Mixer whisk

A mixer is a very convenient kitchen appliance that will help facilitate the kitchen work of every housewife. Such a device with the help of special attachments is able to whip or stir any products. No such device can be imagined without a whisk attachment. That is why you need to know about the features and functions of this element of the device..

Features and Benefits

Brooms perform all the basic functions of a mixer. In the process of purchasing them, it is important to carefully consider their quality, as it affects the durability and quality of the mixer. In addition, this element affects the usability of the device..

The main feature of this appliance is its appearance, since its special design allows you to whip up any ingredients very luxuriantly. As a rule, the harder and better such a nozzle, the better and more airy the dough, cream, sauce and other homemade products will turn out..

There are whisks made of plastic. They are very lightweight and stylish looking, but they are not at all reliable. The most resistant are the nozzles made of stainless steel. Such a device does not deform over time and will last for a long time..


The types of beaters differ depending on the type of mixer. As a rule, there are two main types of such nozzles – a crown for beating and a device with blades, which acts as a kneader. There are mixers with two long beaters. Such a device usually has high power and high performance..

A two-whisk kitchen mixer will allow you to beat any cream or dough with high quality, as well as mix all the ingredients well. These properties are due to the fact that this device works with double strength.. Mixers with one rotating whisk are more common. Such a mixer is suitable for whipping batter, as well as for simple creams, most often such a device has one larger crown. Usually these are submersible mixers that do not have very high power..

A device with such a nozzle is suitable for whipping up any simple ingredients. There are even carved whisks, with their help you can not only whip something, but also make fruit or vegetable puree. As a rule, such threads are quite sharp, so they can easily cope even with hard products..

The threaded crown can be used as a spare part. This attachment is very useful in the kitchen, especially if you have small children. You can also make delicious cocktails with it..

Separately, the attachment for the planetary mixer should be noted. The corollas included in the set for such devices are of very high quality, reliable and professional. Such a nozzle rotates quickly at high speed and can prepare any cream in the shortest possible time. It can also be used to whip milk into a thick crema for coffee, egg whites to make a protein cream, or make whipped cream..

How to choose?

In order to choose a whisk for a mixer, you need to know the specific mixer model for which you want to purchase a whisk. You should also decide what type of tool you need..

At present, it is very difficult to find new whipping tools suitable for Soviet mixers Ros, Maria, Rostok and other similar brands, since they are not currently produced. They can be purchased in some online stores, as well as from dealers. In a regular store, you can pick up a standard whisk that fits such an appliance..

For a mixer of the SDS brand, designed for mixing building mixtures, a whisk can be picked up in any store with building materials, you just need to name the exact model of your mixer so as not to make the wrong choice.

The easiest way is to choose a whisk for mixers Tefal, Philips and Zelmer, Polaris, Philips and appliances of other popular modern brands. These manufacturers offer a wide selection of different types of whisk, as well as other additional attachments for mixers..

Each brand produces its own whisks that perfectly match the mixers of this brand. You can buy them in any store with small kitchen appliances, as well as in many online stores..

When visiting a store in order to buy a whisk, it is necessary to clarify their compatibility with your device..

How to do it yourself?

Many people try to make it on their own in case of breakage or loss of the rim. It is not very difficult to make it, for this you will need to choose an element that will act as its base, it can be made of anything, even plastic will do. The second part of the design will be the so-called blades. It is important that they are made of high quality and reliable materials. In this case, plastic will not work, since this element of the whisk will be in direct contact with food..

Aluminum is perfect for making a whisk, but the best and highest quality one will be a tip made of stainless steel. Such a whisk will not deform and will serve you for a long time. It is also important to take into account that all elements that act as blades must be of the same size and subsequently have a volume.


Many consumers write that the whisk is one of the most important attachments of any mixer. Without such a nozzle, customers cannot prepare many products, especially airy creams. Housewives point out that a mixer with a whisk helps them a lot when cooking baked goods, mashed potatoes, sauces and creams..

Cooks and housewives point out that it is impossible to prepare a high-quality protein cream without a mixer with a whisk. Only with the help of long beating with this tool can you get a thick foam with peaks of proteins. Also, many write that they managed to prepare a lush biscuit only with the help of a special nozzle in the form of a crown..

In general, customer reviews about this nozzle are extremely positive. Everyone who bought them points out that this device greatly facilitated the process of whipping products and kneading batter. All buyers strongly recommend purchasing such a mixer attachment..

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