Philips Avent Steamer Blender

Philips produces a whole series of kitchen appliances called Avent for preparing food for the smallest. It is no secret that in the first years of life, a child needs the most healthy dishes with soft processing. Vegetables, fruits and tender meat dishes cooked with the help of a steamer-blender are healthy and nutritious..

Features and Benefits

For a small child, it is necessary to cook several times a day using a large number of dishes, spoons, forks and other kitchen utensils. Difficult to cope – you need to cook 5 times a day! However, there is a simple solution: the Avent SCF875 / 02 appliance can cook much faster for children..

This device combines several functions and, at the request of the hostess, can be transformed from a steamer to a blender or vice versa. The design is very light and easy to use. In addition, according to manufacturers, the steamer can be used not only for feeding babies, but also for cooking food for the whole family..

With a blender, you can quickly grind food, vegetables or fruits, and with a double boiler, gently steam meat, legumes and fish dishes in 10-15 minutes. The main advantages of Avent SCF875 / 02:

  • unique cooking technology. The properties of the products, mineral compounds and vitamins are preserved thanks to the use of a steam bath. In a genuine Philips mini-harvester, water vapor rises along rails from top to bottom, so there is no need to pretreat components. Meat products, vegetable stews, fruit jams – all dishes retain useful substances, because steam is the most gentle method of cooking;

  • great functionality. The device has a design with several basic features. From preparing vegetables (cutting and shredding them) and processing them with steam, to heating cold dishes and chopping fruits in puree. The steamer is ideal for safely heating and defrosting baby food (you can store food in the refrigerator for 24 hours, and in the freezer for several days);

  • one universal container. The device is designed in such a way that there is no need to pour mashed potatoes or the resulting mass into another container: just turn the bowl over to continue cooking. A minimum amount of dirty dishes is created. It is very convenient to use the same container for all actions at once: chopping, cooking and mashing;

  • the steamer can be used to prepare complementary foods for the smallest. In addition to the fact that the device is universal, and can easily prepare meals for the whole family, for babies it is allowed to cook fish soufflés, meat patties or fruit and vegetable purees on it. The products will be steamed and crushed equally perfectly;

  • volumetric glass. Thanks to the one-liter measuring bowl, you can prepare four servings for your baby at once. The time savings are great, since the cooked portions can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator, and not cooked several times;

  • alerts. In order to turn on the Philips steamer, you need to press the button and set the desired mode, after that you can calmly go about your business – at the end of the work, the device will turn on the sound alert;

  • the ability to create new dishes. By purchasing a blender-steamer, you can also get a special book with recipes in the kit. Yes, it is not big, but it was written by a nutritionist and pediatrician – Emma Williams. The brochure contains not only interesting combinations of products for babies, but also useful and necessary recommendations for the preparation of proper nutrition;

  • the ability to learn about new products online. Philips has released a special app for gadgets (smartphones and tablets), thanks to which you can get useful advice on taking care of your baby and making a proper nutrition plan in real time. You can also watch funny videos, recipes from other users, and read helpful articles..

The versatile device has an easy way to operate. The mechanical regulator can be switched as simply as possible. Philips has also taken care of the aesthetics: the steamer has a special design that can suit any kitchen decor.


In addition to the aesthetic design and pleasant bonuses in use, the steamer has basic characteristics. They can be used to judge the technical capabilities.

The Philips Avent SCF875 / 02 device has the following performance:

  • power – 400 watts. The minimum voltage of the mains is 230-250 V;

  • the main bowl has a volume of 1000 millimeters. For the preparation of puddings, vegetable purees or cereals, you can use the entire volume – fill the container as much as possible. For liquid mixtures or dishes with large pieces, the container must be 2/3 full;

  • power cord – 70 centimeters. Thanks to the universal type power connector, you can connect the cable to any outlet. The cord is protected from voltage surges, and at its base there is a special protection system (bundles pulled together), which prevents the internal wires from accidental bending or breakage;

  • production material – plastic. This product does not emit harmful substances during operation, since it does not contain bisphenol-A (a dangerous compound). The material is perfect for safe cooking for babies. The knives are made of stainless steel, and even after a long service life they do not become thinner;

  • accessories. The Philips Avent steamer comes with a special book of dishes and healthy recipes, a spatula for mixing food and a container (volume 120 ml) for storing ready meals in the refrigerator. The bowl is completely sealed, does not let in foreign odors and prevents the growth of pathogenic microflora inside. It can be stored in a quick freezer;

  • age indicators. The company has a real age scale, thanks to which you can understand at what age to use the steamer. For example, manufacturers recommend using the steamer for three age categories: six months and older, six months to one year, and one year and beyond. Each category has its own product and processing method;

Interesting fact: since Philips Avent is a whole range of appliances and accessories, you can purchase additional bowls or containers for storing food if you wish. In such bowls, you can both defrost and reheat food. The approximate cost of the SCF876 model is about 650 rubles.

