Oilcloth tablecloth on the table for the kitchen

Any tablecloths for the kitchen table are becoming fashionable and popular again today. This accessory is able to transform your kitchen, make its design more fresh, and fill the atmosphere with home comfort, warmth and celebration..

However, hostesses are often not happy with such an accessory, considering the tablecloth only an unnecessary problem, because it is so easy to get dirty, and then try to remove the stain on the expensive fabric. Therefore, many of them do not hold such textile decor in high esteem, and they get tablecloths only for especially solemn occasions, using oilcloths in everyday life or just an empty table..

It’s just that many housewives do not know what wonderful options for kitchen tablecloths are today: water and fat repel from them, no pollution is absorbed, and the look at the table will be so elegant that your kitchen will always delight with its stylish look and some special mood of the room.


About the advantages and disadvantages

Before choosing oilcloth for the kitchen table, consider some features. It would seem that it is easier to buy a tablecloth, but it should be borne in mind that how quickly your table in the kitchen will wear out depends on this accessory..

The positive qualities of kitchen oilcloth include:

  1. high durability of the PVC tablecloth, thanks to which the base will serve for a long time. And there are also such varieties of this material, which are not afraid of either knife cuts or hot dishes (the oilcloth under it will not melt);
  2. an additional elastic layer of varnish, which makes the product more resistant, does not crack or deform, in addition, the base does not peel off;
  3. high quality oilcloth should be viscous, and the tablecloth that is glued to the table top belongs to low-grade products;
  4. oilcloth on the kitchen table is also water-repellent – PVC oilcloth is not at all afraid of high humidity, and it does not change its qualities in any way;
  5. The oilcloth fabric is thick enough so that the varnish coating is just a coating, but not an impregnation. The strength of the material is a guarantee of its high wear and tear;
  6. beauty and variety of design. The surface of the tablecloth, as a rule, is decorated with some kind of drawings, patterns, prints and all kinds of shades of colors..

Of the shortcomings, the following can be distinguished:

  1. there are products on a thin basis, and such a tablecloth will quickly wear out;
  2. a low-quality tablecloth often becomes unusable due to cuts, and also melts if you put hot dishes on it;
  3. from time to time, the surface of the oilcloth wears off, which is why the original beauty of the product disappears.



Choosing oilcloth for the kitchen is a responsible task. The product must be durable, must protect the table surface from all negative influences and keep its original appearance. In this regard, the choice should be taken very carefully, because there are many coatings, and they have different qualities..

Tablecloths are produced on a different basis, different in size, in external design, in composition and in some other criteria. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself in more detail with the varieties of such products..

Manufacturing material

From what material the oilcloth tablecloth you choose will be, a lot depends on its service life and on how practical it will turn out to be. And it is for these reasons, first of all, that you should choose the material that suits you, and only after that think about the design of the tablecloth, its shape and size..

Oilcloths are made from different materials, some of them are designed to be used daily, while others are only used during special occasions..

Oilcloths for every day are inexpensive and practical, usually these are products with a water-repellent effect, for example, made of Teflon or acrylic. They do not crumple and just take care of them.

Oilcloths for the holidays always look elegant, the material of manufacture, as a rule, is from expensive varieties, with a magnificent decoration in the form of decor. Such tablecloths are designed for special occasions, and you can find several themes of such a cover on sale, for example, Christmas, Easter, wedding or children’s holiday..

By material, a kitchen tablecloth can be:

  • cotton – such a product is designed for use during any celebrations. The tablecloth has an attractive appearance with decorations in the form of various embroideries and patterns.
  • Teflon is a kitchen tablecloth of high quality, which provides these coatings with the process of processing them with Teflon.
  • silicone, which is perfectly suited for daily use. Such a tablecloth can be either transparent or with various patterns applied to its surface..

The transparent table under the transparent tablecloth looks very original. A glass table and transparent oilcloth will always fit into the overall design of the room. If the coating is not purely transparent, but with a pattern, then the table will look more stylish and bright;

  • oil – a product that contains vegetable oils. The process consists in cooking drying oil with its subsequent transformation into kaolin and colorful soil. After that, first, the fabric is ironed, and then this soil is applied to it in several layers, and at the end the layers must also be fixed with a special varnish. These are high quality products;
  • from PVC – the production of these products involves the use of suspension and emulsion polyvinyl chloride. Thanks to these components, the tablecloth has such qualities as high strength and durability. The result is a beautiful oilcloth tablecloth that can be used to cover any tabletop, even glass;
  • excellent quality of oilcloth tablecloths made in Japan. They are made from heat-resistant vinyl with a triple thickness, thanks to which the products have a long wear life. And thanks to the extraordinary strength of the material, they do not tear at the corners. Paints retain their stability even after several years of use;
  • the quality of products made in Germany is not worse. The oilcloth tablecloth is made on a durable fabric base and can be used as a cover for the kitchen table, as well as wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom. The print of the picture is of high quality, the surface has a high degree of protection against any pollution, has waterproof properties, is resistant to chemicals and does not slip off the table. Oilcloths on sale in different colors and designs.


