Material for kitchen furniture

A kitchen set must not only meet all sanitary and hygienic requirements, but also be durable, capable of withstanding more than one general cleaning, and also serve as an interior decoration. This article will focus on material options for kitchen furniture, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each.


One of the popular materials for the production of kitchen furniture is laminated chipboard, which is used by many companies to make kitchen sets. The advantages of this type of material are:

  1. Low cost, allowing a family with little budgetary possibilities to purchase products from chipboard;
  2. Ease of assembly even for a layman and versatility of parts. All accessories can be purchased separately in specialized stores, which is very practical if any part fails – it will not be difficult to make repairs;
  3. A wide range of colors and textures allows you to purchase furniture with imitation of wood, any color, matte, glossy, and even interspersed with sparkles;
  4. Impervious to moisture thanks to the use of acrylic film. This material does not melt when exposed to high temperatures.
  5. Among the disadvantages of laminated chipboard, it should be noted:
  6. Potential toxicity due to resin fumes;
  7. Relative strength. Chipboard loses in terms of durability to such materials as MDF and natural wood.


MDF kitchens are considered the most popular today. This material received universal gratitude due to its following advantages:

  1. Environmental friendliness. The binder in this kind of material is paraffin or urea resin, harmless to humans;
  2. The strength of MDF is significantly higher than that of laminated chipboard. Now you can not be afraid of shocks and water when using a kitchen set;
  3. The material is processed in a special way, which prevents subsequent delamination and cracking;
  4. The variety of textures allows you to choose MDF headsets for every taste. It is worth noting that carved patterns can be made on the surface of the material, painted or laminated;
  5. The cost of MDF is slightly higher than the cost of particleboard, which increases consumer demand for it.

Natural wood

According to customer reviews, the best furniture is made of solid wood. Kitchen sets made of pine or oak are durable and durable. Such furniture is made for centuries! The structure of natural wood never goes out of style and is ideal for classic interiors. You can use both natural color of the breed and bleached models.

The disadvantage of wood is its change when exposed to water or the action of excessively dry air. To avoid cracks, the surface is treated with a water-repellent impregnation and periodically varnished. Unfortunately, solid wood furniture is very expensive and not everyone can afford a solid wood kitchen set..



Such a relatively new material as rattan is gaining more and more popularity among furniture manufacturers and buyers. Despite the external fragility, rattan furniture can withstand heavy loads, therefore, various combinations of rattan and glass are very popular. Caring for such products is simple – just wipe the surface with a damp cloth. The resulting damage can be repaired by yourself..

Rattan furniture is perfect for giving. This lightweight natural material will bring rustic chic to the look of the kitchen and give a peculiar zest to the interior. Of course, for a classic style or an ultra-modern loft style, it is better to use the option made of wood or MDF, but rattan is perfect for eco-style. Combinations of rattan with bamboo and with other types of wood, for example, with ash, look very beautiful.


Modern plastic is quite suitable for use in the design of the facades of the kitchen set and for the manufacture of countertops. Strength and water resistance should be noted among the advantages of the polymer coating. Kitchen plastic is resistant to high temperatures. With the help of finishing facades with colored plastic, you can give furniture a peculiar brightness and the necessary expressiveness. Glossy surface transforms any kitchen.

The price of this material is low, which allows you to decorate the room with furniture inexpensively, but with taste.


The metal finish is used as the main fittings in the production of kitchen furniture. Handles, hooks, fasteners, parts of facades and sinks, corners are all made of stainless steel or aluminum.

This material is the most reliable and durable. Steel is easy to use, it is environmentally friendly and has colossal wear resistance. In the decor of kitchen sets, fittings painted in the color of bronze, silver or gold are widespread. You can choose both the option in glossy and matte products.

Metal is also used for the production of countertops. Stainless steel countertops look original and bold. This design option is suitable for a loft or high-tech kitchen. The advantage of metal is that countertops made of it are cheaper than stone ones. The disadvantages of stainless steel products include the darkening of their color over time..

A natural stone

Stone rocks are used for the manufacture of countertops. Such furniture is very durable, reliable, heavy, capable of withstanding heavy loads. When buying natural stone countertops, pay attention to the fact that granite can oxidize when interacting with some chemical detergents. The structure of marble is very porous and water-absorbing. The cost of products made from natural stone is high.

Artificial stone can be used as an inexpensive analogue. It is a composition of stone chips with the addition of various resins. In appearance, such material is no different from natural stone, but surpasses it in strength and resistance to various detergents. Countertops made of laminated chipboard and MDF are also very relevant..


Laminate worktops are easy to clean and resistant to temperature extremes. At the same time, a good variety of colors allows you to find a solution for the design of any kitchen. A laminated tabletop is cheaper than similar options made of stone or metal..

When choosing a modern kitchen, it doesn’t matter what material it is made of: natural or artificial. The main thing is that it is environmentally friendly, comfortable and functional..

When choosing furniture for the kitchen, you should give preference to high-quality materials and components, it is such furniture that will delight you for a long time.


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