  • production – Great Britain, Turkey, China.


The Avent SCF875 / 02 steamer has a simple but pleasant design. The base takes up a little less than half of the entire length – it contains an electric heater and a motor for grinding food. The bowl that comes with the kit is made of heat-resistant plastic, thanks to which it can withstand high temperatures and pressure on the wall. Under mechanical stress, it does not break or crack. On the outside there is a measuring mark for easier use.

The set may contain two containers. One container is used for cooking and steaming food (it is slightly larger), and the second is used when it is necessary to grind food (both raw and processed).

It is not difficult to disassemble the device: the bowl is detached in one click, and thanks to the rubberized base, it is quickly installed in place. All removable parts are dishwasher safe.

The blender knife is sharpened in a special way – with it you can quickly chop, chop and mix the finished dish. The device has several speeds – you can individually select the mixing speed and the speed of grinding.

Each container has a special sealed lid – so, when using a steamer, a vacuum is created, and turning on the blender mode, all the contents are stored inside without splashing. Opening such a cover is very simple – just pull on the base. It has special holes for steam vapors – they direct the flows inside the container.

On the very base, there is also a panel with speed control. There are buttons: “off”, “steamer” and “blender”. The power cord comes out of the base, and the bottom is protected by special grooves for safety.

The steamer has a first class of safety, which means that it is protected from overheating or activation without water. For example, when the water in the container has completely evaporated, the device automatically goes into standby mode. Food cannot go bad and the steamer cannot burn out if you accidentally forget to turn it off. The safe installation system also extends to the bowl and lid installation. The manufacturer warns: it is impossible to wet the internal parts and the engine itself. It is necessary to strictly limit the ingress of water onto the heating device. If the opposite occurs, turn off the steamer, remove the power supply and wipe the parts moistened with water with a dry cloth.

Principle of operation

The device is easy to activate and easy to use. The instructions prescribe dosages and volumes of water for the preparation of various products and dishes. For example, meat and fish products require more time and liquid to process than vegetables or fruits. Based on the calculations that 100 milliliters of water evaporates in 8-10 minutes, it will not be difficult to calculate the required volume. All that remains is to fill in the water.

After that, you need to place the measuring cup on the step so that the knives are at the top, and then activate the device in the “steamer” mode. Further – you can go about your business: the device will signal the end of cooking and will automatically turn off.

If the water cooler is not full enough, the food may remain crispy and soggy (the steamer turns off when there is not enough water, which you can simply forget about). There is also a reverse reaction – with a large volume of water, dishes can be steamed. Therefore, it is important to measure the indicator of the liquid inside the device..

After processing food with steam, the device must be turned down, and then select the “blender” function on the panel. It is necessary to hold the regulator for about 30 seconds – this is enough time to turn the dish into a homogeneous mass. If the consistency of the puree turned out to be loose, then you can easily repeat the whole procedure. However, you cannot hold the blender on the activation button for a long time – the engine may burn out.

According to the rules, strongly frozen foods must not be placed in the device. But the device works in such a way that it can easily defrost and grind even frozen food, which is what consumers use. In steamer mode, the device prepares food in its own juice. To remove the juice before whipping, you need to remove the bowl and simply drain the excess. For more juiciness of meat and fish dishes, it is not recommended to remove excess juice..

