Kitchen furniture set

Kitchen furniture set

If you strive to organize a convenient, comfortable kitchen, then planning and purchasing furniture must be approached carefully and thoughtfully..

The color palette, style, materials used are amazing. In order not to waste time and not select the necessary elements of a kitchen set, it is better to opt for a set.

A set of kitchen furniture is a set of products that are made in the same style direction, they perfectly harmonize, complement each other, and create an impeccable complex.


Depending on the acquisition method, the following types of kitchen furniture are distinguished:

With the set number of items included in the kit. All components are closely related and form a single whole. You can stop your choice on this option if you are satisfied with the color palette, material and shape, since all elements are perfectly combined.

Modular furniture – consists of independent elements, wall and floor, made in the same style. The component parts can be purchased separately and combined into a set, so that they are ideally sized for a particular room. You should select the items you need and order them.

Separate interior items – an example would be dining chairs and tables. Very often they are not included in the general set and you need to select them separately, observing a single stylistic focus.

Depending on the planning method, a distinction is made between:

Island cuisine – in the center there is a cabinet for a stove or sink, other items are arranged around them. A kind of triangle is formed: stove – sink – refrigerator. This layout is considered optimal for a large kitchen..

Peninsular planning – differs from the previous version by the presence of a bar counter or a serving table. This element logically complements the work area and divides the kitchen space into two parts: for cooking (work) and for eating (dining).

Linear arrangement – all items in the kitchen set are located under one wall. This technique is suitable for almost every kitchen. The only thing is that you should not stop your choice on it if you have a long and narrow room, since such a set will visually extend the space even more..

L-shaped set – involves placing furniture against two perpendicular walls. This planning method is highly ergonomic, since the angle in the room is fully utilized..

Layout in the form of a letter "NS" – the kitchen set is located along three walls, with the exception of the one where the entrance doors are installed. Suitable for large kitchens.

Galley or double row planning – will be an ideal example for a room with pass-through doors, since the components of the kit are placed along the walls. A ready-made set is quite rare, but you can pick up cabinet furniture with the necessary items.

Advantages of the typesetting kit

A distinctive feature of the type-setting kitchen set is the ability to choose the required number of cabinets that will ideally fit into the room, depending on its size and parameters.

If the kitchen has a non-standard layout, you can choose the necessary elements for its arrangement.

The main advantages of the typesetting collection for the kitchen:

  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Huge variety of sizes of individual body elements.
  • Ability to choose a color palette and original design.
  • You can vary the number of required modules.
  • The design can be slightly modified if you use other fittings.

The main components of the box headset

Each housewife decides on her own which components of the cabinet set and in what quantity should be located in the kitchen.

Most Popular Items:

Hanging cabinets – determine the overall height of the furniture. There are:

  • open view – various shelves;
  • closed type – have blank or glass facades.

Floor tables or cabinets are the main components of a kitchen set, which contain all the necessary utensils, dishes and products for long-term storage.

Cabinets in the form of pencil cases or columns – very often used to build in a variety of overall household appliances, for example, a refrigerator or a dishwasher.

The sideboard is a tall and wide cabinet with a glass front. This item is used in large spaces. Usually, beautiful dishes or a service, decorative elements are placed in it. In the lower part, you can place a variety of kitchen utensils, as often the doors are made of opaque material. This element of the set adds sophistication to the interior and is used in a classic style..

Pedestal table, bar and semi-bar counters, which can also be included in the kit. Often, such interior items are made mobile, equipped with wheels, making them easy to move around the kitchen space, depending on the needs that have arisen..

Tables and chairs – when choosing a table, you need to take into account the number of family members who will sit at it, as well as focus on the size of the room. For a small kitchenette, a folding or sliding model can be an ideal option, which, for example, unfolds for lunch so that all household members can fit behind it. The rest of the time, such a table is complex and does not take up much space.. In form, it can be:

  • rectangular;
  • oval;
  • round;
  • square.

