Kitchen tables

A kitchen table will help you create coziness in the house, which is able to gather around itself a company of people dear to you. However, this piece of furniture, like other furniture, requires a responsible approach when choosing, taking into account the interior of your kitchen. This article will help you figure out how to choose the right table for the kitchen..



In most cases, the table in the kitchen takes a central place and is considered the main detail of the interior. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that it is not only comfortable to use, but also has aesthetic qualities, harmoniously fitting into the overall interior of the room..


Before buying, you need to decide on the design of the kitchen table. There are two types:

  • folding. Most often, such tables are purchased for a kitchen with a small area. It requires a little space and its area is enough for a family with a small number of household members to dine. When guests arrive, it unfolds, providing a large area for a meal;

  • stationary.

Also, kitchen tables differ in the folding mechanism:

  • sliding. In this case, part of the tabletop can be folded back by moving the formed large platform until it is fixed;

  • with butterfly mechanism. Such products are called synchronous sliding. In order to increase the area of ​​the table, you need to pull on one edge of the table top. After that, it diverges in the middle and disperses. You only need to get the auxiliary part from under the table and install it in the formed gap;

  • swing-out. In this case, the table top rotates at a right angle and the upper part rises. After this manipulation, you can lower the base;

  • table-book. This collapsible option is suitable for a small kitchen. When assembled, the size of the furniture does not exceed a nightstand or a small chest of drawers. In the interior, such a table will take up very little space. There are compact models on wheels;

  • table transformer. Assembled structures of this kind look like a simple coffee table. When disassembled, they are a standard dining table. There are also disadvantages in such a mechanism, which lie in the severity of the device and the joint line in the middle, which does not have a particularly attractive appearance. It should be noted that their dimensions are limited by the size of the room and cannot be changed if necessary. Often there are products on wheels.

  • there are also console tables that are narrow in width. In the event that guests come to you, you can increase the width of the product due to the sliding structure.

  • also tables can have all kinds of shapes. Based on the characteristics of the kitchen, design and your wishes, you can choose a table with a traditional or unusual tabletop shape..


Classification by shape

Round tables in the kitchen will always be fashionable, highlighting the beauty and style of the room. This shape carries a special atmosphere, and the absence of corners focuses on leisure. The installed round table in the kitchen in the office will help you to relax. It is believed that the round shape increases appetite, so it is in demand in restaurants and cafes..

You should not put such tables near the walls, since the center is considered the most optimal place for them..

If your kitchen is antique or elegant, look for oval tables. It is not so often found in the interior, which will help to emphasize individuality. This furniture has no corners, which gives it qualities identical to those of round tables. Oblong features make the product the most spacious and compact, which is especially important if your room does not have a wide space..

A square table is laconic and multifunctional. Such tables can become an original accent, add efficiency and serious features to the entire interior. Such furniture should be placed near walls or near a window, thereby saving kitchen space.

Rectangular kitchen tables are considered functional furniture. You can place them anywhere in the room. It is important to note that such products do not allow you to fantasize, since such a table will only be for dining and no more. If you want to embody original ideas in design, such a form will not be appreciated..

The above tables are considered standard items. Some owners choose unusual shapes that can become a highlight of the room and attract the attention of guests..


Triangular table. It is distinguished by its beauty, elegance and original idea. Such furniture can be placed in a corner or in the center of the room. Keep in mind that if your family has more than three people, then it will be difficult to find a place at this table. For this reason, before. How to buy furniture with an unusual shape, think over the rationality of the purchase, weighing all the pros and cons.

Kitchen tables are classified into several types:

  • dining;
  • chopping;
  • wall-mounted.

Based on the names, it can be understood that each product has its own purpose and location, relative to the general interior of the kitchen.



The name of the products speaks for itself – they eat at this table. When choosing such furniture, you should make sure that it is comfortable, comfortable, with a solid structure. This category contains many varieties. A wide range of colors allows you to choose a model for any kitchen, regardless of the design of the room.


