Modern blinds and curtains for the kitchen

Criterias of choice

When arranging a kitchen, the question often arises: what to choose for a window – blinds or curtains? To address this issue, it is worth considering the features, advantages and disadvantages for both options..

Blinds are light protection devices consisting of many thin plates – lamellas, the position of which is adjusted using a special mechanism. Depending on the angle of inclination of the lamellas, complete closure or the greatest light penetration is ensured. The first blinds appeared in the middle of the 19th century on the basis of movable wooden plates. Today, lamellas are produced from wood, metal and plastic, and the frames can be metal or plastic. The adjustment of modern blinds can be manual or automatic with an electric drive..

Modern blinds for the kitchen have the following advantages:

  1. ease of care, ease of cleaning;
  2. more effective protection from sunlight than curtains;
  3. low degree of room heating due to the reflective surface of the lamellas;
  4. vertical blinds visually increase the height of the kitchen, and horizontal blinds – the width.

Among the disadvantages of blinds are:

  • more cost than fabric curtains;
  • the need to install a housing with a regulating mechanism;
  • unlike curtains, they can fail and require repair;
  • vertical blinds complicate access to the window sill, and to open the window you need to move them completely to the side.

Traditional curtains instead of blinds have a number of advantages:

  • are usually made from natural fabrics that are environmentally friendly;
  • they are easy to remove for washing or replacement;
  • the variety of fabrics allows you to choose many options for the interior;
  • excellent air permeability;

The disadvantages of curtains include the release of dust from the fabric, the impossibility of adjusting the level of illumination, like blinds. For cleaning it is necessary to remove and wash them..



According to the method of lamella orientation, window blinds are divided into 2 types.

Horizontal varieties, in which the plates are located horizontally, are very convenient for narrow window openings. In the upper part, a box is installed on the window, where the lamellas are folded when fully raised. With the help of two ropes, the angle of rotation of the plates and the rise of such blinds are regulated. They are preferred to use in small kitchens, where they visually increase the width..

In turn, kitchen horizontal blinds have 3 subspecies:

  • installed inside the window opening – hide the window as much as possible, but it is more difficult to open it completely, access to the window sill becomes more difficult;
  • windows installed on one sash – require fastening directly to the window frames, but simplify opening and the window sill is easier to use;
  • built-in directly inside the glass unit, between two layers of glass – they do not take away any free area at all, they are maximally protected from external influences.

Vertical blinds are especially popular for wide window openings and kitchens with low ceilings, where they visually add height to the room. The principle of adjustment is the same as for horizontal ones – with the help of two ropes, which are located on one side. Vertical models complicate access to the window sill, and when the window is wide open and the wind from the lamellae tend to get confused.

Roller blinds have become more and more popular in recent years. Instead of lamellas, they contain fabric or other flexible tightly. In the fully open position, they are rolled into a roll, which is hidden in a box installed at the top of the window. There are also open models without a box. At the bottom, a weighting strip and a handle are sewn into the fabric, for which they go down. There is a fixation of the required height.

In addition to shading, roller blinds perform other functions: protection against burglaries, noise, atmospheric influences. Their body is more robust, and the lamellas are made of extruded aluminum or steel. They can be installed both outdoors and indoors. The roller blinds cannot be adjusted according to the intensity of the supply of sunlight, like horizontal and vertical ones. When fully lowered, they cover the window 100%.

Pleated blinds have the shape of an accordion when unfolded. They are made from fabrics with special fillers that give more rigidity and protection from moisture, dust and high temperatures. The pleats are laid out vertically and can have different widths, suitable even for non-standard sizes of windows in the kitchen.

Roman blinds are a type of curtains that, like roller blinds, are collected vertically up, but not in a roll, but in beautiful decorative folds. This detail is suitable for interiors in classic and retro style, adding splendor to the design..


What are the best materials

The metal used to make blinds is durable, lightweight and has a smooth surface that is easy to clean. For the production of plates, dural alloys are used, coated with a protective varnish and heat-resistant enamel. Thanks to these layers, the lamellas are protected from moisture, fading, temperature changes. This material is cheap and does not contain harmful impurities..

For roller shutters, plates are produced from aluminum profiles with a polyurethane filler. They are able to save heat well, trap noise and are resistant to mechanical damage..

The fabric is used for vertical and roller blinds. Fabric models from a variety of colors can add comfort to any interior, but many housewives are wary of this option. Firstly, not everyone is satisfied with vertical blinds, which complicate access to the vents and windowsill. Secondly, many believe that in the kitchen, the fabric quickly becomes dirty and covered with soot. But modern models of roller blinds and blinds are made of dense compounds with special impregnation, so they are protected from dust, dirt, moisture and high temperatures..

Wood for blinds is a rather fragile material, but it will give the interior of the kitchen a cozy and unique atmosphere. Thanks to antiseptic and moisture-proof impregnation, the lamellas will be reliably protected from decay and moisture. Wooden blinds are the most environmentally friendly and lightweight.

