Rating of the best refrigerators

A refrigerator, familiar to many of us, is an integral part of the interior of any kitchen. We can say that this is her “heart”, because without a good refrigerating chamber, food or cooked dishes will start to deteriorate the very next day..

This technique is not only popular, it is necessary, and therefore the majority of modern brand manufacturers each time issue more and more new models on the shelves. Unusual design solutions appear, fundamentally new types of refrigerators themselves, additional functionality. All this can please, or, on the contrary, turn out to be completely unnecessary tinsel, depending on the preferences of the buyer himself..

What to look for when choosing

Of course, when choosing household appliances, everyone proceeds from their personal requirements and wishes. Someone may be interested in the broadest functionality, while someone is chasing an external design or an affordable price. However, no one will argue that the most reasonable choice is the one that optimally combines the required qualities, reliability and favorable cost in comparison with other analogues.

In order to make such a choice and not regret it in the future, one should take into account a set of certain qualities and proceed from their presence or absence when examining a possible variant of technology. In the case of refrigerators, pay attention to the following points:

  • Shape and dimensions. In general, two types of refrigerating chambers are distinguished – this is a more classic vertical, or horizontal freezer, which is also often called “chest“. You need to choose based on how much free space in your kitchen you are ready to take under the refrigerator. The most economical in this case is still considered a vertical model, or built-in refrigerators, which will significantly save space;

  • Overall design. Despite the fact that this characteristic of the refrigerator is not decisive, it is still important to consider that the technique must fit into the interior of the room. In addition, ergonomics and banal design convenience may be important for you;

  • Performance characteristics. The main task of the refrigerator is to create conditions of low temperatures, which allows you to store food and ready meals for longer. Therefore, the main thing to pay attention to is the performance, the type of refrigerator and its capacity. Good modern refrigerators do not require additional condensate drainage, and also have the ability to adjust the temperature;

  • Ergonomics and additional functions. This point is completely up to your preferences. The functional minimum that any such technique should have is the ability to cool the product. Modern manufacturers offer models with a control screen, the possibility of separate temperature control in chambers, a device for creating and supplying ice to drinks. We can say that the choice in this case is limited only by your wishes;

  • Capacity is also not the least important parameter.. There are both huge machines, which are entire refrigerated cabinets, and mini-options that are great for a small apartment;

  • Material, from which the body and internal elements are made. Not only the quality depends on this, but also the ability to keep the cold inside..

Which manufacturer is better

There has always been serious competition among popular brands. Someone suggests good quality, but someone attracts with unusual functionality or extremely affordable price. It rarely happens that a real “golden mean” comes across. Nevertheless, we have prepared a list of the most popular models at the moment in order to compare them with each other and give concise but useful information..

In order to conduct an objective assessment of brands, we selected the best option from the low and high price categories of refrigerators of each brand to get an average impression.

Fridge LG GA-B409SECL vertical design with a bottom freezer. The body of the model is made of high-quality metal, and internal shelves are made of real glass, so they are easy to clean, do not scratch or crack.

In the reviews, they especially note the good performance by the refrigerator of its main functions, as well as practically complete absence of compressor or condenser operating noise. At the same time, the manufacturer guarantees a background noise of no more than 41 dB, which is quite consistent with reality..

The total volume of such a model is 312 liters, of which 225 are in the main refrigerating compartments, and the remaining 87 are in the freezer..

There are indicator panels on the top of the door, separate for each compartment, which is very convenient. Inside – high-quality LED lighting.

More expensive, but quite impressive is the model LG GA-B489TGLB. All previous positives have been improved. The noise of the equipment is reduced to 40 dB, and the power is increased. At the same time, the cold is well kept, and with a power outage, such a model is able to preserve food for another 23 hours..

The volume has also been increased, which is now 335 liters, of which 230 and 150 are reserved for the refrigerator and freezer, respectively, and another 15 are the so-called freshness area for storing vegetables and herbs.

