Kitchen scales from famous brands

A kitchen scale is an indispensable device for cooking, helping to determine the mass of a product with maximum accuracy. At the moment, this is the only gadget that can determine the weight of a product with an accuracy of the gram..

Kitchen scales can be divided into two groups: electronic and mechanical. The undoubted advantage remains with electronic ones – they have higher measurement accuracy and a number of additional functions, they are the object of bold and interesting design solutions. Models are presented in all kinds of options: different sizes, materials, colors and shapes – depending on their purpose.

Electronic kitchen scales have the following characteristics:

  • Tara. There are two types of containers in which the product is weighed: a bowl and a platform. It is easier to weigh bulk solids (for example, cereals) and liquids in a bowl. Solid food can be placed on the platform, as well as containers (for example, a bowl of soup or dough). The platform scales with a removable bowl are the best option for weighing any substances or products..
  • The upper weighing limit is the maximum weight of the product that the balance can measure. On average, it is about 5 kg, but it can reach 15 and more for professional models.
  • Weighing error. The more accurate the kitchen scale, the smaller the error in weighing products. It is desirable that it does not exceed 1-2 g.
  • Additional functions. Different models can have a clock, taring and tare compensation (weighing a product without a container, as net weight), calorie counting function, sequential weighing, thermometer, clock, timer, touch control, thermometer and many other functions.

Review of famous brands

When choosing a kitchen scale, you need to determine what needs to be weighed: cereals, solids or liquids. Is it necessary to count calories or convert grams to milliliters? Do you need touch control or a regular, push-button, the option will do?

The following is a brief overview of modern models of electronic kitchen scales, all their pros, cons and features, as well as customer reviews.


67080 Page Profi is a professional electronic kitchen scale. They have practically no weak points, both in terms of functionality and design. Among the disadvantages of such scales, users note the impossibility of weighing up to 5 g and the inconvenient design of the legs. Among the advantages: a weighing limit of 15 kg and an error of 1 g, a surface made of shock-resistant material and its large area, a backlit display. Additional options include an automatic shutdown function.

A very interesting model in terms of design is the 65055 Model Digital. The scale is a glass disc that is attached to a plastic foot. They have all the basic functions and standard features: the upper weighing limit is 5 kg, the error is 1 g. Of the minuses – the weight of the weighed product changes depending on the location to the center, which is noted in customer reviews.


The stylish Beurer folding scales have an interesting feature: wall-mounting, which saves space. They have a small round glass weighing platform (5kg limit), standard specifications, automatic shutdown, liquid measurement, time indication and low battery. Such kitchen scales are presented, only in white.

Joseph joseph triscale

Perhaps this is one of the most interesting models of electronic kitchen scales today. Folding scales when unfolded in shape resemble the “sign of freedom” or the emblem of Mercedes – Benz, when folded, they take up almost more space than a knife or a corkscrew. Such scales not only keep up with other models in terms of technical characteristics, but are also endowed with the most modern functions: touch control, calorie counting, and control of the proportions of ingredients. The scales are available in two colors: olive and white. A relatively high price corresponds to the quality and multifunctionality.


Scales Supra BSS-4085 – the best option for weighing liquids and bulk solids: they have a very convenient round bowl with curved edges that help the substance not to splash. Additional functions: the function of converting grams to milliliters. The only drawback noted by users is that this model requires a “large” CR2032 battery (usually finger batteries are used for kitchen scales), which makes operation somewhat costly.

BSS-4097 is a model of electronic sensor scales on a platform with an attractive design. Plus – tartar compensation, minus – no measurement of the volume of liquid.


KS1600 is a model with a removable stainless steel bowl, equipped with a backlit display and a number of basic functions. Negative – lack of consistent weighing.

A feature of the Zelmer 34Z051 model is the ability to convert masses to other units of measurement – pounds, ounces, etc. The kit includes a removable bowl that is easy to clean. Another plus is the discharge indicator. Technical characteristics are standard: the weighing limit is 5 kg, the error is 1 gram. The only drawback is fast auto shutdown.


