housewives note that berry and fruit juices are invisible on a dark kitchen set, which, if not cleaned in time, can eat into the surface of the products and spoil its appearance..


If you like browns, take a look at classic style and country-style interiors. At the same time, it is not recommended to equip a small room in this style, since this color scheme contributes to weighting and narrowing a small space..


In an apartment where young people live, you can often find bright and rich colors in the kitchen. A kitchen with furniture in this color scheme carries originality and exclusiveness, which shows the courage of its owners..

Such furniture will appeal to those categories of people who are tired of the usual furnishings. In previous years, there was Soviet furniture, which was the same in every apartment. Bright colors will help to show your individuality and original approach to renovation.

Materials (edit)

Today stores offer a wide selection of materials for kitchen furniture, thanks to which you can show your individuality and emphasize your mood. If you cannot decide which products are needed for your premises, check out the list below..


Wooden furniture always looks stylish and rich, and if it is properly processed, the product will serve you for a long time. Take special care when choosing a vanity unit for a sink, because it must be subjected to a special water-repellent treatment. If you buy a cheap option, such a headset will quickly fail and swell from moisture falling on the surface..

Be aware of high temperatures in the kitchen. To minimize the risk of fire, you should keep furniture away from the source of fire and buy one that has been treated with fireproof impregnation..

MDF / chipboard

This option is suitable for those who do not have enough money to buy wooden furniture. These products have a more affordable cost and look like wood. The technical properties of such furniture are lower, which leads to the fact that all knocks should be treated with a sealant. Otherwise, water will constantly get into your kitchen set, and it will soon fail..


You can choose from forged products or modern options with a chrome finish. Combined furniture, using metal and glass, is now popular..


Plastic furniture is the most comfortable option for cleaning. She is not afraid of moisture, is not susceptible to the formation of mold and mildew. There is a wide selection of shapes and colors among this category, allowing you to choose exactly what you need. Among the shortcomings, it should be noted the fear of heating, due to which the plastic may change or darken.


The stone is mainly used for countertops and decorative panels, which do not need to be moved. Purchase such furniture if you want to create a Provence, ethnic or country style.


The best option for placement in the kitchen will be one that does not clutter up the free space. Therefore, the design of the kitchen must be combined with functionality. For this reason, cabinets with many drawers are often found in modern kitchens..

Six options for kitchen design:

  1. Single row. This option is acceptable for a small room, since the work area is located on one side, and the other side will be used as a meal..
  2. Double row. To preserve the working space as much as possible, there is a sink with a stove in one part, and the refrigerator should be located on the opposite side.
  3. L-shaped. This design will be optimal for a small room as well as for a large one. It adjusts the distance between the work surface, so it is considered universal.
  4. U-shaped. This type of arrangement will be appropriate in a large kitchen. Work surfaces will be located near 3 walls. This design assumes strict adherence to the parameter in which the back wall should not be less than 2.5 meters, and the free area between the walls should be equal to 1.2-2.8 meters.
  5. Peninsular. This design will allow you to divide the room into a dining room and a kitchen using a cabinet with a sink..
  6. Ostrovnoy. This type of arrangement can only be realized in a large kitchen. The central zone is taken as a basis, made in the style of an L-shaped or U-shaped arrangement.

For a small kitchen

Designers recommend following a few rules if you want to equip a small kitchen:

  1. For a small room, light-colored furniture is preferable;
  2. When placing, take into account that when opening, the lockers do not interfere with each other;
  3. Choose furniture with rounded shapes.

These recommendations will help create a harmonious space in your kitchen, despite its small size. Built-in furniture will help you unload free space and create a cozy and attractive interior.

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