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A milkshake is considered one of the easiest drinks to prepare, but this is far from the case. A real dairy delicacy should be without lumps, have a certain consistency and degree of tenderness. For this, experts recommend preparing this delicious drink using special machines or devices..

What is the name of?

Many people think that blenders and shakers are suitable for making milkshakes. However, it is difficult for professionals to agree with this. In such devices, it is impossible to achieve an unconditionally high-quality product. A real milkshake can only be made with a milkshake mixer.

Features and Benefits

As a rule, a milkshake mixer is produced as a unit with a cylindrical cone and an electric drive. By the way, making a banana milkshake using such a device, for example, is as easy as shelling pears, and the operator only needs to load the ingredients.

The use of this appliance is not limited to the manufacture of milkshakes. With its help, you can please your guests, relatives and customers with delicious mashed potatoes, sauces, ice cream and other dishes that should have a whipped consistency..

Devices for making milkshakes have some features and differences from conventional mixers:

  1. The container for collecting the prepared drink is usually made of plastic or stainless steel. Their volume may be different, therefore, when buying, it is recommended to pay attention to this..
  2. Most devices provide for automatic start-up of work when the glass is installed and shutdown when it is removed..
  3. Autonomous work in each glass.
  4. Most models operate in several speed modes.

Professional and household

Mixers for professionals can be distinguished by their wide range of functions, high performance and reliability. In practice, this is expressed in a huge variety of attachments, the ability to cope with the processing of thick masses and in various additional options. As for the materials from which the body and working parts of the mixers are made, the professional versions are made from durable materials of high quality.

Such a device is quite possible to use at home, but it costs much more than household models and requires more space for placement. Households will be able to satisfy the needs of an individual family for milkshakes. They are suitable for smoothies and milk with strawberries..

In everyday life, in fitness bars, kindergartens and sanatoriums, a cocktail party is often used – a non-electric device designed to prepare oxygen cocktails. The device is a container with a tube for oxygen supply and a spray.

Device and principle of operation

A milkshake mixer is an apparatus for whipping liquids and semi-liquid formulations and filling them with air. It consists of a glass for mixtures, a mixing rod and an engine.

The complete set of such a device includes knives, whisks and horns for serving the prepared drink into glasses. Solid models are made of stainless steel and have a high rotation speed. Mixers come with one horn or more. To increase the comfort in work, each horn is equipped with a separate start button and you can make a cocktail both in one glass and in all at once..

Professional models are made from metal alloys. They have a massive base, which allows leveling the vibration process and slowing down the movement of the device over the surface. In addition, the work mixers feature an ergonomic design with round corners for safe operation, overload sensors and a powerful motor. The design features of the rim prevents splashes from flying out of the glass.

The mixer for milkshakes can have special fasteners, with which it is hung on a wall or other support. They blend harmoniously into small spaces, using a small area to the maximum..

Any milk mixer, both professional and household, works according to the same principle: the ingredients are placed in a glass and whipped with a whisk.. The higher the rotation speed of the mixing rod, the better the whipped content of the glass and the harder the foam.. The rotation speed of the beaters varies from 8 to 17 thousand revolutions, depending on the model.

How to choose

Choosing a mixer for milkshakes, you need to decide which model is right for you: home or professional. As mentioned earlier, they differ in price, performance, quality of materials and a set of options. A single-track device is also suitable for cooking at home, but for work it is better to choose a multi-track device. Before buying, pay attention to whether the selected mixer has an ice-breaking function, which, of course, you may need in the preparation of milkshakes and other drinks.

Professional models are made of stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys. The use of plastic parts in units of this class is prohibited by technical regulations, since professional equipment experiences a high degree of stress. For this reason, the weight of such mixers for milkshakes is quite impressive: from 5-10 kg or more, which allows them to be considered stationary equipment. In addition, the engine of such models is very powerful, which allows processing a large volume of products in a matter of seconds and having a longer service life..

So, deciding to buy a mixer for milkshakes for work or for home use, be sure to study its parameters and characteristics such as design features (that is, how and from what the device is made), power, overall parameters, volume of processed raw materials, additional options, service life and equipment stability.

Review of the best models

Hamilton Beach HMD400

The apparatus of this American brand is designed for three glasses. It is perfect for making milkshakes in large volumes, has a powerful motor and a high rotation speed of the whipper (up to 18 thousand rpm). Due to this, there is a significant increase in the volume of ingredients during whipping and the preservation of this volume for a long time..

Hamilton Beach HMD400 is controlled automatically by pressing the bowl. The cocktail preparation time is 30-40 seconds. The device has 3 mixing speeds, so you can adjust the intensity of work. In addition, this model is very robust and stable due to its heavy die-cast construction..

Gastrorag W-LX-2

This Chinese-made model allows you to simultaneously prepare milkshakes in two glasses, the volume of which is 750 ml. The device operates in two-speed mode, the maximum of which is 15 thousand rpm.

The case is made of stainless steel with a stable base, which is one of the criteria for safe operation. The presence of two horns makes it possible to prepare milkshakes at the same time according to different recipes, or two portions one by one.

Fimar FP2I

An Italian brand supplying quality milkshake mixers for cafes, restaurants and other places and food service establishments. This model has two horns, is made of stainless steel and operates at a speed of 16 thousand rpm. The volume of glasses is 550 ml each.

The automatic system for activation and protection ensures that the motor starts only if the glass is fixed. Stability provides a solid foundation.

Fimar Easyline DMB

Apparatus made in China with a single glass. The machine perfectly copes with the preparation of milkshakes with ice crumbs and boasts a rotation speed of 16 thousand rpm. The base and body are made of aluminum, while the post and glass are made of stainless alloy. The safe system is activated only when the cup is inserted, the volume of which is 800 ml.

Due to the partial use of aluminum, the model is cheaper than Italian or American-made mixers.

Sirman SIRIO 1

Italian mixer for making milkshakes with a single plastic glass and a stainless steel body. Mixer speed 14 thousand rpm.

The model is quite suitable for use in everyday life and for small outlets. Light weight (2.5 kg) makes it easy and quick to move. A transparent glass will very effectively present the whole process of whipping ingredients..


This model is designed to create milkshakes in one 800 ml metal glass. This mixer has a plastic body. The device operates in two speed modes.


According to consumer reviews, both professionals and beginners, a real milkshake with a delicate consistency can only be prepared in a special mixer. Ideally, buyers are advised to choose models that are completely made of stainless steel, despite their high cost. The glass should also be made of steel, since plastic options quickly fail.

According to reviews, it is very convenient when the device can be hung on the wall: it fits well into the interior of the kitchen and does not take up much space. Professionals prefer heavy models with powerful motors, they do not let down during work and take a stable position on the working surface.

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