Kitchen stools with upholstered seat

The kitchen is the soul of any home or apartment. Furniture for the dining area should be comfortable and comfortable. It is important that during the meal and communication at the kitchen table nothing distracts and does not cause discomfort. Kitchen stools with a soft seat are the best furniture option that fits perfectly into any interior of a room with different dimensions. They are practical, comfortable and aesthetic..


  1. Stools are more compact than standard chairs. With various dimensions of structures, they do not reduce the usable area. If necessary, they can be pushed under the table.
  2. Stools are durable and reliable in use. The frame is made from different materials.
  3. Soft seat options are lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere you need them, and can be stacked compactly if not needed.

Thanks to the upholstery made of leather or synthetic substitute, the furniture is easy to care for. The seats are hardwearing and durable. Contamination is removed optimally quickly, returning the product to its original appearance.

Depending on the model, the seats are removable and sewn on. They have different shapes (square, round, rectangular, convex, concave). Today it will not be difficult to acquire the model you like. Manufacturers offer different options for style and design, made in any color.


The price of the product depends on the material. Today companies offer standard furniture options and combined ones. For example, the seat can be wooden with upholstery, and the legs can be metal..

The shape of the stool legs is classic, with carved, twisted supports. Folding products are especially good if the need arises. After use, they hide again. They are good for summer cottages, picnics and sudden influx of guests..

Modern attributes of kitchen furniture are characterized by simplicity and ease of construction. They consist of a seat and a support. Supports can be from one to four. The most popular options are with four supports. They are more reliable and stable.

When choosing a particular design, it is important to take into account the weight of a person. If it is large, it is better to purchase a product with a maximum of supports. Otherwise, the product may topple over at the most unexpected moment. For maximum reliability, you can give preference to options with an additional mount at the bottom. It is important to make sure that the stool is comfortable to sit on before purchasing..

Of steel

  • Metal structures are highly durable. They are less prone to breakage and mechanical damage..
  • This design is able to withstand heavy loads. This ensures a long service life and reliability in use..
  • Stools with a metal frame have the ability to use a folding mechanism. This makes them economical and mobile..
  • This furniture is a great alternative to wooden options and saves the family budget..
  • Steel frame stools can have a seat with any upholstery (leather, synthetic, textile).
  • They go well with different interior styles. Such components of kitchen furniture look most advantageous in combination with the style of minimalism and high-tech..
  • There is nothing superfluous in them, they are strictly functional. The color of the pillow can be selected depending on the basic tone of the interior.

With timber frame

These options are the most popular. Wealthier circles of the population prefer wooden furniture for the kitchen. Stools are selected in the same style as the dining area. Such attributes of the kitchen interior are rightfully considered luxury items, even if they are used as decor..

They consist of environmentally friendly material that fits perfectly into different interior styles. Unlike metal structures, wooden models are more noble. They can have different seat and leg shapes. The supports themselves are carved, twisted, made of solid wood.

Today, 45 types of wood are involved in the manufacture of wooden structures. Among them, the most elite varieties are oak, alder, beech. A lot of stools are made of pine and linden.

Wooden stools with a soft seat look beautiful and expensive. They are not harmful to health, resistant to mold and bring home comfort to the kitchen style..


Particleboard is considered a budget option and is great for standard and folding designs. These stools last long enough, they have an attractive appearance, they are resistant to moisture and dirt..


Bar soft options are increasingly appearing in modern kitchen interiors. They are installed near a counter or a kitchen island and are great for rooms with large dimensions. Such models often become a decoration of a country house or summer cottage. In this case, the kitchen island or bar counter acts as a place for short meals..

If earlier they were used in public places, today such models are very popular in modern kitchen designs around the world..


The most popular pillows are round and square. The most popular seat upholstery material today is genuine leather and molding. Less expensive stools are made with leatherette and synthetic textile upholstery.


How to choose?

  1. In order for the interior style to be unique, before buying, you need to decide on the choice of a stool model.
  2. The product should be combined with the existing furniture in design, color, shape and harmoniously blend into the overall style of the kitchen.
  3. The materials of the table and stools must match. Wood products will not match plastic or metal furniture and vice versa.
  4. Round seat options are not compatible with table top with sharp corners. They will not fit a square-shaped glass table either..
  5. When purchasing stools for the kitchen, you need to take into account their size and free capacity under the countertop. The optimal dimensions are considered to be a height of 50 cm, the length of the side of the pillow is 50 cm..
  6. The shape of the chair legs should follow the design of the table legs.


How to make a soft seat with your own hands?

Options with a soft seat are not always bought for the kitchen. If there are already stools in the house, they can be given an aesthetic appearance. Today, at home, it is quite possible to make a stylish piece of furniture for the kitchen out of an ordinary stool..

You can make a regular and removable pillow that is easy to remove and clean (wash). This is an advantage, allowing you to change the interior design with minimal cost and often bring novelty to the familiar style of the kitchen. In this case, the type of future upholstery may be different and even knitted. This process allows you to decorate a new and update an old stool. It won’t take long.

First you need to prepare the necessary tools and devices:

  1. material;
  2. scissors;
  3. foam rubber;
  4. hammer;
  5. screwdriver (screwdriver);
  6. sandpaper;
  7. furniture stapler.

To renew the stool, the old cover is removed. To do this, unscrew the screws and bolts. Then the old coating is peeled off with sandpaper, remembering to remove gaps and cracks..

The upholstery is cut out according to a previously prepared pattern, taking into account the allowances. The foam rubber is the same size as the seat. It is fixed with a construction stapler and then the material is stretched, securing the end result with staples or small nails. A cover is a more practical option for upholstering a stool. It is easier to wash and change it. The stronger and more reliable the material, the longer its service life..

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