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The advantages of freshly squeezed juice over a semi-finished product are quite obvious. A natural product retains all the beneficial properties of fruits or vegetables, is devoid of additives and preservatives, and besides, it turns out to be an order of magnitude tastier. But if it is possible to squeeze juice from citruses even by hand, then in the case of apples, carrots, pumpkins, as well as other hard fruits and vegetables, you cannot do without special equipment.

There are many different models of household juicers. Auger devices are gaining great popularity, which demonstrate good performance indicators, as well as practicality in use..

One of the interesting advantages of this type of technique is the ability to work mechanically and manually.

Features of the device

The main distinguishing feature of auger devices is their operating mechanism. The well-known centrifuge machines operate by centrifugal force. Juice is obtained by rotating the motor and quickly rubbing the products against a special mesh, that is, the whole process takes place only with the help of automated operation of equipment.

Auger juicers have a completely different operating principle. All the necessary products go through the throat to a special spiral core – auger. As it rotates, it chops fruits or vegetables, while extracting juice from them and pushing them forward. This design can be compared to a meat grinder familiar to many, only there are no blades in it.

Under the constant pressure of the screw, the product is gradually pressed against the fixed filter. All the juice and thick pulp through the allotted channels enters a separate hole, from which it is poured into the container. The dry residue, that is, cake, is folded back into a special container or compartment.

This feature and simplicity of design allows you to adapt juicers for manual work. A manual auger juicer is really comparable to a meat grinder, but it has its own characteristics and narrower functionality. As a rule, such equipment is equipped with a rather long handle, which plays the role of a lever and allows you to reduce the forces required to complete revolutions..

In addition to the presence of a filter, the juicer is also distinguished by its auger rod, which is made using special technologies and is able to thoroughly grind even root crops.

Variety of models

As with automatic juicers, the manual auger has certain characteristics and performance indicators that may vary depending on the model and type.. The following options currently exist:

  • Standard Manual Auger Juicer. This is the simplest model, which has a standard efficiency, no need for power supply. As in any juicer, the efficiency of the extraction will directly depend on the speed of rotation, as well as on the quality of the auger..

  • Horizontal juicer. A fairly common option that is popular due to the possible functionality. Such models can have both manual and automatic modes of action, as well as have several attachments for making not only juices, but also, for example, fruit puree..

One of the disadvantages is the need to constantly use the product pusher so that the rotating auger can grab them..

  • Twin screw juicer. This model is suitable for those who are interested in fast and high performance. Thanks to two working mechanisms, this technique is capable of handling a large number of products. Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting that this approach makes the structure more complex and cumbersome, and also adds to the hassle of caring for it;

  • Vertical auger juicer, in fact, it is a kind of improvement. Thanks to this design, it became possible to slightly expand the neck, so you can save yourself from the need for pre-processing and cutting of products;

When choosing a juicer, you should pay attention not only to convenience. As mentioned earlier, power is irrelevant for a manual auger machine. Even if the juicer is equipped with an automatic mode, high power will only mean faster spinning. It is much more important to consider the quality of the material from which the screws are made.!

Many manufacturers can offer budget models of juicers, but it is not always worth chasing a bargain price. As a rule, this technique is equipped with a low-quality aluminum screw, which oxidizes the juice and can even leave its particles in it. Of course, there is no question of any benefits of such a drink..

Screws made of stainless steel or cast iron are much more reliable. But nevertheless, a special durable plastic is considered an ideal option. It is completely neutral to food products and has no effect on them, retaining a pleasant taste and smell, as well as valuable vitamins and minerals.

It is also worth paying attention to the filters through which your juice will pass. A real high-quality mesh should be made of stainless steel, otherwise, again, the result may disappoint you over time..

Advantages and disadvantages

At first glance, it may seem that a manual auger juicer is an outdated mechanical technique that cannot oppose anything to modern automatic machines. But in fact, everything is quite the opposite.. Compared to its “electronic counterparts”, the manual juicer has the following advantages:

  • Conciseness and simplicity. To make juice, you do not have to read the instructions and understand the peculiarities of using the technique. The screw juicer is somewhat primitive, so it is very easy to work with it;
  • The disassembly and assembly process does not take much time. Again, it’s pretty straightforward, so cleaning and maintaining your appliance shouldn’t be a problem at all;
  • Almost any product can be processed. The manual apparatus can handle both soft and hard fruits. At the same time, the final yield of juice will not suffer from this. While centrifugal juicers do a very poor job with the same grapes or tomatoes, the auger can guarantee high performance under all circumstances;

  • Does not consume electricity. Besides being economical, this feature turns out to be very practical. You will be able to make juice even if for some reason there is no electricity. It is convenient to take such a juicer with you to the dacha, since it is quite compact;
  • Juice yield in similar models reaches 90-95% what centrifuges cannot boast of at all;
  • You can use a manual juicer for a long time. It is ideal for those who are used to preparing large volumes of drinks, or simply need a glass of fresh drink in the morning;
  • Lack of running motors – this is the absence of unnecessary noise;
  • Thanks to there are no heating motors in the mechanism, the simplest cold pressing takes place. That is why juices prepared on a screw machine are much healthier. They retain most of the vitamins and enzymes that our body needs so much;
  • Profitable price;

The need for manual work is perhaps the only drawback of the auger juicer..

It takes a little effort to produce the right amount of juice. Nevertheless, some even see a certain positive side in this, since manual work is an involvement in the process that allows you to prepare a drink with a soul..

Most popular models

In the ranking of the best manual juicers, brands such as Healthy Juicer and Endever. Most of the models from these manufacturers receive positive reviews for the quality material that is used in the assembly and manufacture of juicers. However, in the assortment of large household appliances stores, these products are quite rare, so we have compiled a small overview of the most popular options for screw juicers, which are now easy to find on the shelves..

Moulinex ZU255B10. This is one of the most affordable options for a vertical auger juicer. Equipped with automatic operation. The material of the body and the screw is a high-quality dense plastic that does not harm the products, and the filters are made of stainless steel The technique is completely silent and comfortable thanks to the existing rubber suction cups at the base.

Model Philips HR1987 / 30 is practically a novelty on the market, but has already received a lot of positive feedback. This is a fairly simple, economical and high quality version of the horizontal auger juicer. Recommended for all lovers of fresh juice with pulp. The body of the model is a combination of plastic and stainless steel parts, and the auger is made of durable neutral plastic. The model can operate both in manual and network modes, while demonstrating a fairly good performance and final juice yield.

Juicer Steba E 400 Is another model with a vertical screw device and mechanical control. Due to the shape, it demonstrates very good indicators of juice yield with minimal physical effort. The quality of the juice is guaranteed by a plastic auger and a filter made of high quality stainless steel. The design is stable due to rubberized legs, and also allows you to load products into the compartment without additional processing and cutting. It is currently one of the few juicer options that ideally combines quality, efficiency, and affordable price..

If you are interested in broader functionality, then you can pay attention to the meat grinder Axion M 32.04. This is a Russian-made technique that attracts attention with its capabilities. The set always includes removable attachments that will allow you to use the device as a manual auger juicer without any special difficulties. Of the shortcomings of this model, we can only mention the aluminum auger, which is not recommended for making juices..

In general, the above models of equipment have mostly positive reviews..

Manual or complex screw juicers are a very convenient and effective attribute in the kitchen of anyone who prefers fresh juices to various semi-finished products. This technique can serve you even in the absence of electricity, while guaranteeing a quick and efficient preparation of your favorite drinks..

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