Ready-made curtains for the kitchen

Decorating windows with curtains is a fascinating activity that requires a lot of time and effort: designing, choosing fabrics, sewing. And kitchen curtains must meet special requirements that must be taken into account! For those who are not ready for such “feats”, there are ready-made curtains for the kitchen – a huge selection and the ability to fit a specific window simplify the task at times.


Some time ago, the hostesses refused to use curtains. they require constant care, collect dust, etc. The windows are massively “dressed” in technological blinds. However, today the interest in curtains and curtains is taking off again. The comfort and warmth that curtains create cannot be replaced by anything.

Kitchen curtains serve several important functions:

  • Protect windows from prying eyes. This is important not only for the residents of the lower floors: in the evenings, when the lights are on in the apartment, everything that happens is visible even on the 9th floor.!
  • They create a mood and comfort. To make your breakfasts, lunches and dinners really enjoyable, the atmosphere is very important.
  • Completing the interior. It is the curtains that can emphasize the style of the kitchen: Provence, country, modern, retro, etc..

Today there is a huge selection of ready-made curtains for the kitchen. Here are just some of the brands:

TomDom is a curtain hypermarket that delivers all over Russia. Here you can purchase both a ready-made kit and order individual tailoring..

The company offers a wide range of models for decorating and protecting windows in the kitchen. The main models are medium-weight curtains, short curtains, light voile or thick curtains. It is worth paying attention: curtains and curtains, as a rule, are sewn in a set of two, have hooks and sometimes a lambrequin. The curtain is usually one: it moves to one side.

Prints on fabrics can be divided into several categories: floral and natural motifs, “cage”, which is always relevant for the kitchen, and urban patterns. Curtains combined of two fabrics look very original: for example, the main part is made of fabric with a print, and the side piece, located at the junction of two curtains, is made of a suitable solid color.

The sets of ready-made curtains from the Polish company Wisan look more elegant and classic. Almost all models presented in the company’s catalogs are translucent and light, with folds and necessarily patterned scallops along the edge. The most popular option for the kitchen is the curtain, a light and short arch-shaped curtain. Wisan curtains are available in a wide variety of designs – from the classic with flowers around the edge to sports-themed designs. The assortment includes curtains-panels and muslin, “cut” from thin threads.

The collections of the Zlata Korunka brand include photo curtains, photo curtains and printed models. Curtains that form a single pattern when closed look interesting. For the kitchen, Zlata Korunka has traditional tie-back curtains decorated with classic “kitchen” designs: a cage, images of food and various utensils. You can pick up the rest of the textiles to collect the ensemble.

Regardless of which option you prefer for the kitchen, it is important to take into account the properties of the material. It must withstand frequent washings, do not absorb odors, and be easy to clean.

Consider whether you have pets or children at home. Curtains are usually the first to suffer from their presence. In addition, long curtains may not be safe for children. So, parents of little fidgets are better off choosing short options, blinds or roller blinds..


The finished textile design gives any space a neat and elegant look. For the kitchen, it is usually customary to combine curtains with a tablecloth, pillows that lie on kitchen chairs or sofas, and the rest of the textiles – potholders, towels.

The simplest option is a set of curtains with a tablecloth. The tablecloth and curtains can be exactly the same. This option is well suited for a small and modest kitchen, because by itself looks rustic. But it is easy to select, and here it is impossible to make a mistake..

Sets of curtains and tablecloths of exactly the same pattern can be found in many brands, including Wisan and Zlata Korunka. To add sophistication to the interior, you can pick up another permanent element of the interior – for example, a vase or a basket with artificial flowers to match the textile pattern..

A slightly more complex option is similar colors and patterns. For example, the curtains are plain blue, a white tablecloth with a blue pattern, and a short lambrequin to match the tablecloth.

