Kitchen scales

If you spend a lot of time cooking, then a good kitchen scale will help you in this process. Correctly selected, they will greatly facilitate the cooking process, because you will be sure that you follow the recipe down to the smallest detail..


There are three main types of tabletop kitchen scales. In the kitchen space, not floor scales are used, but special ones installed on the table. There is a large assortment of such scales, therefore, in order to make the right choice and not be mistaken, you should know about all the advantages and disadvantages of each model..


The simplest option is a hand-held scale. They represent a simple dial complemented by a crochet hook. This hook is used to hang a bag of food and thus measure their weight. Such scales are better known as the steelyard. Today, there are even electronic versions of such scales. They run on simple batteries.

Such mini-scales are good not only for measuring grams in the kitchen, but also for taking them with you on a fishing or hunting trip. In addition, you can burn such scales with you even to the market in order to weigh the goods that you buy. This way, you can check if the sellers are cheating on you..

The only drawback of hand-held scales is that the spring wears out rather quickly. So the scales often need to be replaced. However, such scales are not too expensive. Therefore, even on scales that do not last long, you can significantly save.


Another practical option is a simple mechanical scale. These could be found in the kitchens of our grandmothers. They are quite strong, durable and accurate. At the same time, all these bonuses will not cost you a very large amount. Mechanical scales are half the price of electronic ones.

The scheme of such scales is not more complicated than that of manual ones. They are also supplemented with a spring which, when weighed it, is displaced in order to show the measure. However, there are also minor errors, which are also worth remembering. The figure shown to you on the scales does not always correspond to reality.

On the plus side, it’s worth noting that you don’t need to constantly replace the batteries for them to work. In addition, they are not strongly influenced by various external factors. Such scales allow weighing rather heavy products, up to 10 kg in weight.

Often such home scales are used in the interior of kitchens in retro style. In such a room, charming retro scales with weights would be appropriate..

Also, similar scales can often be found on the market. It is on them that you weigh meat, fruits and vegetables. They work no worse than professional ones. But in order to accurately measure the calories and percentages of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in a dish, you will not have the opportunity.

By the way, unscrupulous sellers often sell mechanical scales under the guise of electronic ones. To check if you have not been deceived, simply push down on their base. If a mechanical spring is hidden inside the scale, then it will manifest itself in this way. Mechanical scales are cheaper, so don’t be fooled.


Electronic scales are also often chosen for the kitchen. They are the most modern. These home scales are like a small computer, which takes into account not only the weight of foods, but also the calories they contain. Such small table scales are equipped with many different additional options. The only significant drawback is their high cost..

There are varieties of electronic kitchen scales that are capable of weighing products up to 1 kg or up to 5 kg. The average is weight up to 2 kg. On such scales, you can calculate the gramme down to the smallest detail. So you can cook all the delicious dishes yourself.

Electronic scales can be supplemented with a bowl, or a platform without a bowl. Regardless of which option is in front of you, you should pay attention to the technical capabilities. Thus, many electronic scales are capable of storing all measures of food in memory. This will facilitate the cooking process and will definitely appeal to those who are fond of preparing some complicated dishes..

When choosing electronic scales, you need to pay attention to what they are charged from. The most popular options are batteries or rechargeable batteries. The bad thing about batteries is that they have to be replaced frequently. Due to the active use of weights, they have to be constantly changed. And when they are just inside the scales, this contributes to their delayed discharge..

Experts advise removing batteries from the scale on days when you are not using them. This will allow not so quickly “plant” electronic scales.


Kitchen scales have their own disadvantages and advantages. It is worth talking about them separately..


One of the first and foremost points is inaccuracy. It is typical for all types of scales. Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to its maximum parameter. The balance error should not exceed ten grams. This parameter is most often found in electronic scales..


Almost all kitchen scales are complemented by a small screen. It shows all measurements, and it is he who allows you to determine how accurate your scales are. Kitchen scale displays can be small or large enough. Their size ranges from ten to fifty millimeters vertically and from thirty to seventy millimeters horizontally. On such a small enough display, up to five digits can be displayed..

An additional bonus is that while waiting, such scales usually reflect the time, so such scales can also be used as a clock..


Modern scales can be operated both by a system of buttons and directly from the touch screen. The first option is considered more affordable, but it is the scales with touch control that are the more practical and modern option..

The control of the balance by means of the sensor system is very simple. To do this, just click on the touch panel or just put some food there. Additional advantages of the touch panel include the fact that it does not accumulate dirt and dust. In addition, such scales look very modern and attractive..

Most types of scales have the disadvantage of having a maximum weight limit. This limits many housewives, since they can only weigh food up to a certain figure. This figure usually ranges from two to five kg, depending on the type of scale itself. To prepare various delicious dishes, you should use the most accurate scales, but for all kinds of blanks for the winter, even the simplest scales with a large error will suit you.


A variety of materials are used to make the scales. Most often, the base and board of the scale are made from materials such as glass and plastic. Less commonly, steel or wood is used for the manufacture of scales. Several materials can also be used in one scale. The quality and strength of the scales, as well as their appearance, depend on which ones are used. For practical reasons, stainless steel is often used in the kitchen. Digital scales made of this material are good for weighing any type of food..


Often for housewives, the appearance of the scales also plays an important role. They should be combined with all other details of the kitchen interior. Thus, what scales will be used in its design depends on how your kitchen looks like..