One of the most popular models of kitchen scales with a bowl today is the Maxwell MW-1451. Has the option of weighing liquids, stylish design. The only drawback is the difficulty when changing batteries (inconvenient slot).

Maxwell MW-1452 is ideal for weighing small masses due to its high measurement accuracy and small glass platform area. Pros – the presence of a clock, calibration, measuring the volume of liquid, automatic shutdown, nice design. Minus – no consistent weighing.


Starwind offers a range of budget kitchen scale options, equipped with all the necessary functions and standard specifications..

The most interesting of the rather extensive Starwind range is the SSK3359 white glass scale on a platform with the image of berry cubes. Thanks to an interesting design solution, they will perfectly complement the interior of the kitchen. SSK3359 has tare and automatic shutdown functions.


Rolsen KS-2907 is a model that, along with Maxwell, is very popular among buyers. It has simple functions and standard features, coupled with a relatively low cost. Pros – touch control, a platform made of impact-resistant tempered glass, calibration. Cons – no shutdown button.

Rolsen KS-2911 is a scale resembling a split board: the platform is made of natural bamboo. Advantages – automatic shutdown, conversion of grams to ounces, indication of the battery charge. Minus – no measurement of the volume of liquid.


Gorenje, as users write in reviews, is one of the most reliable and time-tested companies. The range of Gorenje kitchen scales is represented by a relative variety: models on a glass platform and models with bowls in different materials, designs and colors are presented..

The convenience of the KT 05 NB model was highly appreciated by the users of the Comfy website – it is not necessary to use a bowl, it is enough to install any light dishes (for example, a plastic container). The model is made of plastic for easy portability.

Another interesting model is the KT 05 GB II. Among the advantages are elegant design, high measurement accuracy, automatic shutdown. Small cosmetic drawback – the battery compartment is not firmly installed.


The compact Bosch MKW 0180 model has a stainless steel bowl, rubberized feet and a number of additional functions: sequential weighing, taring, automatic shutdown. Minus – relatively small weighing limit (only 2 kg).


Camry EN102 is an electronic kitchen scale that has not only the function of counting calories (determines the nutritional value of 999 products), but also separately proteins, fats, carbohydrates, retina, salt and cholesterol. Other features – taring, timer and stainless steel platform, convenient push-button control, attractive design. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

EK3130 is a fairly budgetary and compact model with a glass bowl. Pros – indication of battery charge, overload, calibration and automatic shutdown functions, cons – fragile case and no battery included.


The Saturn brand is represented by a very wide variety of models in terms of functionality and design. ST-KS7800 is a model shaped like a teapot or a jug. The body is made of white plastic, the controls are located on the handle. Advantages – ease of use, measurement of liquid volume, high measurement accuracy and tare compensation, disadvantages – lack of consistent weighing.

ST-KS7808 is an oval plastic scale with a platform as a container. Advantages – tartar compensation, automatic shutdown, charge and overload indication. The disadvantages are the same as the previous model.


Smile budget kitchen scales are characterized by their small size and relatively low cost. KSE 3216 is a compact round white glass scale with a pattern. They have a number of useful functions: battery charge indication, tare compensation, volume measurement and sequential weighing. Small flaws – no timer and clock.

KSE 3211, in addition to a convenient plastic bowl, has an interesting function of fixing the weight, to use it you need to press the “hold” button. Minus – no consistent weighing.


Glass electronic scales ASC401 are distinguished by an unusual color scheme: a combination of green numbers with a white coating. Advantages – touch control, automatic shutdown. In the reviews, users note a discrepancy between price and quality – among the shortcomings, a high discharge rate and a very short auto shutdown time.


The Bork N780 model is truly revolutionary – it is distinguished by the ability to synchronize with a special application on your smartphone, which will help you correctly calculate calories, taking into account proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The balance is equipped with a full range of additional functions, except for taring. Disadvantage – they require 4 AAA batteries at once and are among the most expensive on the market today..


Along with Starwind and Smile, Lumme produces an inexpensive and easy-to-use kitchen scale. A striking example of this is LU-1318 – in addition to a number of basic characteristics, they have a number of colors: aquamarine, titanium, gold, black. Cons – no consistent weighing and measuring the volume of liquid.

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