The form

The shape of the coating is also an important criterion. If the table is round, it can also be covered with oilcloth of the same shape, but this is not necessary – maybe a rectangular one is suitable, you just need to be able to arrange it as needed.

If the surface of the table is oval, a regular rectangular oilcloth, complemented by an original set that emphasizes the entire structure, will do. In principle, tablecloths always look most impressive on an oval table. The view will be even better if you lay an oval or rectangular napkin over the oilcloth.

There are original round and oval tablecloths. Looks great on a round table with a round tablecloth – an additional square in the center of the table top, emphasizing the appearance of the table and its setting.

Rhomboid tablecloth. This product requires precision when laying it on the table, otherwise the overall picture may turn out to be asymmetrical..

A tablecloth-runner on a rectangular table will become indispensable in order to arrange a festive table setting.

How to choose the right one?

Each hostess would like the beautiful and fashionable tablecloth she has chosen to last as long as possible. In order for this to be so, you need to know about some of the nuances of choosing this product:

  1. the main thing is that the base is strong, that is, a product with a dense structure should be chosen – then he will not be afraid of cuts, and hot dishes;
  2. a water-repellent model would be a good choice, because thanks to the waterproof layer, the duration of the wear on the table will be guaranteed;
  3. the maple should be checked for stickiness, if it stuck to the table – this is a poor quality product and your table will be covered in stains, which are not so easy to remove. Such oilcloth should not be purchased;
  4. the shape of the cover is different, the most important thing is to choose a tablecloth according to the parameters of your table;
  5. it is better not to spare money and choose a more expensive coverage. This is the case when the high cost of a product indicates its high quality. Accordingly, by choosing a cheaper tablecloth, you will purchase a low-quality product;
  6. special attention should be paid to the design of the tablecloth – what color it is, what pattern is shown on it. After all, this will be a fairly noticeable element in your kitchen, and therefore should be in harmony with the rest of the style of the kitchen. If the kitchen is made in warm colors, then the oilcloth should not have cold notes in the colors, just as in the kitchen with a cold color, the cheerful sunny coloring of the oilcloth will be inappropriate.

About sizes

As a rule, tablecloths acquire 20 centimeters more than table parameters. To correctly calculate its size, you need to use a certain method..

For example, for a rectangular table, oval and square, the size of the tablecloth is calculated as follows:

  1. the length of the tablecloth is equal to the length of the side of the table plus 20 cm;
  2. the width of the tablecloth is equal to the length of the shorter side of the table plus 20 cm.

If the table is round, add 40 cm to its diameter – this will be the size of the side of the tablecloth.

About prints

What design the coating you choose will have is a very important component. Tablecloths with prints on them look very beautiful and are very popular.

Typically, prints are images of beautiful colors and patterns. Summer motives are very popular – with fruits, with vegetables, so appropriate in the kitchen. These prints look great with rustic style.

Today, already on sale, you can see options in the form of holographic volumetric prints on oilcloth. Such a drawing will attract all the attention and allow the atmosphere to become fantastic. With such drawings, the table looks very beautiful, so you won’t immediately guess that it is just covered with oilcloth.

How to properly care

Like any product, oilcloth requires regular self-care, and if done according to certain rules, it can last much longer. Here are some care guidelines:

  1. try to timely remove stains from the PVC oilcloth, because if they stay on its surface for a long time, they may stay there and it will be almost impossible to remove them;
  2. Save the cotton tablecloth for special occasions, because if you spill wine or fat on it every day, then such a beautiful product will not be able to last for a long time and will become unusable;
  3. do not test the oilcloth for strength, specially cutting food on it – there are special cutting boards for this;
  4. the same goes for hot dishes – take care of your tablecloth and put a special support for hot dishes under the hot pan. So you can protect the product from deformation, cracks and other damage;
  5. to thoroughly rinse the oilcloth, use a warm soapy solution, and finally a dry towel.

Oilcloth is a very important accessory for the countertop, because it is not only its decoration, but also protection from negative influences. The tablecloth allows the table top to maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time, and also decorates it. You just need to choose the right product, and then it will last a long time and decorate the interior of your kitchen..


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