Weighing design

The design of the balance you choose is also important. They can be supplemented with a simple platform or bowl to hold all the food.


The scales, complemented by a simple platform, are most often rectangular in shape. On the flat surface of such a simple platform, all those products that you want to weigh are placed. Such a platform is extremely simple and easy to use. You can put food on it right in the container in which you plan to cook them. And after weighing, the platform can always be wiped with a simple damp cloth..


Another popular option is a scale with a bowl. Housewives often use this option for making dough. The gram in the bowl can be permanently reset to zero. Thus, you will be able to correctly combine all the necessary components..

Some models of scales are supplemented with not one, but two bowls. They can also differ in different shapes. In this case, one bowl is intended to accommodate bulk products, and the second one is intended for weighing something liquid..

Sometimes this type of scale is supplemented not by a second bowl, but by an additional measuring cup. This scale model is very practical. The glass, if necessary, can be easily removed and washed even in the dishwasher.

It is also very important that the bowl is made of the correct and quality material. They are usually made of stainless steel or plastic. They are distinguished by such characteristics as strength and quality. Glass bowls are very fragile and should be discarded. But plastic will only be afraid of excessively hot liquids and other products..

Finally, remember that digital scales must be checked for accuracy after purchase..

Additional functions

Most modern kitchen scales come with all sorts of bonus features. Of course, scales with such nice additions are more expensive, but nice bonuses in the end justify everything..

One of the most popular types of scales is calorie counting. Such a smart scale is good for those who often prepare diet meals. An interesting function for those who find it difficult to calculate the weight of products is taring. This function allows you to subtract the weight of the dishes, which means that when weighing the product, you will only see its net weight..

To save batteries or the scale’s charge, such a function as automatic switching on and off of the scale will help. Scales with a timer or clock are also popular. In addition to its direct function, it is often used to signal that the scales are discharged..

The successive weighing function comes in handy for complex dishes. It makes it possible to weigh individual ingredients one by one without removing the previous ones from the bowl..

There are also practical folding scales that can save you a lot of space. It is also possible to purchase scales that are not installed on the table, but are attached to the wall. They are securely fixed to a bracket or hook and do not take up much space.

If you often cook the same food, you can use the built-in memory function. It allows you to store in memory information about foods that you have weighed before, as well as their nutritional value. The memory of this type of mini-scale can store up to 400 different product names with all information about them. If you keep track of your weight and the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in foods, then this function will delight you..

For weighing warm or even hot products, a scale with a heat-resistant and heat-resistant base is suitable for you. There are even platform scales on which you can even weigh products in hot pans or pots..

As you can see, there is a huge variety of add-ons that make the scale more functional and practical. But all this costs extra money, so it is worth buying a scale with only those functions that you need in everyday life..

Review of popular manufacturers

Good scales are characterized not only by the presence of additional functions and a modern appearance, but also by positive customer reviews. Now we are going to tell you about some of the most popular manufacturers of this kitchen appliance making scales that are really worth buying..

If you are looking for a quality mechanical scale, the Scarlett brand is worth a look. Such scales in retro style are very convenient, practical and fit into most interiors of modern kitchens. Electronic scales can be selected from the Tanita range. This brand creates modern technology that is guaranteed to serve you for more than one year..

Many functional scales with additional functions are presented in the range of the Maxwell, Kenwood or UNIT brands. If we talk about producing countries, then German scales are considered to be of the highest quality. Germany is known for often creating very high quality appliances, and kitchen scales are no exception..

Tips for use and care

Kitchen scales need not only to be chosen correctly, but also to be able to use them in a domestic environment. After all, incorrect load distribution or the use of an unsuitable cleaning agent can lead to the fact that your purchase will break already in the first week of operation..

When using the scale, remember that kitchen appliances are designed exclusively for weighing food. All scales have a specific weight limit. If you weigh something heavier, they can break very quickly..

Also, the kitchen scale must be protected from various mechanical damage. They must not fall or be hit. If your scale is not heat-resistant, you should not expose it to temperature extremes. It is also advisable that the scales do not stand near heat sources, for example, a battery, stove or oven..

It is undesirable to place electronic scales next to the microwave. Its strong electromagnetic field will compromise the accuracy of the balance and you will not be able to weigh the food correctly. To prevent this from happening, place the scales at a distance of one to two meters from the microwave. It is also advisable not to put a mobile phone next to it..

The peculiarity of scales with a wooden or plastic platform is that their surface absorbs odors very easily. Therefore, do not weigh products with strong odors on them. It will be extremely difficult for you to get rid of them..

Another feature of kitchen scales – after using them, the platform or pan of the scale must be emptied. This will also allow for greater accuracy when weighing..

It is worth weighing products so that they do not contaminate the surface of the scales. This will save you a lot of cleaning hassles. However, cleaning the scale is not that difficult. You just need to wipe them with a damp cloth or a special soft cloth.

If some dirt is not rubbed off, then you can add a simple dishwashing detergent to the clean water. It must be gentle so that the surface of the balance is not damaged. Another taboo is submerging the scales directly into the water. This applies to both mechanical and electronic scales. By following these simple rules, you will definitely extend the life of the scale..

A kitchen scale is a simple device that is definitely worth buying for those who often cook some complex dishes at home, or just monitor their diet. Choose the scales that suit you by function, without spending money on what you will not use in everyday life, install them in a suitable kitchen area, provide proper care, and this simple technique will delight you for a long time..

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