Philips Avent steamer

Philips Avent steamer

There are a lot of types of equipment that help housewives and mothers in the kitchen. One is needed for mixing products, the other is released to be turned into puree, the third mechanisms are used to beat liquids. You can purchase each of these innovations separately and leave no free space in the kitchen, but you can safely buy a universal appliance and enjoy cooking.

Double boiler "Avent" from Philips SCF-875 is a versatile piece that allows you to take full advantage of modern technology. It is a combination of all kitchen appliances and helpers – from mixer to blender..


Philips has a reputation on the market as a quality brand, and is engaged in the production of not only kitchen appliances – it also produces large appliances and medical equipment. However, this does not mean that attention to detail and the use of the latest technologies for home and kitchen is alien to manufacturers – on the contrary, the company tries to highlight the needs of modernity of a person to the maximum and from this calculation to produce excellent equipment.

One of these kitchen helpers is "Avent" from Philips SCF875. The model is presented from the series "Avent", which is characterized by the release of a kitchen set for baby food. The whole line is made of high-quality material, does not cause allergies and as comfortably as possible processes products not only for the smallest, but also for the whole family.

The Philips SCF-875 steamer is a versatile 4 in 1 appliance, using it is a pleasure.

It performs a large number of functions:

  • trains – thanks to the special assembly, the products in the container are heat-treated with steam, preserving the maximum of vitamins and minerals. The device has good power, which allows you to mix a wide variety of ingredients: meat, vegetables, fruits, grains and other, more solid foods. The device can prepare meals for the baby at any stage of complementary feeding;
  • grinds – at the heart of a special mechanism that works like a blender, chopping the necessary products right in the jug. You can even process meat;
  • defrosts – with the help of a special built-in mechanism, you can not only warm up cooked food in a couple of minutes, but also defrost cold food at an accelerated rate;
  • warms up, whips – special nozzles included in the set of the device allow you to quickly mix the products inside the container, and heating is possible thanks to the heat treatment mechanism at low power.

The main advantages of this device can be characterized as follows: gentle steaming of food, preservation of all nutrients and useful substances, with the possibility of chopping food into puree for the little ones. With such a device, you can prepare different dishes for children very quickly and easily..

Main pluses:

  • small size;
  • ease of use and care;
  • the ability to use additional accessories;
  • high power for mashed potatoes;
  • function of protection against misuse (this means that the device will work only with correct assembly);
  • naturalness of materials – there are no bisphenol inclusions in the plastic (they are substances harmful to the body).


Baby food requires a device that will process food as gently as possible.

This is what the manufacturers of the Avent steamer were guided by, equipping it with additional accessories for better use:

  • scapula – it is necessary to simplify the main functions – grinding and processing products in puree;
  • special containers for storage – 120 ml each;
  • book with children’s recipes. Written by a professional chef to make cooking easier and get the most out of your steamer.

Optionally, you can also buy an extra chopping bowl and food storage containers.


  • bowl – volume 1 liter. Used for steaming ingredients for hard vegetables and fruits;
  • capacity for grinding products – 7.2 ml;
  • power – 400 W;
  • cord – 70 cm.

How can you apply

Use the device "Avent" the Philips SCF-875 is a pleasure. It can act as a mixer using a special knife and represent, if desired, the assembly "2 in 1": treat food (like a steamer), then turn it into puree (like a blender).

Main dishes that can be prepared with the multi-purpose steamer:

  • portions of puree vegetables such as courgettes, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, onions, peppers and beets. You can even use pumpkin as part of dishes;
  • meat compositions, based on beef, chicken breast, pork and turkey – processing takes place as quickly as possible;
  • delicate fish soufflé: cod, trout, as well as red and low-fat varieties;
  • fruit jams or light smoothies from apples, strawberries, oranges, peaches or plums. You can easily mix products with each other;
  • bean puree: peas, chickpeas, masha.

Keep in mind, however, that you can mix soft fruits and vegetables to make a smoothie, and to make a puree, you must first steam the vegetables..


Activating the work of a steamer-blender in one device is very simple: the required amount of water is poured into a special container, and processed or raw components of the dish are placed in the bowl itself. Pre-products can be cut into cubes, two to three centimeters in size. Then you can turn on the device.

As soon as steam cooking is over, turn the device over and turn on the chopper (there is a special button on the panel). As a result, in 30 minutes of general cooking, you can get a homogeneous puree that can be fed to your baby right away. Parts of devices "Avent" SCF-875 can be washed in the dishwasher or under water.

Working hours:

  • processing of solid fruitc – 5 minutes;
  • orange and plum slices the mechanism is processed with steam – 10 minutes;
  • light, lean fish – 15 minutes;
  • hard vegetables (carrots, beets, spinach, celery, cabbage) – 15 minutes;
  • potatoes, legumes and broccoli – 20 minutes;
  • processing meat products will also require about 20 minutes.

Useful functions

The device is also equipped with nice little things that will help you quickly prepare and clean the mechanism..

For example, manufacturers equipped the container with a large volume, in order to prepare a dish for 4 servings at a time..

You can store steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes or fish cakes in the refrigerator for several days, and if desired, quickly reheat for a few seconds in a double boiler..

In addition, both containers in the set are dishwasher-safe, which greatly speeds up maintenance. The steel blades are easy to detach and can also be machine washed. The water tank is located as conveniently as possible – it can be filled in a few seconds.

Taking into account how gadgets have filled a person’s daily life, manufacturers decided to release a special application in which you can choose interesting recipes, find useful life hacks for using a steamer, read tips for caring for the device and proper cooking..

The device has a built-in sound system – there is no need to wait while the steamer processes the food. The mechanism will notify the shutdown as soon as the dish is cooked. All that remains is to turn the jug over – and after a few minutes the puree can be served on the table..

How to care

For correct and long-term operation, the steamer "Avent" from Philips need to be descaled regularly. Should be considered:

  • before cleaning the appliance, it is necessary to disconnect it from the power supply;
  • to quickly clean your device, you can use a solution with citric acid: every ten grams of powder must be dissolved in two hundred milliliters of water;
  • to clean the steamer using vinegar, mix acid (55 ml) with water (150-300 ml);
  • pour a special solution into the water tank, while emptying the food container;
  • activate the device on the cooking mode for ten minutes;
  • then drain the liquid and rinse the container and tank with plain water;
  • to the last stage it is necessary to fill the device with water, and turn it on twice for a full cooking cycle.


A device that allows you to cook and process dishes, and save useful vitamins, is a great helper for housewives, especially for mothers who always need to make fresh mashed potatoes for the little ones. Steamer reviews "Avent" from Philips are the most positive. Some people point to a pleasant shape, others say it is easy and fast to use..

After all, many devices are equipped with a large number of functions in which you can get confused..

V "Avent" from Philips the most simple functionality. Many people also like the fun method of using the chopping function: the bowl must be rotated and turned over.

Also, mothers note the opportunity to wash parts of the steamer in the dishwasher, and it is enough to wipe the device itself with a damp cloth – there is a special coating that repels dirt. The only negative seen behind the device "Avent" SCF-875 is low power – sometimes raw food can take a long time to process. Therefore, many advise to grind hard fruits and vegetables in advance..

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