Model overview

You can use an expensive food processor for all-purpose cooking, if its use is justified. For simpler tasks, the device, Avent SCF 875/02, which can be conditionally designated as 2 in 1, is ideal: it will mix, cook and puree any food base. For a baby, such bait is the most useful food, and for mothers, it saves time and money.. For example, the Philips Avent model has several nuances for use:

  • By following the correct dosages prescribed in the instructions for use, healthy meals can be prepared for all family members. The use of the device as 4 in 1 is possible, in this case, for its intended purpose;

  • with frequent use of the steamer, scale build-up may form on the walls. You can get rid of them if you rinse the bowl under cold water every time after use, and once a month clean it with a special solution with citric acid. It is also necessary to soak the parts in water and detergent for 30-40 minutes, then rinse thoroughly;

  • the main container must not be placed in a microwave oven. The handle contains metal inclusions for greater ease of use. Therefore, the bowl must not be exposed to microwave radiation;

  • for safety reasons, the lid is firmly attached to the base of the bowl. When using for the first time, it may be difficult to open it. There are no complications with additional accessories – everything is used simply and easily detached. Parts are easy to clean and dry quickly.

In addition to such subtleties in use, the steamer has the following advantages:

  • compactness – Philips Avent blender is small. With a length of no more than 50 centimeters, it can be installed on a table, put away in a closet or drawer. Having a beautiful and stylish design, the device can easily form the basis of the design, while taking up a minimum of space;

  • speed of application – with the help of a simplified type design, all functions are located on one panel, and by scrolling the wheel, you can switch modes in a few clicks. To cook even coarse meat and chop it, it will take a maximum of 20-25 minutes;

  • mobility – due to its weight and small size, the steamer can be taken with you on trips or to the country;

  • minimal care – Philips Avent steamer is coated with a special material that repels dirt and plaque, so it’s easy to care for: just wipe it with a damp or dry cloth.


  • no pause – when activating the main modes, it is impossible to stop the device to add any ingredient. The same applies to adding water: to replenish the liquid level, you must disconnect the device from the power supply. Cooking then starts over;
  • plastic staining – when processing products with strong coloring pigments (for example, beets), plastic parts become of a different color. It is no longer possible to wash them after that. In this case, you can use only a dishwasher or soaking in a detergent;
  • fuzzy dimensional notation – labels with delimiters are poorly visible. Because of this, it is problematic to determine the level of liquid in the tank during the first use;
  • no timer – is a slight drawback, but does not significantly affect the work. Since there is no time count on the panel, it is difficult to determine the remaining cooking time;
  • increased price.


The average price tag for the Avent SCF875 / 02 device is 14,550 rubles. You can find stores that offer the opportunity to buy the device at a lower price. Since the mechanism is a unique assembly, has basic functions and is able to cope with the preparation of products in a short time, its price, as many believe, is justified..

The lowest cost is provided by online stores:

  • – 11395 rubles;
  • WOW! – 10,100 rubles;
  • DeNMa77 – 10,499 rubles;
  • Daughters and Sons – 9859 rubles.

Please be aware, however, that such stores may charge additional shipping charges. Also, some electronics stores offer an average price:

  • M. VIDEO – 11,590 rubles. If you have a club or children’s card, a discount is provided, so sometimes it is easier and easier to buy a device in a regular store than to wait for delivery within a week through an online store.


Most customers love the Philips Avent Steamer Blender. Many moms claim that she makes making baby food a lot easier. Compared to what needs to be done manually (boil vegetables for about an hour in a pan, then peel and grind with a fork with a long grinding of the lumps), the device copes with the tasks as quickly as possible. In addition, the use of a hand strainer requires a long cleaning after.

Some girls even note the design details: the rubber base allows you to fix the device as comfortably as possible on the table. The quality of the parts themselves is good, and the rubberized base of the cup allows you to close it tightly.

However, many people note that it is inconvenient to fill in water: it is necessary to pour water through a narrow neck so as not to overflow. According to the advice of buyers, you can use a container with a sharp nose or kitchen cups.

Sometimes there are complaints about the poor ability of the appliance to grind raw vegetables and fruits. Therefore, most users advise to steam the food before shredding..

Mothers like the material of the body itself, but the details are sometimes painted in different shades due to products with a coloring pigment. It is noted that plastic parts can become loose (sometimes even darken) after long-term use. The valve is a silicone type of small size and is loosely attached to the base. It can be easily lost or forgotten somewhere. It is also noted that the power of the blender is not bad, but it works noisily..

In general, the Philips Avent SCF875 / 02 steamer-blender has great functionality and significantly saves the time of cooking healthy meals. With the help of the booklet in the kit, you can experiment with products, and thanks to quick preparation, you can save your own energy and time.

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