KitchenAid Blender

KitchenAid Blender

Modern technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds, and in every area of ​​life we ​​are periodically delighted with useful new items that simplify life. The cooking process is no exception – many manufacturers try to simplify this rather tedious and time-consuming process as much as possible..

The hosts loved KitchenAid’s products, in particular the blender, which has many useful features to make creating culinary masterpieces quick and easy..


According to consumer reviews, three models are the most popular. it KitchenAid Artisan, KitchenAid Diamond and submersible KitchenAid.

Let’s get to know the model Kitchenaid artisan. This is a model with an electromagnetic drive – the implementation of new ideas, technologies, high efficiency. Its design differs from the usual type of blenders, but it should be noted that in the appearance of the new blender there is a connection with the popular mixers of this company of the 30s of the last century..

A new element in the design of the blender is the use of a modern motor with a high rotation speed, with the ability to adjust in different modes, which makes the knives work optimally when processing any ingredients. The rather heavy metal body gives the device good stability during operation. The blender itself is quite tall, which allows it to have an impressive jug..

Engine power – 2 HP, but with losses due to friction and tightness, 1.8 HP remains to operate the knives. This is enough to quickly and efficiently chop any prepared food, such as ice, nuts, raw fruits and vegetables..

Preparation and start-up

At the top of the blender body there is a round knob with a choice of programs:

  • iced drinks \ fruit cocktails, grinds and mixes solid components (ice, frozen fruits and vegetables) – 1.05 min.
  • milkshakes, mixes at low speed (ice cream, yogurt, puree, baby food, pancake dough) – 1.39 min.
  • soups / sauces, mixes hot -1.25 min.
  • fruit and vegetable juice – 1.29 min.
  • pulse mode – 2-3 sec.
  • smooth start

Start and stop by pushbutton on the top handle. When the program is set, the start, speed and shutdown are automatic, at the end of the program, a sound signal. The jug is installed on a magnetic base and fixed with a lower handle.

Preparation for work

It is necessary to turn the lower handle to the upper position, release the jug, remove the lid, fill in the prepared ingredients, cover the jug with a lid, set it on the magnetic base, fix it with the handle at the bottom. Set the desired program on the control knob, press start.

After work, the jug is easy to clean, the remnants of the finished dish do not stick, so washing does not present any difficulties. It should be said that the jug is made of polymer – tritan, the jug wall thickness is 4 mm.


Among KitchenAid blenders, the Diamond model features an ingenious blending and blending technology. The easy-to-use Diamond 5-speed blender can handle multiple operations. He crushes ice and nuts, makes a fragrant sauce, vitamin smoothie, delicious pasta and any cocktail.

Some characteristics:

  • jug capacity 1.75 liters;
  • optimal power 610 watts, voltage 220 – 240 volts, frequency 50 Hz;
  • Rotation speed 2000 – 11500 rpm;
  • total weight 4.5 kg;
  • 2 year warranty. This is the American version.

A good die-cast metal base ensures stability in all operating conditions. The electric motor with multifunctional control “Intelli – speed” ensures, when changing modes, the optimum speed for each type of grinding and mixing. The soft start button is used to mix hot products. Startup in each mode is slow to avoid unnecessary splashing. Entering the optimal mode is fast.

The package includes:

  • tritan plastic jug – 1.75 liters;
  • silicone cover;
  • measuring glass for 30 ml and 60 ml;
  • ring with fixation for 4 knives;

Metal base

The shape of the jug is original, it contributes to the correct and even mixing of products. It is very convenient for washing, the remnants of mixtures do not stick. Convenient location of all parts in the assembly, ease of removal and installation of the jug. Touch control panel.

The design is quite modern, it will also help to decorate the kitchen along with the full implementation of its functional tasks.

Submersible models

These models form a whole line of blenders of different power, functions, modes. Corded and cordless, with whisks and choppers, with attachment kits and a single knife. KitchenAid corded blenders are often used by housewives to avoid unnecessary battery removal and installation operations. The length of the cord must be at least 1.5 meters.

Wireless expands the possibilities of moving them around the kitchen or using them where sockets are hard to reach or not at all. The body of the device is made with a non-slip surface and a shape that is comfortable to hold by hand during operation.

The set of submersible mixers includes:

  • whisk for whipping chicken egg whites and getting whipped cream;
  • a chopper for preparing small portions of herbs, nuts, vegetables; it includes blades, an adapter, a bowl, the bottom of which is non-slip for ease of use;
  • a measuring cup with a capacity of 1 liter has a convenient handle and a lid to protect it from splashing;
  • a set of three attachments with blades expands the mixer capabilities: the attachment allows you to carry out operations from crushing ice to shredding cooked meat;
  • two types of protective coating; one to protect the dishes in working order, the second to protect the attachments in non-working.

The portability of the hand blender, the ability to use its chopping and mixing functions in any kitchen utensil is one of its main advantages. Changing the nozzles immediately expands the possibilities of the mixer. He has access to the functions of stationary blenders, plus much needed add-ons. The KitchenAid small hand blender offers many conveniences and furnishings that meet the highest demands of modern design.

Watch the video review of the KitchenAid Hand Blender.


The Diamond blender is capable of many operations. Of course, he will not replace a meat grinder, but he will grind boiled meat well.

All other functions are performed quickly and efficiently, helping to prepare the most useful, delicious and healthy meals..

The submersible KitchenAid Artisan model is so liked by some users that no cooking in the kitchen can do without it. Its owners come up with new cocktails, smoothies, try new recipes for cream soups.

Some people complain that it is impossible to get minced meat with an Artisan blender. But I must say that the device is not suitable for making a large volume of minced meat in one session. Medium portions can be successfully obtained.

It is necessary to cut the meat smaller, free it from veins, cartilage and bones, wash and dry it slightly, then the blender’s power will be enough for its processing.

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