Mechanical blender or electronic: features of choice

Mechanical blender or electronic: features of choice

The blender helps housewives to significantly reduce and facilitate the cooking process. A wide range of this device is on sale today. But before you buy a blender, tips for choosing, useful tips and technical characteristics of mechanical and electronic models are still worth studying..


All blenders produced today differ from each other in price, functions, type and, most importantly, in the type of control. So, according to the basic classification, such devices are stationary and manual. And they can be controlled in two ways: electrical and mechanical. In this case, submersible blenders have only the possibility of mechanical control, but stationary models can have both electronic control and mechanical.

Mechanical control of the device consists in the ability to change the operating speed using a rotary mechanism. In addition, he is responsible for turning the device on and off..

Electronic control is more complex, it consists in the presence of several special buttons on the control panel, each of which is responsible for a specific action. For ease of use of electronic blenders, manufacturers often install a special display on them, which reflects the selected functions..

If we talk about which one to choose a blender – mechanical or electronic, you must first decide what exactly you plan to use this device for..

Selection rules

Earlier, we have already said that all submersible blenders have only mechanical control, but stationary blenders can also have electronic. Therefore, before making a purchase, you need to decide on some nuances:

  • How often you plan to use this kitchen unit. If only occasionally, a mechanical blender is fine. And for daily use, moreover, sometimes several times, the electronic model is best suited. The fact is that using a hand-held device, you will not only have to constantly hold it in your hands, but also keep your finger on the button continuously, otherwise it will not work continuously. And this approach will not only not allow to shorten the cooking time, but will also lead to fatigue..

  • For the preparation of what kind of dishes, and in what volume will be used. If there are no more than two people in your family, then there is no point in purchasing a stationary electronic model. You can grind any products, and even make a cocktail (with the proper skills), you can also use a mechanically controlled hand blender.

  • Keep in mind that electronically controlled models are an order of magnitude higher, so try to decide at once how much money and what you are willing to pay for..

  • Do not forget about the presence of the so-called pulse mode of operation. It is he who will allow you to quickly and thoroughly grind the hardest products. If the presence of such a function is essential for you, then it is better to give preference to models with electronic control..

If you have not yet decided which blender you need with electronic or mechanical control, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our brief overview of the highest quality and most popular models of both types with their brief characteristics..


  • POLARIS PHB 1036AL Titan blender with mechanical control, weighing just under one and a half kilograms. Has 6 speeds, it is realized with a measuring cup, a bowl with a capacity of half a liter, a chopping knife and a whisk. Thanks to the 1000 W power, it will quickly and easily beat and grind any products. Easy to use and, judging by the reviews, it is easy to wash. An irreplaceable helper when preparing baby food and chopping small amounts of food.

  • BOSCH MSM 66150 ErgoMixx mechanical blender with 12 speeds of work and the presence of a turbo mode. Power 600 W. Sold complete with measuring cup and whisk. Grinds small quantities of food quickly and evenly. According to reviews, it works almost silently, it is easy to clean even in a dishwasher. Can grind and mix even the smallest quantities of food.

  • BOSCH MSM 88190 is the most versatile and blender among the presented here. Its power is 800 W, has 12 speeds, turbo mode and pulse mode. It is sold complete with a chopper, a grater attachment, a whisk, a shredder, an ice pick attachment and even a dough attachment. Judging by the reviews, it works flawlessly, is easy to operate and maintain, compact and ideal even for making cocktails.


I would like to say right away that electronic blenders are not found on sale as often as mechanically controlled devices.. But despite this, we want to provide you with the top three models that buyers really liked:

  • RAWMID Dream Luxury 2 (BDL-09) a stationary model with a truly amazing power of 2900 watts. The number of speeds is 8, there is an ice crushing function, protected from children. Touch control makes it easy and simple to select the desired operating mode. According to buyers, this is an excellent model that does an excellent job of chopping, splitting and whipping. The disadvantage is the large volume of the bowl.

  • ENDEVER HB-09 one of the most inexpensive electronic blenders. Low price, easy operation, efficient execution of a given program, the presence of a turbo mode and 8 speeds make this device a very useful purchase. The downside is the small power of 350 W, so you should not grind very hard products in this unit.

  • ProfiCook PC-UM 1006 – electronic blender with 5 speeds and a power of 1200 watts. Has ice crushing function, impulse mode and turbo mode. In addition to the presence of touch control, it also has the function of signaling the start and end of work. The downside is the rather high cost and heavy weight of the bowl, as well as the fact that when more than half of the jug is loaded, the protective cover opens on its own.

Now that you know how electronic blenders differ from mechanical ones, what is worth considering when making a choice, you can make the right purchase. And it’s up to you to choose a mechanical or electronic blender.

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