For a spacious, light kitchen, where the table and chairs are not in the corner, but in the center, you can pick up a wider set of textiles. Such a set may include curtains with hooks, a tablecloth, chair pillows and oven mitts. In a large kitchen, this set will not be visually lost and will not create the feeling of a “canteen”. Of course, the more sophisticated the furniture and decoration of the kitchen, the more expensive textiles should be..

Modern design

The fast pace of life dictates the requirements for the interior. A minimum of details and a maximum of functionality is what is truly modern. For the kitchen, short light curtains, bamboo or roller blinds are best suited. If you want curtains “on the floor”, it is best to take one curtain made of thick fabric, which will be easy to wash and iron.

Classic curtains made of elegant heavy fabrics, with a lot of drapery, exquisite lambrequins, expensive fittings are suitable for large rooms where the kitchen is combined with the dining room.

If you want to add a touch of luxury, pay attention to the Austrian curtains. They are draped at the bottom in the form of scallops. With this shape, the curtains cover the windows well, but they are safe and do not interfere when moving in the limited space of the kitchen. Usually they are made of organza, and when finished, the curtains look expensive. If made from cotton fabric, Austrian curtains will look simpler, but no less stylish..

Roman blinds look very modern in the kitchen. Unlike urban blinds, they look “warm” and create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. At the same time, they are convenient to use, easy to clean up, and do not get dirty. A huge selection of fabrics for Roman blinds will allow you to fit them into any interior concept. For example, gray roman shades with a white pattern emphasize the current design of the kitchen, where white and steel colors are used..

Roman shades can also be a bright accent. In this case, it looks good if they are in harmony with some one element of the interior, for example, a kitchen “apron”.

If the kitchen is decorated in a minimalist style, a translucent, almost invisible Roman blind looks original..

New proposals from designers – a combination of a regular curtain and a Roman one. So, on one half of the window there is a classic long curtain, and on the other half there is a functional Roman curtain, made of the same or matching fabric. Creates an original asymmetry that draws attention to your window.

Bamboo curtains are essentially wooden blinds. Due to the texture of natural material, they do not create the feeling of an office, and are perfect for a small bright kitchen. They fit perfectly into country style, eco-style, etc..

Kiseya – light and thin curtains made of threads. They make the kitchen very light and light in the space. However, they are advised to be used in those kitchens where cabinets and stove are located far enough from the window – for safety reasons. It is important that muslin curtains are more decorative, they will not close from the sun. It is usually customary to complement them with blinds that are mounted directly on the glass..

To make the kitchen look relevant, you will have to work not only on the choice of curtains. You need to think over the whole project from the beginning. In this case, the curtains fit into the general concept of style or color scheme. They can be combined not only with a tablecloth or pillows. A certain color accent is chosen, which is repeated on curtains, wall decor, floor, ceiling and furniture facades, etc..

Accessories and fittings

Even being guided by the principle “less is better”, you cannot do without accessories when it comes to kitchen curtains. The following are definitely not suitable for this space:

  • Twisted cords
  • Volume brushes
  • Any structural elements that hang from the window and can catch fire

The most popular accessory for kitchen curtains is a pick-up. It is sewn from the same fabric as the curtain, or in harmony, and is attached to the wall with special decorative clamps. During the day, the curtains are held by hooks, creating beautiful flowing lines, and at night they simply go down.

The textile hook can be replaced with a more status metal hook, which is also attached to the wall. This works well for expensive interiors..

For muslin curtains, it is rational to purchase special hairpins. They can be used to group the threads, securing them with hairpins, like long hair.

Eyelets are ideal for decorating kitchen curtains. They are at a safe height, create a cozy look.

Eyelets help to drape the curtains with nice long folds. They make it much easier to slide the blade over the bar (in comparison, for example, with hinges or rings). The materials from which the eyelets are made will help to realize the most daring ideas. They can be metal, wood, plastic.

They should be selected based on the diameter of the rod + 2 cm.

A wide range of stores will allow everyone to find their own unique design solution.

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