Nivona coffee machines

Nivona coffee machines

There are a huge number of different coffee bean brewing machines on the market. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose any of these and the right accessories due to various factors. An excellent choice for people who want to find a high-quality machine at a low price is a coffee machine Nivona.

Rich flavor in every cup

Like any brand, the Nivona coffee machine includes a line of many types of machines. The most popular today are the Nivona 605, Nivona 757 and Nivona 855 models. Do not forget about the CafeRomatica model, which quickly gained popularity on the market.. It is worth considering the devices in more detail:

  • Nivona 605 – this model is appreciated for its built-in coffee grinder. The strength of the drink can be adjusted directly during preparation – using the machine interface. You can adjust the amount of water for one serving. There is no need to descale the coffee maker on your own, this is done in automatic mode.

The machine is equipped with a cappuccino maker, which allows you to quickly and deliciously prepare a latte or cappuccino right in your kitchen. There is also a cup warming function.

This model is multifunctional and very easy to use..

  • Nivona 757 – in this model there are as many as five levels of the strength of the drink. Like the previous model, it has an integrated coffee grinder. There is a function for warming cups, as well as a system for supplying hot water for tea. The main feature is the presence of an energy-saving mode, which allows you to save energy to some extent.. The advantage of this model is full automation and cooking speed.. You do not have to spend a lot of time waiting for a hot drink, because the Nivona coffee machine prepares coffee in just one minute. At the same time, the quality, aroma and taste remain at an excellent level. No specific knowledge is required to operate the coffee machine, and the machine interface is extremely convenient and understandable even for the most ordinary user..

A great option for home and office. Among the disadvantages is the lack of an indicator that warns of the emptyness of the coffee tank. The filter of this machine is not cheap, but the need to change it does not arise very often..

  • Nivona 855 – a newer model, with several additions and improvements. Fully automatic coffee maker. With just one button, you can quickly and deliciously prepare any coffee of the desired strength. Among the additions, it can be noted that the car is practically silent – compared to previous models. There is a function of self-cleaning from scale – using a tablet. It has a specific name – decalcification.

  • NivonaCafeRomatica»- one of the advantages of this coffee machine is that it has a rather large water tank (compared to other models). There is a function to turn off and on the flushing of the channels. When the function is disabled, it is possible to save the amount of water consumed. However, it is better to enable this function so that the ducts do not clog up too quickly. Ease of use can be considered a good advantage of this model. It has no memory, no touch screen – which you might not use. True, the standard set of functions is fully present here, which is more than enough.

The advantage of this model is simple and convenient control. There are not very many buttons, and the strength of the coffee and its delivery can be adjusted directly during preparation – using a special lever.

Advantages and disadvantages

In fact, Switzerland is the manufacturer of the parts from which the Nivona coffee machine is assembled. This can be attributed to the pluses, because everyone knows the fact that the Swiss industry has always been at a high level of production quality.

Among the main advantages that can be noted in this line of models is a rich assortment. This aspect makes it possible to choose a coffee machine for specific customer requests, which is extremely convenient.

So, the technique is Swiss, for this reason, there is no reason to doubt its serviceability. The purchased coffee maker will serve you for a long time.

Wide range of different functions – from warming cups to cappuccinatore and automatic descaling.

Wide availability in the market. Availability of both expensive, elite models and simpler, inexpensive ones for home use.

There are also certain disadvantages:

  • Basically all models of Nivona coffee machines are large-sized, that, in the presence of a small room, it causes some inconvenience.
  • Replacing the filter will cost you dearly, and the need to change depends on the frequency of operation of the machine.
  • Coffee makers equipped with a cappuccinatore, have high cost.

Selection Tips

When buying a coffee machine, it is important to consider several factors. This, for example, is the presence of mechanical or automatic control. Of course, an automatic coffee machine is much more convenient and practical. Everything in it is solved with the help of a few buttons, but such models are more expensive..

There are machines with a fixed brewing mechanism. They are quite good, but they cause some inconvenience during cleaning, so it is better to take devices with a removable mechanism..

Try to keep an eye on a coffee maker with a built-in grinder. This is very convenient as it will save space and time..

If you are a lover of latte or cappuccino, then look after yourself a coffee maker with a built-in cappuccino maker.


As with any equipment, the Nivona coffee maker also needs careful care. – if you want the machine to last as long as possible. Usually, the maintenance of such machines is not too expensive, but it includes several nuances that you need to know and take into account..

One of the reasons for the failure of the device is the formation of scale. This is due to the hardness of the running water. To prevent this process, you need to buy special tablets for cleansing the teapot from coffee oils. A distinctive feature of Nivona is self-cleaning. You just need to drop the tablet into the brewer and the appliance will clean itself. Suitable for all models.

It is necessary to change the filter of the coffee maker from time to time. Changing the filter ensures that the taste of the coffee stays the same and the machine is protected from limescale build-up. On the plus side, the filter fits the entire Nivona range. This filter is enough for two months or 50 liters of water.

Typical breakdowns

For espresso coffee machines, water leaks due to failure of the O-ring are a frequent breakdown..

Clogged pipes causing coffee to flow out of the nozzles. To solve this problem, it is necessary to clean them. Most often this occurs due to the fact that the user forgets to decalcify the device..

If the coffee machine stops making a drink, most likely the reason lies in the failure of the electronic system. If you do not understand wiring diagrams, then it is better to seek professional help..

If certain buttons do not work, perhaps the reason lies in their contamination – or the microcircuit is out of order, the contacts are clogged.

If the machine won’t turn on, then the problem is almost certainly power related. It is not recommended to solve this problem on your own..

If your car is under warranty, then to eliminate any malfunction you need to contact only a special service center, otherwise the warranty period will be canceled.


Usually, buyers leave positive feedback on Nivona coffee machines. Many of them claim to be very happy with the purchase. These devices are very easy to use. In any case, the Swiss manufacturer never lets its customers down. The quality is excellent, and the taste and aroma of the brewed coffee are at the same high level. The assortment of more budgetary and elite models is simply huge, which makes it possible to purchase a high-quality coffee maker at a low price..

Learn how to make espresso, cappuccino and latte with the Nivona 830.

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