Added indicators for each camera, the control panel is replaced with a touchscreen. It is possible to control the temperature for each zone separately. At the same time, it is configured automatic super freezing system and open door alarms.

Samsung RT35K5440S8. A fairly budgetary option for a wide vertical refrigerator, which is suitable for a large family. The freezer is located at the top, and the total volume of the refrigerator is 362 liters.

A distinctive feature is the presence of an air purification system, due to which additional freshness of products is maintained, and unpleasant odors will not bother you at all. Provided with a dedicated deodorizing filter.

The refrigerator is practically silent, according to the manufacturer’s warranty, the maximum allowable background is 40 dB. Equipped with a touch control panel, with which it is possible to adjust the temperature separately in each chamber.

The freshness zone has a dry cooling system.

Bosch LOW FROST KGV39VW23R it costs only 25,000 rubles, while it has quite good indicators. The body is made of high-quality metal, and the internal shelves are also made of natural glass. Has average power ratings and the same power consumption. The volume is sufficient even for a large family – 352 liters, and in case of a power outage, food will be stored at a low temperature for another 22 hours.

Inside is standard LED lighting. Simplified control, electrical based. The disadvantage is considered to be low functionality..

For example, defrosting of the main refrigerator compartment is drip, and in the case of a freezer, it is generally done manually..

Haier A2F635CRMV – a bright representative of the line of technology from this brand, which has a pleasant design and ergonomics. The freezer compartment has convenient sliding doors, and the outer side of the refrigerator body is treated with a special coating that protects against fingerprints.

Nice appearance combined with good functionality and quality the most technical part. The refrigerator has a fairly large volume, an air purification system, as well as automatic defrosting and eco-mode. This technique belongs to the middle price range, costs about 56,000 rubles, but it fully justifies itself.

Gorenje ORB152-SP – this is another refrigerator for connoisseurs of all non-standard. Retro design», Which is emphasized by one door with a wide handle, is perfect for any interior. The model is relatively compact, it will fit even in a small apartment, but do not let it fool you!

Such a refrigerator works in eco mode, at the same time it perfectly copes with its functions. The manual control mode is simple and straightforward, and the standard compressor makes almost no noise. The best choice for those who prefer simplicity and reliability.

Liebherr TPesf 1714-21 a series “Comfort“- the best choice for small studio apartments or those who rent a house. This is an affordable compact single door refrigerator.

Despite its size, it has a fairly good volume of 145 liters, of which 18 are reserved for the freezer. The shelves are made of glass, while there is a protection system against accidental falling out.

Disadvantages can be considered only weak power, completely manual control, lack of indication and air purification system.

Indesit SD 167.002 – the most popular model of refrigerators of a well-known brand. The technique owes its rating to the ideal combination of availability and quality, which has already been appreciated by many buyers. We can say that this is an example of a classic refrigerator at its best..

Unlike most modern brands, they have abandoned glass shelves that might not be strong enough or fall out, so there are more reliable metal grilles inside this model..

Illumination is provided by a standard lamp, which saves the already quite low power consumption.

As for the volumes, the refrigerating chamber is designed for 270 liters. And the freezer compartment is 35. Temperature control is quite accurate, although it is carried out purely mechanically. Immediately, you can notice such disadvantages as manual defrosting of the chamber and the standard drip system in the main refrigerator compartment..

Otherwise, this is a fairly standard refrigerator for only 15,000 rubles.. Quiet, reliable, low energy consumption and able to store food for up to 20 hours after shutdown. The most optimal solution for everyone.


Basically, the reviews about the above models are positive. However, there are drawbacks that are inherent in manufacturers in general. Often – it is the low quality of the electronics itself, which ensures smooth operation. This is especially noted in refrigerators from LG.

When making your choice, pay attention to the main positive aspects of a particular series. For example, if you are interested in a simple refrigerator at an affordable price, then you should pay attention to models from Indesit and Liebherr. But such giants as Samsung or Bosch worth considering if you are interested in ergonomics and functionality.

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