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One of the most beloved kitchen helpers of many housewives is the blender. It allows you to prepare food much faster and more pleasantly, thereby simplifying the kitchen work. And additional attachments allow you to increase the functionality of this device. Here’s what exactly are the accessories for the Philips blender and why they are needed, we will talk today..

Features and Benefits

Each type of blender, whether it is submersible or stationary, includes certain attachments in its kit. This basic configuration allows you to speed up processes such as whipping, chopping and mixing. But on sale you can often find additional attachments for these units. As a rule, they are designed specifically for hand-made models or multi-sets and give the hostess a number of advantages:

  • Allows you to expand the functionality of the device without applying complex efforts.
  • Significantly reduce cooking time due to the use of various accessories.
  • Reduces the burden on the person. After all, the device performs all the necessary work independently. All that is required is just to install the required attachment and turn on the blender..
  • Increase device performance at no extra cost. It is cheaper to purchase additional accessories than to purchase a new, more functional device.
  • You can buy not only attachments, but also knives. Extra containers and even measuring cups.

When purchasing such additional components, it is worth giving preference to not just branded attachments, but also those that are suitable specifically for your device model. In this case, they will definitely work properly, and their service life will delight you..


All accessories for Philips blender and not only can be divided into several groups:

  • Nozzles. This includes all possible graters, shredders and other accessories that are designed for mashed potatoes, salads, liquid dishes and more..
  • Knives. They can be of different sizes and shapes..
  • Bowls. This accessory may vary in shape, capacity and material of manufacture..
  • Measuring cups may be larger or smaller than those already included.

Moreover, each of these accessories can have several varieties. And for the Promix blender model, it is better to immediately purchase several attachments-legs.

Nozzles and whisk

They can be paddle-shaped and are used for both thoroughly whipping and mixing foods. There are special attachments for mashed potatoes, for cocktails, for dough. Depending on the purpose, they can be wavy, oval or straight. Basic accessory.

There are also combined attachments that combine the functions of a whisk and a chopper. Such a mixer allows you to replace the mixer, since the processed product is simultaneously crushed and whipped, while the products are mixed very thoroughly.

The whisk also belongs to the nozzle category. Its additional purchase may be required not only in the event of a breakdown of the old one. The fact is that whisks of various lengths and widths are on sale, using which you can whip products quickly or slowly, strongly or weakly. There are also some tools that are suitable for a particular dish, for example, eggs or mayonnaise, or batter..


The add-on kit will come in handy when old knives are dull, when the blender is used frequently, or to expand its functionality. This also includes a chopper, the main purpose of which is chopping greens and nuts, as well as a special nozzle for cutting into cubes, which is a square knife.

The last accessory appeared on sale relatively recently and it can not be matched to all models. As a rule, a cube cutter grate for blenders is sold only in specialized stores and is used for chopping boiled products, since raw ones can get clogged between parts of the grate and bend it. Therefore, even the instructions often indicate that it is forbidden to use this knife for chopping hard and raw products..

The mill belongs to the same category. Although this accessory is actually a separate appliance, it significantly expands the functionality of the blender and allows you to grind solid products in small quantities. Handles nuts, spices and even coffee beans.


This particular accessory is the most sold. With the help of an additional jug, you can grind a large amount of food at once in the required volume. In addition, if your glass cup for the blender is out of order, you can easily replace it with a more durable metal or cheaper plastic.

The presence of additional containers for the blender also makes it possible to reduce the time for cleaning, because you do not have to wash it every time before laying the next product. Or you can mark this accessory and use each bowl for a separate product, which from the point of view of hygiene is the most correct.

Lid and glass

An extra glass to your blender never hurts. It is very convenient to grind a small amount of solid products in it. It is also ideal for whipping meringues and mayonnaise. As for the protective cover, ideally, it should have its own for each bowl..

Do not forget that the most functional are the lids with a hole for product insertion. They allow you to add the necessary ingredients directly while the device is running..

But it is not enough to know about what types of additional accessories there may be, it is also necessary to choose them correctly..

How to choose?

Before you go to the store, you should decide on the list of accessories that you need to purchase. After all, it is not always necessary to purchase all of the above-described ones..

If you are using a hand blender without any additional attachments, then another standard knife attachment will not hurt. Must-have accessories also include a bowl, lid and glass. If you make frequent doughs and creams, you will also need an extra whisk and dough attachment.. For lovers of home canning, as well as those who often prepare stews and salad, a knife for dicing and shredding will always come to the rescue.

In general, we can say that you need to first decide what your updated blender will have to do, and then go shopping. Accessories made of metal should be purchased, with the exception of a glass and a bowl. These components can be made of plastic and glass.

Don’t try to save money on this purchase. Good components that will really work for a long time and cannot cost less than 300 rubles per unit. It is best to purchase them from reputable stores or directly from the manufacturer. By doing this, you can also protect yourself from purchasing low-quality goods. You can order additional components from Philips through the official website, on which, next to a specific model, there may be, and it is indicated for which particular blender this accessory is suitable.

Although some blenders may work with attachments from other manufacturers, it is best not to risk and buy accessories from another brand..

It is always worth remembering that additional accessories can really facilitate kitchen work and increase the functionality of the blender, but for this you need to take into account all the nuances, and our recommendations will help you with this..

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