Instead of chairs, a kitchen corner can be used, which will be a great alternative to them. It is highly functional, as there are usually additional sections under the seats in which you can store a variety of accessories..

The main aspects of the choice

To make the right choice and purchase the kitchen set of your dreams, you need to decide on the basic parameters:

  1. Price – you should determine how much you are willing to spend on the purchase of a cabinet set, and based on your ability to choose furniture.
  2. The material from which the modules are made. Either it will be completely wooden interior items, or a more economic option: MDF or fiberboard. Will the work surface be made of plastic or artificial stone? Should glass or metal elements be present?
  3. The size – opt for the set that fits perfectly into the kitchen space without cluttering it.
  4. It is worth paying attention to functionality and ergonomics. It is better to choose a set with a large number of pull-out drawers and shelves, this will allow you to place all the kitchen utensils and necessary things, and the dishes will always be close at hand within reach..
  5. Take a closer look at the height of the countertop – you should be comfortable working on it. Stand near the work surface with your arms bent at the elbows, the distance from the elbow to the table should be about 10-15 centimeters. In this case, your hands will not get tired if you are cooking and cutting food..

Popular styles

Each hostess, when planning the design of the kitchen, strives to get not only functional, but also fashionable and stylish kitchen, in which it will be convenient to cook a variety of goodies and, in addition, receive guests..

The most popular styles for decorating a set of kitchen furniture that do not go out of fashion and remain relevant for a long period of time:

The classic direction – furniture for the kitchen, made in this style, creates a cozy home atmosphere, it is time-tested and has a huge number of fans. Such a set will look great both in a large room with high ceilings and in a small kitchenette, which is notable for its modest size. Fits perfectly into the interior of an ordinary apartment or summer house.

The main features of the classics:

  • made from natural wood, or a material that imitates it in appearance;
  • arches, cornices and balustrades are used as decorations;
  • wall cabinets are located vertically, have swing doors on the facades;
  • floor cabinets and bedside tables also include doors that swing open;
  • stained glass on facades is used as a decorative element;
  • if built-in appliances are used, they should be in harmony with the design of the kitchen.

Modern – this modern style will be an excellent option for those who are used to following fashion trends and trends.. One of its directions is high-tech, which combines metal and glass surfaces..

Distinctive characteristics of Art Nouveau-style cabinet furniture:

  • A variety of materials are used for facades: glossy, matte or varnished MDF surfaces, aluminum profiles with glass inserts, plastic.
  • This is a discreet direction that prefers simple and clear shapes and lines. Various decorations do not apply.
  • Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets are placed horizontally, the doors are lifted using the latest pneumatic mechanisms.
  • Floorstands have wide fronts and pull-out drawers to perfectly match the hanging elements.
  • Built-in backlight is widely used.
  • Household appliances are usually built into cabinet furniture..

Country style – a kitchen set made in this manner can be placed both in an ordinary city apartment and in the country. Such furnishings are of fairly good quality, reasonable price and easy to use..

Characteristic features of a set of furniture for the kitchen, made in this style:

  • made of MDF, natural wood, facades can be decorated with glass;
  • has strict sustained lines, without any decorative effect;
  • wall cabinets are located vertically, have swinging doors;
  • floor tables are completed with small opening door fronts;
  • household appliances are not built in, but are an independent element.


Stopping your choice on a specific manufacturer of kitchen furniture sets, it is better to give preference to proven firms that have been on the market for more than one year..

You can pick up a headset of both a foreign brand, for example, IKEA, and a domestic one, an example is the Collection from the manufacturer Ogonyok.

Over the long history of existence, Russian manufacturers have learned to develop kitchen furniture, which does not differ in any way from foreign counterparts in quality, but at the same time has a more democratic price..

What specific set of kitchen furniture is suitable for your room is up to you. The main thing is that it is functional, convenient, comfortable and fits perfectly into the interior of the room. And then you will have great pleasure in cooking and eating..

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