Professional blender

Professional blender

A blender is an essential piece of equipment in any modern kitchen. It greatly simplifies the preparation of many more or less complex dishes..


There are two types of blenders: manual (homogenizers) and stationary.

Stationary is a combination of a bowl for collecting the chopped product, which we pass through the working knives (while the chopping is done by the knives themselves) and manual on the contrary, we lower ourselves into a special bowl and grind the product ourselves. In this article we will talk about what a professional blender is, how it differs from a regular one and why you should buy it..

The difference between a professional blender and a regular household

They have the same function – to grind and mix products. Simply put, the main difference between professional models is that they are an order of magnitude more powerful, they have much stronger parts and much more operating modes. They successfully grind not only vegetables and fruits, but also ice, nuts and other solid foods. The case of professional models, as a rule, is made of stainless steel, so they are as strong and durable as possible. They are also much quieter than normal.

However, there is another significant difference – the price.

All professional blenders presented below can be divided into three classes:


In this group, the products of the following American brands: Vitamix, Blendtec and Waring“. They make the most powerful, durable and functional models. They make it easy to make smoothies with good taste and health benefits. This is the choice of raw foodists and lovers of proper nutrition. However, the cost of such models starts from about five hundred dollars – this is not a cheap pleasure..

There are blenders JTC series “Omniblend”, Taiwanese production, which have similar parameters. Being practically the same high quality and functional as the models of these three brands, its cost is almost three times less.

Middle class

It includes brands such as: Vema, Stadler, Macap, Bohum (ave. Germany) and American KitchenAid, Hamilton beach. They cost about half the elite, but they are inferior to them by about the same. They are less powerful. They can be called semi-professional models, which are closer in parameters to household ones. Therefore, if you want to have a high-quality professional blender, then it makes sense to overpay for premium brand models..



As a rule, these are Chinese copies of expensive American brands. They cost five and even sometimes are ten times cheaper than the elite class models. The most interesting thing is that, despite the fact that they are made of cheap materials and doubtfully assembled, sometimes quite working models come across that can last a long time and perform almost all the functions of elite class blenders. Moreover, many of them are also able to work perfectly for quite a long time. But, unfortunately, most often they have much lower quality and dull knives that do a good job of breaking ice and crush everything else poorly..

Common parameters

Professional models have common parameters such as:

  • High power 1560-2000 watts;
  • Automatic speed switching mode. Up to 20 high-speed operating modes;
  • The bowl and body are made of high-strength materials such as polycarbonate and stainless steel;
  • Sharp knives made of heavy-duty steel;
  • Over twenty mixing modes.

How to choose?

Pay attention to the technical specifications. It is best to choose models with less power, but more revolutions per second. Technically, it turns out that the power figure does not show the power of the device, but the amount of electricity consumed. The best models have two or three horsepower..

The most powerful unit can be called the one who grinds and mixes the fastest and most efficiently. And for these purposes, critical parameters are not only power, but also strength and the ability to automatically carry out the process..

Also, a quality blender has high strength sharp knives with four or more blades. Today, knives with six blades are relevant, which consist of two working parts with three blades. The upper ones are ground, and the lower ones grind the products. You can even make flour with these knives, which is not possible with a conventional blender. It can also act as a juicer – chop the fruit as much as possible in a blender and then filter the juice through a sieve.

Next, think about what kind of bowl you need. The more product you want to get at a time, the larger the bowl you need. The standard volume of professional models is 1.5 liters, there are also glasses of 2 liters.

A measuring cup will be indispensable if you mix products in exact proportions, in this case a 1.5-liter cup with measuring divisions is suitable for you..

If you want to get a lot of product, but the proportions do not play a big role, then it is better to purchase models with a two-liter bowl..

Also, the presence of manual control can be important, because sometimes the electronics can fail..

About the terms of operation

In general, you can count on about 2 years of stable work. American brands give their devices a seven-year warranty. If you bought a Chinese-made blender, expect it to last no more than a year..

Overview of some models

Dream Samurai BDS-04 from the Rawmid company. This is a stationary blender with a huge power of 2900 watts, which is excellent for crushing ice and other solid products, great for making cocktails. It meets all the required parameters of a professional model of the elite class, it is distinguished by its reliability and durability even with constant use. It has a lot of rave reviews, but its only drawback is its noise.

Review of blender Rawmid Dream Samurai BDS-04, watch the video:

Profi Cook PC-UM 1006. A model with a relatively low power of 1250 watts with a metal body and a glass bowl. This is exactly the model that, with a relatively low power, works quite quickly due to a good indicator of the number of revolutions per minute – 13000. This is what is called a semi-professional middle-class blender, which can be purchased at an affordable price up to 10 thousand rubles. At the same time, he copes with his duties soundly..

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