Pendant lights for kitchen

Creating the right lighting in a room is important, and you should pay special attention to this process. The use of various lamps, sconces and chandeliers allows you to designate the most functional areas in the kitchen.

Today, manufacturers present many different options for lamps at an affordable cost, from which you can choose models in accordance with the interior of the room and your own preferences. Pendant lights are some of the most popular types..


Features and Benefits

Basically, pendant lights are most often used to decorate the kitchen. Such elements highlight the working and dining areas well, which is an important point in modern interiors. The advantage of pendant lights lies not only in their stylish design, but also in their high functionality..

If you look at the many examples of modern interior design, you can see that in most cases multi-level lighting is used. The general system is rarely used. Today, designers are trying to exclude options such as huge and dimensional chandeliers, especially in kitchen interiors, which is not very convenient and does not look appropriate in modern interiors..


As for the advantages of pendant lamps, the following points should be highlighted:

  • a wide range of choices;
  • can be used for both small and spacious rooms;
  • designed for long-term use.

Modern products from various brands have an interesting and original design. Among the wide assortment, you can choose options for both classic and new areas of room design.


If you want to complement the kitchen interior with elements such as pendant lamps, first you need to familiarize yourself with the main types of products. Models with cables are popular and stylish. Basically, they are used in small quantities, and they are placed above functional areas in the kitchen (dining or work). The main advantage of the products is their high performance.

Often, ceiling versions of lamps are used to equip the kitchen. Basically, such models are used in spacious rooms. These are traditional products that modern manufacturers are constantly improving and using new ideas to create an interesting and stylish design of lighting elements. Often, such models come with a remote control..

Suspension products are no less popular. For their installation, transition tubes or special circuits are used. These lamps are mainly used for large modern kitchens..


If you want to clearly highlight the functional area in the kitchen, triple hanging models would be a good option for this. Most often, these systems are mounted above the so-called “islands”. These tables are used both for work and for eating..

Long hangers are the ideal choice for modern kitchens. They perfectly complement the stylish interior, making it more harmonious. These small elements allow you to properly distribute the space in the kitchen..

The most popular are LED lighting fixtures. Such options are not used as the main lighting, but they perfectly complement the interior. LED types play the role of additional decorative elements. They can be single (for point placement) or located along the perimeter of the kitchen.

Adjustable models are the best option for this room. The main advantage of such products is that the light stream can be directed in different directions. Such options are quite convenient to use, and have found their application in many interior styles..


When looking through suitable kitchen hanging products, special attention should be paid to color. Basically, the shade of the case is chosen based on the interior of the room. Bright options like orange, red, yellow are best paired with matching designs. These colors harmoniously complement the white interiors. But do not overload the room with unnecessary bright details, but with the help of such lamps you can create pronounced accents..

Classic shades – white, black, gray – are best used in high-tech and minimalist interiors. Particular attention should be paid to ensuring that the luminaire bodies have precise and strict lines, laconic design and the same dimensions (if these are double or triple models).

Also, during the purchase, it is worth asking if such systems have additional functions. Basically, modern models are equipped with several lighting modes that differ in shades. Red, purple, blue – all these colors will add originality to the interior.


Materials (edit)

A wide variety of materials are used to create pendant lights. Glass is often used in the basis of products. It has excellent performance properties, is resistant to high temperatures, and is easy to clean. The main advantage of glass is its good light transmittance..

Paper is often used to create modern and stylish designs. Basically, such options are used exclusively for interior decoration. To create shades, high-quality and durable types of paper are used. Basically, lamps made from this material are found in interior designs with an oriental direction..

The most common and popular material for the manufacture of such products is plastic. The main advantages of this type are strength, durability and quality. Another attractive plus of these products is their reasonable price. Even the most stylish and original options will not cost much.

Modern manufacturers often use fabric to make lamps. Products in this style look harmoniously in the interior of the Provence style. But it should be borne in mind that the fabric collects a lot of dust on itself..

DIY installation

Stores selling pendant lamps quite often offer customers an additional service – installation. The work is done by professionals at a low cost. But if you have the skills and abilities to install lighting fixtures, you can do the installation yourself..

First you need to make a detailed markup and designate the location of the lamps. There must be a normal distance between the elements and the surface for correct installation.

It is best to choose luminaires without a common wire. Such elements are connected separately, which avoids overvoltage in the network. If the luminaires have a common wire, they can quickly lose their functional qualities. To avoid such problems, a voltage rectifier must be used..

After that, the wires are connected to the main network, qualitatively and carefully connecting all the elements according to the instructions.

Manufacturers overview

Today, there are many different companies from different countries that are engaged in the manufacture of pendant lights. Among them are manufacturers from Germany, Spain, etc. Particular attention should be paid to Italian manufacturers, who are leaders in this field. The luminaires combine high quality and elegant design. Often, expensive decorative elements are used in the design. High-quality and sustainable materials are used for the base.

It should be noted that the cost of such products is quite high, but the price is always due to decent performance..

The Toledo 15016 lamps are a good choice for the kitchen. Double and triple systems perfectly complement the classic interior, giving it softness and warmth. Lamps in beige shades go well with both light and dark tones in the design.

Some of the most original and interesting designs are Tiffany pieces. The combination of several shades, the use of lines and mosaics in the base – all these are the distinctive features of the products. These options are ideal for modern trends and rustic interiors (most popular today).

If your kitchen is decorated in a laconic and austere design, you should pay special attention to German manufacturers. The luminaires are made in classic colors and are able to surprise with their original asymmetrical shape. The most interesting and stylish are the triple systems..

Spanish manufacturers of lighting elements are not inferior in originality. Basically, model designers prefer gold, silver and matte surfaces. Lamps will complement the modern kitchen and help to highlight important functional areas.

Interesting interior solutions

Today, pendant lights are widely used to decorate kitchens. Products can be supplemented with classics, modern and ethnic trends, but this must be done correctly.

  • Basically, to create a harmonious atmosphere, in most cases, it is the hanging options that are used. If you want to complement the light classic interior, it is best to give preference to lighting products in a dark case. Ceiling views would be a good choice for this area..
  • Complementing such a modern and unusual interior style as a loft is worth experimenting. This trend loves originality and boldly discards all traditional and boring ideas. Pendant lights should be asymmetrical in shape to complement an unusual interior. You can give preference to options made according to strict geometry, but in this case you need to pay attention to the color scheme of the case.
  • Minimalist kitchens can be decorated with beautiful solid colors. Hanging models are best placed above the table.


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