Such products are intended for cooking. Therefore, the tabletop in these models must be durable and not be afraid of mechanical damage. The presence of drawers and shelves is a huge plus. The priority place is occupied by a pedestal table equipped with drawers.


Wall-mounted products

Such models are located near the walls or used instead of a window sill. One of the options for such products is a transforming table that rises to the wall or slides out of it. The peculiarities of the furniture include a niche, which is located in the wall itself. They are called retractable or wall-mounted. There are flip-up and side-down options.

Pay attention also to the following functional tables:

For a small kitchen, an end model, which is often called beveled, is suitable. It is the final detail in the kitchen set. Such products may have a door or shelves..

A mini serving table will be an original solution for the kitchen. They are similar to a mobile island, which is characterized by spaciousness and ease of movement due to the wheels. Such models will look optimal in the interior of Provence, vintage or eco.

There are also floor-standing kitchen tables called cabinets. With their help, you can free up space from dishes or food. A similar work table for the kitchen differs from the cabinet in that the countertop is located on the surface..

The sink table must have a moisture resistant surface. Look for models that have legs as they make cleaning easier. If you have such furniture, you only need to sweep the dust from under the cabinet with a broom, otherwise you will need to move the product.

For a modern kitchen, you can purchase a bar counter that can replace a dining area. You should not purchase a rack for a small room, where there are many bends and details. Choose a simple option.

The choice of furniture for the kitchen should be made not only on the basis of the mechanism and location. Based on the style of the room, you can also select the material of manufacture. If your room has a high-tech style, not only a bar counter, but also metal tables will suit you, which will be the original center of your room. More details about the materials of manufacture will be discussed a little later..


The color of the countertop should be chosen taking into account the style of the room. Quite often, the color is determined using the material, but in this case there are options. For example, wooden tables can be natural or coated with a protective compound..

Here, the color scheme of wood and its texture are a decorative component. Naturalness is relevant in a rustic style, in an interior in a loft, country and Provence style. If you want to create a strict and restrained style, then choose a table that will have the same color with the walls..

Dining groups can dominate the interior, so designers recommend purchasing furniture in bright colors. For example, if the kitchen has white walls, look for red, orange, pistachio and yellow tables..

White, gray or beige products are universal. They will be optimal in classic interiors and in modern.

Achromaticity will always be in vogue. For this reason, black-gray-white color solutions, along with laconicism, are always in demand. They are able to add elegance and richness to the interior..

Those people who want to emphasize their position in society pay attention to wenge kitchen furniture. Products can have a golden hue, or rich chocolate. Choosing such a thickness, rely on your preferences and the style of the room..

You can choose tables of any color, depending on the overall style of the room. No matter what color you choose, black, green, purple or cherry-colored table, make sure that it matches the rest of the interior and furniture.


The material of manufacture plays an important role when choosing a kitchen table. Most often, buyers choose models from:

  • Chipboard;
  • MDF;
  • wood of different species;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • stone.

The choice is also influenced by the amount that you are able to spend on a given piece of furniture and the overall interior of the kitchen. Make sure every detail in your design blends in with the rest. To decide on a solution, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic material and advantages.

Made of wood

Wooden products are distinguished by a long service life and impressive weight. As a rule, they are made of hardwood: rowan, oak, larch, apple, elm, beech, birch. The most harmoniously such a table will look in country style, classic interior, in Provence.


Tables with glass top will look great with any interior. They are original and have a touch of grace. It is worth noting the high level of reliability of such furniture. Glass is produced using a special method, thanks to which the tables are equipped with full protection against mechanical damage, are not afraid of scratches and chips. Also, glass can be covered with a film with various prints – this option is used in modern interior styles..

Such products are unpretentious in care. Grease or water is not able to penetrate into the material, so it is enough to wipe the surface with a damp cloth and the tabletop will become clean again.


Products with a stone are distinguished by their beauty and long service life. Along with their positive qualities, disadvantages should be noted, which include susceptibility to temperature changes, acid exposure. Large mass is also a disadvantage.

