Professional juicer

Professional juicer

Professional juicers are most often bought for catering places. But if you have the opportunity to purchase such equipment for your home, then this will also not be superfluous, especially if you live in a private house and process fruits in large quantities. Fresh natural juice in large quantities is always good, and it is much easier to prepare it using a professional unit..


Main characteristics

Professional models differ from others primarily in that they are less compact. Such equipment will take up more space, but at the same time produce more tasty juice..

Another important feature of a professional juicer is its high power. This technique should work well to handle high production volumes. This is especially true for professional equipment that will be used in public catering facilities. A good professional model is able to dispense about one hundred liters of fresh juice during one hour of operation..

Also, such devices most often complement a spacious loading tray. Vegetables and fruits can be folded into it without even cutting. This, in turn, saves you time. In addition, professional devices can be supplemented with special attachments for juice or even herbs. This allows you to diversify your diet and make juices richer and more interesting..

How to choose

When choosing professional equipment, you need to pay attention to several points at once..


Professional and semi-professional juicers are electrical and not manual or mechanical. A powerful juicer of this type works autonomously and allows you to go about your business at the same time.

Good devices for professional squeezing of fresh juice are divided into automatic and screw.

Automatic or press juicers can often be found in cafes or bars, where the flow of visitors is large enough and many of them want to refresh themselves by drinking freshly squeezed juice. These machines are designed to extract juice from citrus fruits. As the name implies, the process of working with such a juicer is automated and takes place without your participation..

The auger can handle large quantities of fruits and vegetables. This technique makes it possible to obtain about sixty liters of juice per hour. An additional bonus of this technique is the function of automatic discharge of the cake. But it is not found in all juicers. Some models have to be cleaned manually.

If we talk about additional functions, then among those who buy professional juicers, the possibility of cold pressing and filtering the pulp is popular..


Modern manufacturers also pay attention to the appearance of their equipment. It is best to choose universal juicers made in dark or light colors..


You can understand if the juicer that you like is right for you by reading the reviews. Buyers note both the positive and negative sides of each model, so you can understand for yourself which shortcomings you can forgive your technique, and which you cannot..

Try not to buy equipment with unnecessary functions, because it will be just a waste of money. Choose the juicer that suits you best in terms of the range of possibilities.

Popular models

The best reviews, as a rule, are received by the equipment produced by well-known brands. Manufacturers try not to lose their earned reputation, so they give consistently good results. Let’s take a look at a few well-known brands where you can find quality professional juicers.

Master Professional

This company has appeared on the market relatively recently. They create good technology, designed not only for using it at home, but also for installation in public institutions..


Juicers from this brand always delight with their original design. Their appearance is always carefully worked out. The design is created in special computer programs.

But behind the beautiful shells of the devices from this brand, good functionality is also hiding. Manufacturers are trying to use modern developments and technical innovations when creating juicers.

So, for example, powerful devices from the latest lines, even during active work, stand firmly on the table and do not slip. This is very unusual, as most models are either equipped with anti-slip fasteners or even screwed to the floor or surface. In the case of the Santos juicers, they are so stable due to the good centering of the parts and the relatively low vibration level. Low noise level will also be a bonus..


The Bosch brand also produces powerful equipment. She is known for her quality washing machines and dishwashers. But professional juicers from this brand also turn out to be of very high quality. They are relatively inexpensive for professional technology. The cost of such devices from Bosch varies in the range of several hundred dollars. Standard price – $ 200-300.

Juicers from Bosch do not differ in some incredible features and capabilities. But the products from this brand are always consistently high-quality things that work out all the money spent on the purchase..

Reviews for professional juicers from Bosch are mostly positive. The main advantages of equipment from this brand include the highest quality assembly. They consist of an aluminum body and very high quality parts. A well-assembled device does its job well, squeezing the maximum fresh juice out of fruits and vegetables. As a result, you only have processed dry cake..

Professional juicers are a real godsend for those who need to produce fresh juice on a large scale. It is not worth buying such equipment for your home, because even for a family looking after their health, this unit will produce too much juice. But, if you have your own cafe, bar or any other establishment, then you can install a professional juicer in order to delight your visitors with a freshly squeezed drink..

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