Since ancient times, bamboo has been used to create screens and curtains in the interior; today it is possible to buy roll, vertical and Roman types of blinds from this material. According to numerous reviews, bamboo looks great for such an interior detail, does not cause allergies, helps to get rid of bacteria in the air, and is easy to maintain and clean. Do not be afraid to use bamboo blinds in the kitchen, their slats are reliably protected from moisture and decay.

Plastic is a versatile, practical and cheap material from which you can create almost any item for interior furnishing. Blinds made of it are lightweight, durable and protected from any negative influences. There are a huge number of colors, and over time, the polymer surface does not fade. Plastic blinds are the most common today.

Multi-textured blinds consist of lamellas of different materials, most often: plastic and fabric, metal and wood, textiles and bamboo. There are other options as well. They are used to create original designs with different textures and colors in the room..

Fashionable prints and colors

Most often, monotonous white blinds are hung in the kitchen. Some people prefer to use more original colors and combinations of shades. The alternative to colorless plastic for the 2017 season is metal and bamboo. Metal lamellas coated with light yellow, lilac, light green colors are fashionable and create a relaxed atmosphere, do not strain your eyes after long cooking. Light airy combinations of white with orange patterns can increase appetite, which is important for this room in the apartment..

Beautiful and fashionable bamboo blinds can be very useful for this season. This natural material is quite practical in the kitchen and will not cause problems during operation. You can order colors depending on the interior of the room: beige, yellow, copper, walnut.

For kitchens with a small area, white tones are most suitable. You will have to give up exotic bright colors, but such a solution for furniture, walls and curtains compensates for the lack of space and visually increases the space. It is worth choosing shades of curtains and blinds, depending on the cardinal direction on which the windows look out. For the south, the colors of azure, heather, mint are suitable, and for the north, orange, peach, brick and other warm colors.

White fabric curtains for spacious spaces are going out of style. They are only suitable for a kitchen with a dark interior. For example, if furniture and household appliances are black or dark blue, then light fabric will create a pleasant contrast..

In the 2017 season, color combinations in multi-textured blinds will be fashionable for the kitchen: light green and lemon, white and aquamarine, gray and beige. The advantage is given to inexpressive light colors. And for a stylish and chic look in the kitchen, you can use fabric or plastic blinds with dark crimson, pomegranate or purple tones..

Modern technologies allow you to create amazing and chic designs on the blinds. These can be simply patterns, images of flowers, animals, or a bright sky with clouds. Photo blinds are a separate type; you can create any image to order, which is applied to plastic or metal lamellas by lamination. These models have a specific feature – they form a picture only in a fully open position..

Fashionable for spring-summer 2017 will be prints with images of tigers, zebras, giraffes and other exotic animals, Japanese motifs with butterflies and sakura, landscapes with a wild coast and bungalows, butterflies and birds. It is worth ordering a large-scale image for kitchen blinds in order to add originality to the kitchen interior and bring a positive attitude to all family members.

In the past and this year, fabric roller blinds remain popular for the kitchen. They are appreciated for their practicality and for creating a cozy home look. In the 2017 season, all shades of green curtains will be fashionable: light green, olive. Also successful is the combination of colorless tulle curtains and bamboo blinds in walnut, honey and dark brown. Not too lush options without unnecessary decor will be appreciated – light and airy.

For a modern high-tech kitchen, strict lines in design and advanced household appliances, it is good to choose two-tone striped blinds with a contrast of black and gray or blue and silver, and patterns with smooth curves should be avoided. For a cozy corner of an apartment with floral wallpaper, elegant classic curtains or roller blinds with an unpretentious pattern are perfect.


New design 2021 in the interior

There are many interesting design solutions for light-shielding parts of windows in the kitchen in the season. Individual projects are designed specifically for a particular setting and are harmoniously combined with the interior of the room. Some examples of new products:

The combination of yellow, blue and white on thin roller blinds is especially suitable for a light kitchen in a country house, it will be in harmony with the rural landscape outside the window.

For a modern kitchen design with strict lines and shapes, light blue vertical fabric blinds can be perfect. Even in cloudy weather, they will fill the room with a feeling of comfort and serenity..

Lilac roller blinds with a wavy edge can create a feeling of chic and at the same time lightness in a spacious kitchen. If you correctly fit them into the interior, combining them with walls, a tablecloth, and accessories on the windowsill, then they can make a great impression on the guests..

Photo blinds with a Japanese motif are always stylish. An elegant panorama of buildings in the form of a pagoda against the background of a bright sky and branches of blossoming sakura creates a light, relaxed atmosphere.

Monotone fabric curtains with a very expressive image of a tiger. They not only look spectacular, but also fit into the rest of the interior details: walls, furniture, cornice and window frames..

A uniform color scheme for the entire kitchen can be achieved by adding bamboo light brown blinds to the hanging cabinets, kitchen utensils and chairs. The combination will add warmth and comfort to the room of a large area..

Vertical two-tone blinds with a pink box are both simple in design and original. They are able to form, together with the furniture in the kitchen, a bright, cheerful style especially for a young family..


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