Mixers with a bowl

Many housewives dream of buying a mixer that simplifies the cooking process. There is a wide selection of models, among which it is difficult to decide which type of apparatus is suitable for your kitchen. This article describes the main types of mixer with bowls, as well as tips for choosing such a device..



The kitchen mixer is designed for whipping and mixing ingredients. It differs from a blender in that it does not have such a high speed of work and there are no blades due to which you can turn the components into a single mass..


Based on the control method, mixers can be divided into two types: manual and stationary..

Hand-held devices for the home, as well as a submersible blender, are in the hand during use, from which they got their name. All buttons are located on the body to make the control as convenient as possible. On the body, as a rule, there are two nozzles for whipping and mixing products. The number of attachments can be up to four. Such a home mixer will be convenient for a pastry chef because it can be used to knead batter, creams and sauces..

Stationary household devices can be: universal, with a bowl, for cocktails. Such a device has more power than manual models, so they can be presented by professional or semi-professional models. They are often used not only in the kitchen, but also in restaurants and canteens..

The design consists of a body under which an electric motor is hidden, a set of replaceable attachments and a bowl. Such mixers belong to multifunctional devices, because due to the increased power and variety in attachments, they can be used for a variety of purposes..

There are special mixers with a cocktail bowl. They are quite rare in the kitchen, because they have limited functionality. Such a household appliance consists of a body, one or two nozzles, a tall glass, which is attached with a rim to a groove on the body..

Some firms offer professional planetary mixers, whose power is 1000 watts. The device has 12 speeds 4 nozzles, a spatula and a steel cup with a lid. There is a screen on the case, which provides a comfortable use of the tabletop unit. The present timer will allow you to do your chores around the house while the mixer is busy with assigned tasks.

You can also note Food processors, which are multifunctional devices with a mixer. Many manufacturers offer these units that allow you to save space in your kitchen due to the large number of additional options. You do not need to purchase a blender, mixer and other items separately, all this is present in one device.

Features of the models

Bowl mixers are electromechanical equipment that differ in the volume of their bowl. The bowl can have a volume of 1 liter, 1.5, 2 and even more. Models differ in the material of manufacture. There are devices with plastic, glass and porcelain bowls. Units with metal cups are very popular..

Kitchen mixers with a bowl are in great demand because they are more functional and powerful compared to manual representatives. There are models with a rotating bowl. In them, the bowl is on a special stand, and during the operation of the device, it rotates along with the whisk. This makes it possible to obtain high-quality mixing of the components and the absence of the need for participation in the cooking process..


Bar machines that are used for making cocktails have glasses, so you will not confuse them with other models. As mentioned earlier, they are rarely bought, since they are limited in functionality..

The latest innovation in the home appliance industry is the planetary mixer. Its distinctive feature is that in it the beaters turn in one direction, and the electric drive moves in the opposite direction..

It is worth noting that each mixer has a whisk for beating, which is not available in a typical blender set. The whisk for the last device you will have to purchase additionally.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before choosing a mixer, you should familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics and advantages of the models. If you are choosing between a manual and a stationary model, pay attention to the features of each type.

Advantages of a hand mixer:

  • compact size. In most cases, devices of this type are small in size, along with low weight;
  • conveniently located buttons on the case allow you to easily select the desired mode;
  • the mixer does not require a large storage area;
  • some models can operate on batteries;
  • easy care. For cleaning, you will need to remove the nozzle by rinsing it with warm water;
  • energy saving. As a rule, units of this type have a low power level;
  • low price, compared to stationary mixers.

Despite the described advantages, such devices also have disadvantages, which include the following:

  • mandatory human participation in the cooking process;
  • poor performance.

Stationary mixer will be convenient if you feel the need for frequent whipping and stirring of a large number of products. In most cases, such devices are used in the field of public catering..

Advantages of a stationary mixer:

  • automatic operation. The mixer itself is engaged in whipping and mixing products, without human intervention;
  • high power;
  • multifunctionality. The device can knead dough, whip drinks, sauces, make puree from fruits and vegetables;
  • high quality of work;
  • many stationary models have a rotating bowl, which allows you to mix the food evenly.

The disadvantages include:

  • large dimensions;
  • significant weight;
  • high price category.

It is worth noting that in addition to the manual and stationary mixer, there are mixed units on sale, which have a special stand with the function of easy dismantling..

Criterias of choice

When choosing a model, you should consider for what purpose you are purchasing a mixer. Hand mixers need to be constantly held in hand, while stationary mixers prepare food on their own, while requiring an additional area in the kitchen space.

Stationary models have numerous advantages, they have a high level of power, but at the same time the price is much higher than for manual units.

To make a choice, you should decide how you will be more comfortable whipping the raw materials. If you can keep the mixer in your hand at all times, controlling the entire manufacturing process, you can buy a hand model and not overpay. The cooking result, in any case, will be identical. At the same time, using a stationary device, you can calmly go about your business while the device does its job..

