Mixer blender: two in one

Mixer blender: two in one

The 2 in 1 blender mixer is a modern kitchen device that combines the functions of both appliances. Designed by developers to perform many different operations, the combined model helps you prepare gourmet meals, mix cocktails and juice, and knead puffy and layered doughs.

What is it and how is it different

Processing products by hand sometimes takes a lot of time and effort. Modern appliances such as a mixer and blender help solve this problem and turn the implementation of not only familiar, but also difficult multi-step culinary recipes into a real pleasure. A mixer is a device for mixing and whipping multiple layers or ingredients. Equipped with an original set of special whisks and hooks, this kitchen appliance is designed to transform fine particles and dry matter into cocktails, purees and soups, desserts and creams..

Mixers with a nozzle and a number of special devices are similar in technical characteristics to blenders and grinders. They also roll out the dough well and increase its volume by mixing layers, for which they are equipped with a set of various beaters. For ease of use, the modern elite device is equipped with a measuring cup and a deep bowl.

Blender (blend in translation from English means "mix") is called a mini-harvester with a chopper, for all types of kitchen work for stirring, dicing and shredding. It has a blade knife and other necessary sharp cutting and chopping attachments in its arsenal. In order to prepare high-quality puree for a child, young mothers often choose a blender. It is capable, unlike a mixer, to grind the initial product to obtain not a bulky, but a semi-thick and homogeneous mass..

A multifunctional electrical appliance is called a 2 in 1 blender mixer, the internal mechanism of such a unit implements a system of operation that is characteristic of both devices. Two in one – this combination allows you to meet all your needs and get high-quality culinary products with one device.

Heavy-duty 3-in-1 units with a chopper are suitable for any culinary delight, they can be used to whisk and mix, as well as cut, process vegetables and fruits.

What are we for

To understand what kind of device you need on the farm, it is better to study in detail the functional features of each of them. With very large volumes of processing of various types of products, they usually purchase both a mixer, a chopper and a blender separately. Chopper is referred to as a unique grinder, capable of turning a large amount of various food products into finely chopped ingredients in a matter of minutes. The principle of its operation is very simple – a variety of knives rotate inside the transparent container, set in motion by pressing a button on the lid of the device. Chopper handles the hard structure of ice by breaking it into chunks for chilled drinks.

To tackle your day-to-day chopping and whipping tasks, the Mixed Appliances are perfect for you – two-in-one blenders with mixer function. Universal mixers-blenders will become indispensable helpers for the housewife for baking and chopping food without the danger of turning them into powder.

The main task of the blender is, first of all, grinding and cutting the loaded product in various ways. It is quite possible to replace mixing with a blender, but buying only a mixer, even with a lot of whisks, will not be enough. But for making high-quality dough and rolling it out, the best choice is a planetary kitchen mixer – a semi-professional device. The planetary mixer from the best manufacturers, such as Bosch and Brown, consists of a body with a built-in electric motor, a bowl (a cup with a transparent lid and an opening for adding products) and attachments in the form of a spatula, a hook for kneading dough, convenient dough rollers. The basic nozzle makes circular movements inside the bowl along its perimeter, while simultaneously rotating around its axis.

Among the additional functions in the devices are breaking lumps during mixing, convenient spiraling, grater and vegetable cutter, as well as a juicer, some models have a built-in butter churn, added knives for a meat grinder or coffee grinder. The complete set depends on the cost of the device and the number of attached attachments or roller knives. There is a special removable filter to separate the pulp from the juice.

Three-in-one appliances allow you to use a blender, mixer and chopper at the same time. This is very convenient if there is a small child in the house. Chop vegetables, meat and onions and immediately mix them in a consistency convenient for feeding, get an excellent puree or pureed soup, add egg white or sour cream, bring the cream to a thick foam – this is not a complete list of all operations. To make all this possible, the modern device has a panel with a switch for all five speeds, including the most powerful Turbo mode..

Advantages and disadvantages

Two-in-one devices can be both low-power, for several operations, and super-versatile, acting instantly with a light push of a button..

Multifunctional units with a capacity of 400-500 W and a capacity of 6-7 liters, with a high cost (up to $ 500), serve reliably, they are needed in hospitable families who often and a lot like to cook and receive guests. It is difficult to overestimate the advantages of such large models, sometimes the hostesses are not even able to use all the proposed operations and evaluate the operation of the attachments. Even the most powerful multifunctional functions make relatively quiet noise during operation and amaze with the accuracy of the actions performed..

