Pictures on the wall for the kitchen

Pictures are capable of radically transforming a room and emphasizing the specificity of its style in the design. The room will have a complete look if the most diverse decor is used in its design. This is especially true for wall decoration, and this is obvious, because walls are the first thing you pay attention to when entering any room. And the kitchen is no exception, and therefore the design should look not only beautiful, but also stylish in a modern way. Pictures can become such a design, but what theme is better to decorate the kitchen walls?

Before you start decorating the kitchen wall space, you need to decide on the key points that relate to the interior in this room as a whole. In this case, the paintings should become a special addition, and at the same time, one with the surrounding environment..

To achieve this, you should decide on the following parameters:

  • The specifics of the style are taken into account, which was taken as a basis when choosing the main design of the kitchen.
  • What material is chosen for decoration – what color and what texture.
  • How the furniture is decorated: what is the intensity of the color, what material it is, what decorative inserts it contains, what type of fittings is used, and the like.
  • With free space
  • You need to think in advance about the places where the paintings will be most appropriate..
  • With accents
  • The picture can become the accent that favorably emphasizes a particular area..

Having analyzed all these components, it will be possible to choose the most suitable and appropriate decor..

About types of paintings

In this interior, it would be appropriate to use paintings only of a certain subject, which include:

  • floristic or fruit themes;
  • paintings with still lifes;
  • any portrait;
  • something from the field of abstract art.

Floristry and fruits

Probably everyone understands that there is simply no way to find a more suitable theme than the image of certain fruits for the kitchen. The most common type of images on kitchen walls are plucked fruits, already washed under a water jet and beautifully laid on a tray. Although sometimes you can see the kitchen, on one of the walls of which there is an orchard or, for example, melon.


Whatever the image, it is, first of all, matched to a real kitchen set, because everything should be in harmony in color and theme. So, for a kitchen in yellow, orange, green or salad tones of facades, paintings depicting apples, oranges, lemons and other fruits of exotic origin are suitable..

If the interior is made in calmer shades, then it is better to choose a berry theme such as strawberries, raspberries, cherries or blueberries. Such paintings can advantageously decorate the kitchen with milky or beige furniture..

Directly about the image

Regarding the image of flowers in the paintings for the kitchen, one thing can be said with certainty: roses are always the right decision, such an image will decorate not only a classic interior, but also any modern one. Although, if the kitchen is made in a country style, it is better to give preference to chamomiles, cornflowers, poppies and other field plants. The Provence style belongs to the same category, but lavender is preferable for it.

The Art Nouveau style is most suitable for paintings depicting orchids, and this can be either a separate painting, or an addition to furniture facades or an apron zone.


About still life

If the owner of the kitchen is a conservative person, then he will like classic cuisine and restraint in its design. Bright colors, as well as bright flowers, will become an excess here, which means that the best choice is still lifes, that is, fruits in a basket, flowers in a vase, and so on. The images should guess the compatibility of some part of nature with kitchen use, and most often it looks like fruits or foods in dishes or just on the kitchen table..

Oil paintings for kitchens are the most appreciated. This decor will always attract the eye with its sophistication and high cost in the interior of a modern classic style kitchen..

About photographs and portraits

If you doubt the appropriateness of this or that picture in the kitchen, hang a portrait. Family photos have their place everywhere, including on the kitchen wall. A great solution would be a collage of your family photos, which will include images of all your family members captured at different periods of life, placed in the dining area of ​​the kitchen..

You can, of course, take and just hang a family photo – this is an option, but a much better option would be the same photo, but entrusted to the experienced hands of designers – they will finalize it, arrange it beautifully and put it in the right place, and you will only have to admire the image itself and the style that it will give your kitchen.

For comrades who are not inclined to hang portraits of relatives, we can advise another version of portraits – strangers, that is, portraits by outstanding artists (the same “girl with peaches” and stuff like that) or from more generalized themes (“a gypsy bringing happiness”).

About abstraction

There are individuals to whom all these paintings, even if they are family ones, even if the brushes of famous artists, seem for some reason to be banal and kind of “crap”. For them, you can advise something from modern art – it can be, for example, abstract images that will fit into the interior of the kitchen with their style and colors. Such paintings usually look like a geometric pattern, some kind of pretentious ornament, an explosion of colors and the like..

The most appropriate abstraction will be in a modern interior. It will adorn the style of “modern”, “hi-tech”, “minimalism”, “fusion” and some others. Although for the classic style, you can pick up beautiful modern options.

About types of framing

No less important than the selection of a picture for a kitchen wall on a specific topic is a worthy framing of this very picture, that is, a frame. There is an incredible variety of frames on sale today, but still they are divided into certain basic directions..

Easier than ever – the picture in the kitchen hangs without a frame at all. And today this is a fairly common option for decorating a kitchen wall. Here, it is just important to observe certain parameters of the canvas itself – it should be voluminous and stretched over the model’s frame, while posters are not always appropriate. Most often, this technique (without frames) is used as a single decorative composition. These are, first of all, modular products, in which the frame would only spoil everything, because the integrity of the whole picture in this case would be violated..


About laconic minimalism

Another option for the design of the frame is the simplest frames with the design of achromatic tones: black, white and gray. This technique makes it possible to focus only on the photo, and not on its frame, and it will be ideal for the high-tech style, which prefers these colors and straightforward forms..

But “minimalism” also welcomes the restraint of the framework – a style that can be called universal and suitable both in modern settings and for classics..

Pretentiousness of elements

For some stylistic directions of kitchen design, the most appropriate frames will be complex shapes. These are all kinds of frames, decorated with curls and voluminous inserts or decor in the form of rhinestones or stones. Most of all, the complexity of the model suits the classic design or the mixture of “classics” with “modern”, which includes, for example, the style of “art deco”.

Although, in principle, there is no place for such frames in the kitchen, and this is understandable – after all, the relief of their surface is not intended for greasy kitchen dirt, and this will become a big problem in this case. Try to clean such a surface, but it shouldn’t stay dirty either, so it turns out that complex frames are not for the kitchen.

A bit of originality

An additional decoration of the kitchen picture can be decorating the frame with your own hands. This can be done in different ways, and the simplest solution may be to create a wooden frame. The frame can be covered with paint or cleaned with sandpaper, or you can additionally use craquelure varnish.

How to choose frescoes on the wall – see the video.

Another option is to turn to drawing up an application. Here the material can be from anything, for example, it can be beads from scattered beads or shells brought from the sea. And given the specifics of the room to be finished, such “materials” as cereals, dried fruits, noodles and so on can also be used..

How to place correctly

It is not enough to choose the right theme and design for each of the paintings that you have chosen for your kitchen – you also need to be able to arrange each in its place. It is believed that it is best for the paintings to take a place in front of the headset or to decorate the dining area in this way. It should also be borne in mind that it is better to hang the big picture separately, and with the help of the small ones try to create some kind of general composition..

Such modular compositions with an image divided into elements, each of which is an independent picture, look very original.


Be that as it may, but ultimately only the owners decide what and where they will hang in their kitchen, and there can be no particularly strict rules here, as a rule, as always, there is only one thing – adherence to the basic design principles.

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