If you decide to buy a mixer with a bowl, carefully consider the choice of its size. The more volume the bowl has, the better it is to use. To date, there are models of mixers in stores, with a bowl volume of 1.5-2 liters. Pay attention to the material of the bowl, there are models with glass, iron and plastic containers. There are versions with a closed lid to prevent splashing.

There are modified models with a rotating bowl and attachment. The cost of such equipment will be higher, but the mixing of products is better..

The choice should be made according to some principles..


Power is responsible for getting the job done quickly. High power provides quick mixing of dough with a thick consistency, because the attachments spin at high speed. A traditional hand mixer has 160-350 watts of power, while more modern bowl units are more powerful and can reach 400 watts..

Number of attachments included

There are two attachments as standard: for whipping and stirring. Do not pay attention to the form and method of work, because material and reliability are of paramount importance.

Quite often, you can find special-purpose attachments that are needed for cooking various dishes. For example, there is a nozzle for making mashed potatoes, vegetables and fruit. There is an addition that grinds the raw materials using a special removable knife made of stainless steel.

Auxiliary options

The mixer can have a different number of speeds, about 3-5. But this is far from the limit, because some improved models can combine about 12 speed modes. To facilitate operation, the device contains pictures describing the purpose of each mode..

If you like quick preparation of mixtures, take a closer look at the “Turbo mode” function. This option dramatically speeds up the operation of the device for a short period. After a few seconds, the unit will start operating in the same mode to eliminate the possibility of engine overheating. It is relevant for the prompt elimination of lumps that cannot be removed during normal operation..

“Pulse mode” has a similar effect, the rotation speed is influenced by the force of pressing the button.

Each mixer has a nozzle ejection and an overvoltage protection option. For example, if your machine has been running at high speed for a long time, it may overheat. In the presence of protection, at a dangerous moment, the mode is turned on, and the mixer is turned off.

Some mixers may be ready-made food preparation devices. This is facilitated by a heated bowl, which is provided in the traditional way (using a heating element) or induction (from a stainless steel alloy). This option will help you to fry, boil, and more..

For convenient operation, choose a device with a rubber grip, check the compartment where the cord is hidden. Often, the package contains various spatulas, measuring cups, along with brushes for cleaning.

Choose the model that best suits your requirements. Pay attention to the length of the cord, so that it is enough to reach the outlet, on the material of manufacture of the case. It is believed that metal devices are more reliable, but at the same time they have a large mass. Powerful mixers do the job better, while being accompanied by loud work.

Manufacturers overview

All types of mixers are produced by numerous companies. To choose a high-quality device, it is better to pay attention to well-known brands that have been on the household appliances market for a long time and have received the status of a reliable company.. Among the various brands, there are three categories of companies that have won the respect of customers:

  • The best mixers are offered by companies such as Bosh, Braun, Vitek, Moulinex, Tefal, Electrolux and Panasonic. They are among the most reputable brands that have been proven over the years. The products of the companies are made from high quality raw materials, the equipment works almost silently. High-quality electrics, easy installation of nozzles and auxiliary components increase the demand for the models of these companies.

  • In a cheaper, but no less quality category, there are representatives of the companies: Zelmer, Fagor, Ariete, ProfiCook, Clatronic, Sinbo. The technique is accompanied by a high level of assembly, long service life.

  • The third category includes mixers that are of low price and good quality. It should be borne in mind that this technique does not like overload and requires careful attention. These are mixer companies Aurora, Viconte, Mystery, Steba, Maestro, Delta, Scarlett, Polaris.

If you are serious about buying a mixer and want to buy a really high-quality product, then be guided by customer reviews. Manufacturers such as KitchenAid, Kitform have a good reputation among bowl mixers. If we consider the reviews about these devices, it can be noted that they are positive..

Customer Reviews

Those buyers who purchased the company’s mixers Bosh, the technique is praised for its prompt work, high-quality and uniform whipping, along with a complete absence of splashes. The devices are suitable for families with small children, as the mixer is accompanied by silent operation.

Consumers note the good build quality not only of the case itself, but also of the components. The bowls are easy to clean and have a normal size, which is quite an important factor in the cooking process. You do not need to make multiple downloads, because all the necessary volume of products will fit in one go.

Mixers from Moulinex also deserved positive characteristics from the hostesses. Reviews speak of high-quality whipping, convenient operation, operational work. Of the shortcomings, there is only an insufficiently long cord. For those who have remote outlets, the device can cause some trouble..

Mixers Vitek recommended by all buyers. The manufacturer offers products with high build quality, convenient use. The unit provides quiet operation, which is convenient for families with children. You can cook while the child is sleeping and not be afraid that extraneous noises will wake up the child..

Brands like Scarlet, Polaris, Delta, refer to budget models. They handle the assigned tasks efficiently and justify their price. They cannot boast of the same low noise level as representatives from Vitek or Bosch, but they are good enough for their segment. If you use the device correctly, then the mixer does not cause any complaints. As a rule, they are used by those housewives who do not need a mixer so often and for small tasks. For example, for making sauces, mayonnaise, creams.

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