Magic corner for the kitchen

Small kitchenettes are one of the main problems of most modern housewives. In a small room, it is difficult to place all the necessary equipment, leaving also a place for cooking. Therefore, you have to choose modern compact furniture that combines several functions at once. An example of such furniture is the so-called magic kitchen corners..

Design advantages

First, let’s figure out what such a corner is, and what is magical about it. It consists of two baskets hidden inside the cabinet, which slide out when opened. One of the baskets is attached to the base of the facade. And the second is placed inside. Both of them are complemented by special attachments.

When the corner door is closed, they are located at the far counter. And only when it opens, the nets stop in front of the doorway, leaving outside. It turns out that when you open such a cabinet, first one drawer leaves the grid, and then the second.

The design was created specifically for tiny kitchens, in which it is impossible to place a full-fledged headset. The magic corner will allow you to significantly save space, while placing all the necessary things in their places. The second advantage of such furniture is that it is extremely easy not only to use, but also to install. You can install such a structure yourself, without resorting to the help of paid specialists..

In addition, the design allows full use of all free space in the cabinet itself. Indeed, very often, when folding things, we use only the front part of the shelves. At the back, either free space remains, or those things are installed that no one uses. In the case of the magic corner, the opposite is true and all parts are involved – both the basis of the structure and its hinged parts.

Sometimes the base of the design is complemented by special compartments for storing dishes, accessories, cutlery and various household items. And in the main compartment, you can store pots and pans of different sizes or deep bowls. This type of construction is very durable, which means that you can not be afraid to store even expensive and fragile dishes in it..

Due to the fact that the main parts are made of steel rods and wire, the structure will serve you as long as possible. And to protect metal parts from corrosion under the influence of moisture and temperature extremes, an electroplated coating is used.

In addition, it is capable of withstanding fairly heavy loads. The baskets hold from seven to fifteen kilograms. This means that inside you can place not only plates, but also heavy cast-iron pots and pans..

For the most comfortable use, the magic corner is divided into two main parts – right and left. The location of the moving part depends on where your corner is located. One of the sides does not move with this setting. Structures of this type are available with the possibility of full or partial extension..

Retractable mechanisms are also different. But it is best to choose ballpoint. Their main advantage is that they do not create additional noise. Plus, drawers slide out gently and smoothly.

Main types

Among the assortment presented, there are different types of magic corner designs. Let’s take a look at the most popular options and their advantages and disadvantages..

Full extension

The most convenient option is furniture with full extension. A characteristic feature of such pedestals is that the drawers are fully extended. This means that when you open the door, the case remains empty. This is very convenient, since you can easily take any item from the shelf without even bending over. But to install such corners, it is necessary that the room is spacious enough, otherwise you will have to constantly push all the kitchen furniture to the side..

Partial extension

This type of furniture is also quite comfortable. If you choose the drawer units with partial extension, they will only extend halfway. The baskets attached to the facade will come out completely, but the inner ones will only partially. This option is also quite practical – you get access to your main things, but the door that opens does not take up too much space..


The corner with baskets located inside like a carousel looks interesting. Here the baskets do not go out. They rotate around the main axis. Therefore, you can put things in any compartment without fear that you will not have access to some things..


This type of kitchen corner consists of a combination of swivel and roll-out compartments. Multifunctional cabinets usually take up a lot of space as well..


If, on the contrary, you need something as compact as possible, choose a convenient vertical corner. It consists of built-in drawers, which are located inside a convenient cabinet-case. Its width can reach forty centimeters. The complete set of all individual sections is different for each manufacturer. Therefore, always pay attention to this point. Indeed, depending on which country of origin your corner is – Italy, Germany or Russia, the assembly and the retractable mechanism differ..

So, for example, the Patio brand produces compact and stylish corners, complemented by spacious pull-out baskets, shelves and compartments for storing cutlery and other small parts..

How to choose

But when buying a “magic corner”, you should focus not only on the brand, but also on other important parameters. Be sure to consider the size of your room. The corner should fit well into your headset and shouldn’t take up extra space when opened. They help to understand whether the corner you have chosen is of high quality, the reviews of those who have already bought such furniture will help. Well, if you plan to save money on the services of craftsmen, then see that a simple and understandable installation diagram is included with the corner.

The magic corner for the kitchen is amazing furniture with an interesting mechanism that saves a lot of free space.


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