The disadvantages of a two and three in one device include the uneven distribution of the power load among the operations declared in the instructions. Meat grinders and choppers are not the strongest side of such professional models. In addition, oversized products weighing up to 10 kg require a permanent place in the kitchen for them, most often on the table, since getting them for each cooking is not always very convenient.

Experienced housewives were able to appreciate the quality of small tabletop models. Along with the more bulky and imposing steel units, compact devices have managed to quickly gain popularity in the household goods market. Hobby chefs tend to go for budget and easy-to-use mixer blenders. Their chopping capabilities, as well as the volume of the bowl for processing the substance, are quite good for quickly beating a few eggs or preparing a delicious shake..

The simplest devices include:

  • Body with built-in motor;
  • A leg that replaces the hand blender;
  • Whisk or set of whisk for dough and whipping of creams and making drinks.

Features of choice and feedback

Many housewives who are versed in cooking want to purchase the most suitable machine for successfully preparing delicious dishes to delight their family and guests. In order to choose the optimal model in terms of price and functionality, it is better to carefully consider the offers on the market and decide which device you need for your purposes. It may turn out that not all complex functions are necessary for you, or, on the contrary, it is better to give up the thought of purchasing a hand-held or miniature device. Experts advise buying stationary models that work great without distracting from other things in the kitchen.

When choosing a convenient blender with a mixer function, you should pay attention to the following technical parameters:

  • Power. This parameter directly depends on how the unit will work, at what speed it will perform all the necessary operations.
  • Bowl volume and material. For devices equipped with a special container, the strength of the material from which it is made is important. Glass and plastic will not become a priority for long-term use, for the reason that the former can break or crack from mechanical pressure when kneading the dough, and the latter will darken over time under the influence of ingredients with natural dyes. The material should also not quickly absorb odors. Bowls made of metal, high-quality transparent and colored plastic are preferred. They are usually equipped with more expensive and status models..
  • The number of knives in the set, what material they are made of. Ideally, stainless steel is used, rather than other alloys that quickly fail..
  • Several modes – for processing hard and soft products. Usually housewives use the main three.
  • How easy is it to disassemble and assemble the product, as well as wash and clean from the remnants of dough and other products. In high-quality models, frequent and comfortable washing with the addition of detergents is provided. Each element is well fixed, the system is thought out in detail.

Among the universal models, buyers note a few of the most liked ones. Let’s describe them in more detail.

The Bottle Sport Mixer is a shaker, an inexpensive model with capacities ranging from 590 to 830 ml. It is a bottle with a lid and a button on the side, a steel ball is built inside. This allows substances to be mixed to obtain a balanced sports nutrition for a sports lifestyle.

Zelmer manufactures low-power and compact two-in-one products. The most popular model Zelmer 481.5 Lime with five modes allows you to beat eggs and cream in a very short time, as well as knead the dough. The device received one hundred percent positive reviews. The attachments of the device work reliably, the plastic of the case withstands heat and stress well.

Blender with mixer function Smoothie Maker in its name describes one of the main functions – making smoothies. This device of the hostess is called “acrobatic”. It is not only suitable for making mousses, but also beats the ingredients masterfully and at high speed. The leg of the device rotates around the frame, and the glass bowl is attached to the head with knives. If you attach an octagonal glass to the device, the device will start automatically.

Almost 90% of the housewives who bought the Smile MS 754 device recommend purchasing it for everyday use – for a minute of continuous operation, it is able to beat cream and eggs, prepare a cocktail and sauce. Of the shortcomings, users note a quick automatic shutdown when the button is pressed for a long time. The blender can handle chopping nuts and hard fruits and vegetables, though not as well as soft foods. In order to continue working, it is necessary to cool the device for five minutes..

Buyers describe Ninja as a reliable company producing modern kitchen appliances. Even a small master class model of a hand blender grinds nuts and ice, can help to prepare ice cream and pasta from a wide variety of solid ingredients, mix and beat. Along with the small Master Prep model that has received great reviews, the Ninja Bork 8800 Heavy Duty Combine Blender is also popular with customers. This device manages to prepare complex dishes and vegetable soups, not to mention simple dishes such as smoothies, ice cream, creams and pastas..

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