Kitchen with open shelves

It is very important to arrange the kitchen space so that everything you need is always freely available. Stylish open shelves are popular in modern kitchens. They have quite a few advantages, which will be discussed in this article..



Many experts believe that open shelves are much more appropriate in the interior of a modern kitchen than classic closed cabinets. Such a functional detail looks interesting and fresh and allows you to add zest to the interior through the use of various small details – candles, jars, plates and various boxes. Very often, a similar design solution is used in American and European kitchens..


The advantages of kitchens with open shelves include the fact that they visually expand the space. At the same time, it is quite possible to place all the items you need in everyday life on the shelves. You can put there all your favorite kitchen decorations, dishes, napkins and other details that will give the interior originality and individuality..

Kitchen shelves can be used as showcases, displaying all the necessary design details there. There you can display your favorite set, a collection of cups or plates, flowers in pots, kitchen books and other things dear to your heart..

Modern housewives are also attracted by the fact that if the kitchen shelves are open, then you do not have to constantly spend time opening and closing cabinets, as well as thinking about where the things you need are..

Another advantage of open kitchen shelves is that they are mobile and, if necessary, you can change their location or remove the shelves altogether. Kitchen shelves can be made of different materials, depending on the style of the kitchen itself. The most popular options are natural wood, laminate, glass, iron or even plastic shelves..


Along with a number of advantages, kitchen shelves have a number of disadvantages. Kitchens with top open shelves require constant cleaning. They are constantly in sight, so you need to constantly wipe dust there and clean all decorative details from it. In the kitchen, there is also a danger that things located on open shelves, and the shelves themselves, will be covered with grease or soot..

Another important point is that sometimes kitchen shelves can be difficult to integrate into an already installed set. Therefore, before buying shelves, think about how you will combine all the details of the kitchen set with each other. The best option is to order it according to an individual project. This will allow you to embody all the main wishes in the design of your kitchen..


Open shelves will be appropriate in any interior. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular stylistic solutions..

In style "Provence"

In a kitchen designed in a sophisticated rustic style, the shelves look quite appropriate. In the Provence style, there were initially open shelves, with plates and flowers in small pots displayed on them..

Today, Provence style kitchens are very popular in many countries. To complement such an interior, stylish shelves made of natural wood are most often used. Most often, the material used to create the shelves is artificially aged. As for the color scheme, in the Provence style, neat shelves made of light wood of beige, gray and even white colors will be most appropriate.

In the Provence style, open shelves can be complemented with stylish short curtains with floral patterns. The choice of these curtains will help complete the style of the kitchen and create an even more cozy and romantic atmosphere in the kitchen. Such curtains, if desired, can either be kept open or closed, hiding the contents of the shelves from prying eyes. The most stylish solution is to close only a few shelves with exquisite curtains, leaving others open..

In general, the main advantage of such a stylistic solution is that some things, for example, the most frequently used or unattractive dishes, can be hidden..


In the modern world, the minimalist high-tech style is very popular. Shelves in a kitchen made in this style will also be quite appropriate. Here it is worth taking a closer look at the shelves made of iron or glass. In this style, the shelves are best decorated with a minimum of detail. It is desirable that most of them be functional – unnecessary clutter in the “modern” style is not at all welcome.

If we talk about the color scheme, in the high-tech style, shelves in neutral colors will be most appropriate. It is best to choose black, white or gray shelves. These colors look the most organic and go well with minimalistic kitchen design. Such light shelves for kitchens with walls and curtains in pastel colors are especially relevant..

Scandinavian style

Lovers of minimalism also like the Scandinavian style. Residents of Scandinavia use a minimum of details to decorate their homes, while each of them is important and special in its own way.

In the Scandinavian style, natural materials are most often used – wood, metal, stone. Therefore, it is best if the shelves in the kitchen in this style are wooden or metal. A combination of closed and open shelves will look very impressive within this style..

It is at the same time very stylish and functional, since everything that seems superfluous to you can be hidden in closed cabinets, while stylish and decorative details will remain in plain sight at this time, completing the Scandinavian interior and making it more special..

When creating such a combined headset, you can also place the most frequently used things on open shelves, and others in closed cabinets so as not to constantly pull the doors.

If we talk about the features of the decor of open shelves, it is worth placing things on them that fit as well as possible into the given style. These can be small-sized paintings or photographs depicting northern landscapes or images of local animals, plants, or landmarks. Also, open shelves will be well decorated with elegant ornamental plants in light-colored pots. Small decorative details include stones, candles and small figurines. But remember that all of this should not be in excess..

How to install

But in order for open shelves to look good in the kitchen space, it is not enough just to choose an option that suits the interior of the room. You also need to place them correctly. This is especially difficult if you already have a kitchen set. Selected shelves must not break symmetry.

First of all, decide where exactly your shelves will be located. It is not recommended to place open shelves next to the stove. In this case, it is quite possible that they will very quickly be smeared with grease. Designers consider the place above the cooking area to be the best location option. In this case, the shelves and their contents will not get dirty with grease, in addition, all the necessary things will be at hand.

When installing open shelves, remember that they will draw a lot of attention to themselves. This is especially true for kitchens connected to the living room. In this case, the shelves can be placed at the junction of two zones. Thus, they will be simultaneously perceived as both a functional detail and decoration of the space..

Corner shelves are also common in modern kitchens. They will complement well the interior of both a small kitchenette and a large room. Corner shelves significantly save space. At the same time, you can use various design ideas so that even such a simple version of the shelves looks stylish and unusual in the kitchen space..

Corner shelves can be either wooden, metal or plastic. It all depends on the style you choose and what budget you have. High corner shelves, consisting of many tiers, look original. They almost reach the ceiling. The advantage of such shelves can be considered not only that they look stylish, but also that many necessary things are placed there at once..

Asymmetric shelves also look stylish and modern in the kitchen space. Such a detail will best complement the interior of a Scandinavian or high-tech kitchen. It is not always convenient to install things on such shelves, but they will definitely attract attention with their unusual appearance..

Open kitchen shelves are an interesting stylistic solution that will be appropriate in almost any modern interior. Combine such open shelves with classic cabinets, or complement them with curtains for the most attractive design of your kitchen..

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