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Currently, the well-known company Philips is considered the largest among all those engaged in the production of household appliances, and the brand has achieved such success due to the fact that the main calculation here is made on the consumer and on his basic needs. Professionalism of employees and quality of products are two components that can please even the most sophisticated customer..

Juicers are one of the areas in which Philips is constantly improving and improving its products.. The main advantage of these devices, which distinguishes Philips juicers from similar products of any other company, is the microfilter design, which is completely unique. The microcells in it made it possible to squeeze juice of a much larger volume than before..

In addition, juicers from this company have a significantly enlarged chamber into which fruits are fed, which significantly saves time when cutting fruits and vegetables. And thanks to an increase in the size of the tank for collecting cake, it has now become possible to squeeze out more juice at a time than in juicers of other companies, several times.

Each device must have a speed switch, and you yourself can choose the mode that will be optimal for each specific product in order to get juice.

The engine starts very smoothly, which means that the device will be able to serve you for a long time. Thanks to the stop-drop function, not a single drop of the resulting juice is lost.

Freshly squeezed juice is, first of all, a guarantee of your health, so with Philips juicers you will always be healthy and can enjoy life! With this device, you can get juice from any vegetables, berries and fruits, and daily enjoy a drink containing many vitamins and minerals.

There is a wide variety of home appliances on the market today that are used to make juices. There is a large selection of such models from Philips. Large and small juicers with reliable filters, of different cost, different designs, different power and size – they are an integral part in the everyday life of many people who have chosen comfort and healthy food..

The well-known Philips brand was chosen by people of different age, social status and financial capabilities. And this is no coincidence, because the design is really simple and reliable.. Philips juicers are equipped with the following equipment:

  • powerful motor, thanks to which it is possible to process hard vegetables and fruits (for example, apples, carrots, beets);
  • several speed modes for optimal use of the capabilities of this technique;
  • containers for juice and cake;
  • a filter made with the latest technology and a device that removes foam for the clarity of the resulting juice;
  • convenient opening for setting fruit, allowing apples to be processed whole.


The design of all juicers of this brand is impeccable, the dimensions are small, the power is high, and the noise level is quite low. They are convenient to use and easy to clean. Having disassembled the structure, its parts can be quickly washed, both by hand and in the dishwasher..

Top Models

The following models are in the best demand among Russian buyers:

Philips HR 1871 – a steel device with a centrifugal structure, with a power of 800 W, which is enough to get juice from the fruits of a solid structure. For one cycle of operation of the juicer, the yield of juice is one and a half liters. There is a system that prevents accidental activation, operated at two speed modes. Reviews about the device are extremely enthusiastic, the cost ranges from 6590-9760 rubles, depending on the store.

Philips HR 1871 10 – an even more powerful device with which you can get 2.5 liters of juice in one cycle, without freeing the container from the cake. 1000 W, costs 8100-10560 rubles.

Philips HR 1869 – a device with two speeds, with a steel centrifuge, with a capacity of 1.5 liters for juice and 1.6 liters for cake. The model is made of high quality plastic, it is durable and looks attractive. 900 W, the price is suitable for buyers with average incomes – from 9,100 to 10,600 rubles.

Philips HR 1861 – device made of aluminum. For cake there is a two-liter capacity, for the resulting drink – a capacity of 1.5 liters. 700 W, there is a device that removes foam and an automatic discharge for cake. It is relatively inexpensive, 6300-7500 rubles.

Philips HR 1863 – universal aluminum model for juicing. 700 W, juice capacity 0.8 liters. Convenient in operation, reliable and durable device. A lot of praiseworthy reviews, it is inexpensive – from 4300 to 5230 rubles.

Philips HR 1863 00 – for one cycle of work the possibility of juice output, without cleaning the container with pulp – 0.8 liters. The electropolished mesh with QUICKClean technology is easy to clean. The stylish look of the juicer will adorn the interior of any kitchen. The price is affordable and amounts to 4130-5080 rubles.

Philips HR 1858 50 – the device is quiet and comfortable to use. Copes with the squeezing of any fruit. Modern design, special compartment where the power cord is hidden. Capacity for juice – 1.25 liters, for cake – 2 liters. Plastic housing, steel mesh filter. Two speeds, 650 W, costs from 4500 to 5330 rubles.

Philips HR 1836 – this aluminum juicer has a small half-liter container for juice and a container with a volume of 1 liter for cake. 500 W, price in various stores from 3550 to 4000 rubles.

Philips HR 1851 – a device with a plastic case and rubberized feet. Capacity for juice with a volume of 0.75 liters and for cake with a volume of 1.5 liters. 500 W, costs between 5100-5970 rubles.

Philips HR 1832 02 – the equipment of this juicer is a 500 W motor, a plastic case and a juice indicator. Container for juice – half a liter, for waste – one liter. Working at one speed is inexpensive, can be purchased for 3200 rubles, but in some stores Philips HR 1832 02 is more expensive – up to 3970 rubles.

All these models are able to satisfy the demand of any buyer, as well as provide convenience and simplicity of juice extraction from any fruit..

Expert opinion

Reviews of real buyers can tell the best about the product. Let’s take a look at what consumers think of the Philips HR1870.

  • First of all, the stylish look of the model attracts attention. The matte black surface is perfect for almost any kitchen interior – be it classic or modern high-tech. The view of the juicer is quite impressive and speaks of its reliability, but, as users say, it will not be difficult to move it from place to place..

  • The design of the juicer provides a special container in which you can hide the cord when the juicer is not in use.

  • This juicer comes complete with a capacity of 2.5 liters for juice, which can be obtained in one cycle of operation of the device. This is very convenient for a large family – everyone will get freshly made juice.

  • It is stated that this technique compares favorably with any other in the higher productivity of squeezing the juice, that is, it should turn out more than it usually happens from a certain number of fruits. What is also very important in this technique specifically for the apple season is the ability not to waste your time chopping the fruits – apples easily enter whole. Vegetables and stone fruits are processed using a special nozzle.

  • It is not difficult to assemble and disassemble the juicer – everything can be done within 30 seconds, but one should not forget about a very important nuance – the device will work only if it is fixed. To do this, you need to lift the special side handle and hear, as written in the instructions, click.

  • As for cleaning the microfilter made of steel, the hostesses do everything by hand – it is possible to disassemble the device and wash all the parts in less than half a minute. But the instructions for the gadget say that you can easily wash everything in an automatic dishwasher..

  • The citrus fruits are squeezed out with the help of the attached attachment specially for this; as a rule, there are no difficulties with its fixation. It is also convenient to use an additional device – a spout, through which the juice is directed not into the juice container, but directly into the glass. This is convenient because then you do not have to wash excess dishes – a jug from which juice is usually poured into glasses.

As a result of this Philips juicer model, the following verdict can be made:

  1. The juice output of this juicer is really larger in volume and it takes less time for it – this is all thanks to the powerful motor of the device..
  2. At home – an irreplaceable thing for processing apples into juice.

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