Stone tables will look great in a romantic and Mediterranean style, and they will also look very harmonious in modern, Provence and chalet interiors.

Made of plastic

If you opt for a plastic-coated table, you will come across pleasant bonuses:

  • low price;
  • long service life;
  • unpretentious care;
  • wide range of colors and shapes.

Plastic countertops in the Art Nouveau, high-tech and urban styles are distinguished by special elegance. The surface of the material is often covered with PVC film, due to which it is able to imitate the structure of wood or stone, which increases the aesthetic qualities.

Made of metal

Stainless steel tables are new players in kitchen furniture. They are not prone to degradation and have many benefits:

  • high level of strength along with elasticity;
  • attractive appearance;
  • practicality.

Wrought iron

Iron structures with forged elements will become an independent part in any room. They have a versatile appearance so they can be used in any style.

If your kitchen is kept in the Baroque style, pay attention to the metal-framed tables with delicate curls that will add romance to the interior. The author’s work with the refined lines of the legs, which are visible through the glass cover, are able to charm anyone.

Carved metal will never go out of style. Such furniture emphasizes the status of its owner, emphasizing nobility and sophistication. The high cost of such products is quite justified, because in most cases it is made by hand.

From ceramics

Ceramic countertops offer many advantages that traditional dining products cannot. If we compare with similar laminate items, then we can highlight some qualities:

  • functionality. You can not only eat food on such furniture, but also cook it. The heat-resistant surface is able to withstand hot dishes;
  • if you successfully choose the shape and size of the frame, you can use such furniture as an auxiliary table. This is very convenient in large kitchens;
  • attractive appearance is also a positive feature of such models. The glossy surface is easy to care for, it is unpretentious in maintenance.

Examples of design options

For a small kitchen, the best option is a round table. With its help, you can visually lengthen the room, as well as accommodate more people behind it. If you absolutely do not like the round shape, pay attention to the square products. It is important to note that according to Feng Shui, it is the round product that is the best option for the kitchen..

Pay attention to the color scheme. For small rooms, furniture with light, transparent shades should be purchased. The glass table will look optimal in this case. He will make the interior of the room beautiful and light, as well as endow it with grace. It is important to remember that well-placed mirror elements can visually increase the area of ​​the room, multiply the amount of light and space..

In Khrushchev, where there is not much space, you can put a folding or folding table with small, thin legs. Keep in mind that such tables can have two shapes: round and oval, square and rectangular. Such products can be placed near a window or wall, thereby saving free space. The bar counter will be an unusual solution in a narrow kitchen. You can also purchase a small table by placing it against the wall..

Designers recommend paying attention to the loft style, which has occupied a leading position in the kitchen interior for a long time. It is characterized by a combination of opposite and contrasting materials. If you like unusual things, such as a combination of wood and iron, plastic and aluminum, take a closer look at this style..

A table with a bar is considered an original idea. It can have any shape and mechanism. In one of the walls there are shelves that close behind a door. You can store your collection of alcohol there..

If you want not only to buy a fashionable table, but also to surprise your guests, pay attention to the wooden tables, which have a rotating center. Such a podium will decorate any kitchen. Thanks to this solution, you do not need to prepare several servings of salads and snacks for your guests. Place food on a revolving podium and everyone can get what they want.

Some people prefer modular furniture, which is also quite convenient. A distinctive feature of such a headset is its convenience, along with the ability to rearrange elements. This solution would be ideal for a kitchen with a non-standard layout. A striking example is the Maria headset, which is notable for its affordable price and unusual style. It is important to note that these pieces of furniture are considered elite products, which are produced by a well-known brand throughout Russia..

You can choose a kitchen table and make any ideas come true. By following all the tips and tricks outlined in this article, you will be able to recreate a unique interior that will be admired not only by your household, but also by all guests. Remember that the kitchen table should be the center of your kitchen, and not vice versa, and special attention should be paid to its choice..

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