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Modern life dictates its own rules, and we accept them, acquiring new and new habits. Someone can no longer imagine their life without a comfortable car, someone cannot take a single step without a mobile phone. But there is also what all people need. These are household appliances. Few people remember what cleaning a room without a vacuum cleaner, or a kitchen without a gas or electric stove, and, of course, storing food without a refrigerator is..

The foods we eat have a direct impact on our body. The fresher the food, the more vitamins and nutrients it contains, which means that we feel great. But if the refrigerator does not cope with the obligation to keep food fresh, then you should not take the risk and eat food of suspicious freshness. In order not to throw away the spoiled ones, and not spend extra money on a constant trip to the store for new and new products, it is important to choose the right refrigerator.

To date, there are so many different models of refrigerators that the eyes run up. Manufacturers have stepped far ahead and offer an assortment for the most demanding taste. Any color, size, and price range from minimum to maximum – all this can be found in any home appliance store. Today we will turn our attention to the model range of the Beko company.

Features and Benefits

The Beko company began its activity thanks to the engineer Vehbi Koç in 1955. True, he was more interested in the production of materials for the construction site, but he had to quickly abandon this idea. The production of pasta and canned food also did not bring success to him or the company. And then it was decided to start producing light bulbs. This decision was most correct and the company began to rise up.

Beko was originally part of the Koç Holding Durable Goods Group. The country where the headquarters of the organization is located is known to everyone – it is Turkey. Initially, the company produced a wide variety of electrical appliances, and in 1959 the first refrigerator was created. By 1977, the company’s refrigerators conquered the domestic market of the country, and it was decided to create a separate plant for the production of these devices..

After a short period of time, by 1990, the corporation entered the international market. It was then that the Beko brand became part of the large company Arçelik A.S. Currently, the company manufactures the entire range of household appliances, is widely known not only in Europe, but also in more than 100 countries..

As for Russia, the first Beko products appeared here in 1997. After 2 years, an official representative office was opened, and at the end of 2006, the first plant in the Vladimir region was launched.

Today, the manufacturer produces all new models of refrigerators that meet the needs of people. The company’s engineers strive to create devices that will satisfy the most demanding and demanding tastes..

The manufacturer has earned its fame due to the convenience of the manufactured devices and their very compact dimensions. For the most part, they all have a fairly large freezer at the top. Experts took care of creating an antibacterial coating of the chamber and using P600a as a refrigerant. Convenient and simple operation does not cause problems.

The refrigerator compartment is designed for a large volume of products; it has shelves and drawers for easy storage..

The firm also takes into account the influence of modern trends. So, for example, the emergence of the system "No frost" was taken into account, and after a while it was applied in almost all units.

The noise level of the device is slightly higher than that of other manufacturers, but this does not adversely affect its operation.. Another feature of Beko refrigerators is that the manufacturer is still did not provide for the possibility of hanging the doors of the device on the other side in all manufactured models. However, taking into account the development trends of the company, it can be assumed that in the near future these problems will be eliminated..


The technical characteristics of the device largely determine its choice. Therefore, special attention should be paid to them when choosing. For the convenience of consumers, they are all listed in the technical data sheet of the device..

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to get hold of the most modern device, which has absolutely all the functions. But not all of them you will use.. So, what you need to pay attention to:

  • Product capacity. This figure may vary for different people.. For example, if you are used to making large stocks of vegetables, berries and meat for the winter and not only, then you need a unit with a large freezer.

It should also be remembered that for a large family, the amount of food will be many times more than for one person..

  • Dimensions (edit). Before going to the store and purchasing the device, pay attention to the place where it will stand. Otherwise, he may simply not enter your house.. And here you need to know not only the dimensions of the doorways, but also the area where it will be located: is there enough space to pass, whether the doors open freely, is the power outlet close.

  • Number of cameras. Decide if you need a freezer. If you need it, then it is better to choose a two-compartment refrigerator. If you do not tolerate freezing and prefer only fresh food, then you need a single-chamber refrigerator. You also don’t need a freezer if you already have a separate freezer..

  • Energy efficiency class. This is perhaps one of the most basic selection criteria. In total, there are 7 classes of energy efficiency: A – the most economical, G – the most consuming. This is a number in kW and shows how much energy the appliance uses during operation. The higher the class, the more economical the device. And this will significantly reduce the cost of paying for electricity. In addition to class A, there are currently subclasses A + and A ++, which are even more economical..

  • Design. When choosing a refrigerator, its external and internal appearance plays an important role. Every customer wants the device to blend in harmoniously with the interior. As for the interior design, your attention should be paid to the presence of shelves, drawers, their material and location.. Shelves should be made of durable glass, they should be easily removed for cleaning and you should be able to rearrange them as you see fit..

The boxes should also be made of high-quality materials, be spacious enough, conveniently located.

  • Defrosting. With the advent of the system "No frost" this question has practically disappeared, since the very need for manual defrosting has disappeared. But not all models have this function. Therefore, if you do not want to waste your time on manual defrosting, then make sure that this function is present in the device you have chosen. But you don’t need to discount the need to wash and clean the machine from time to time..

  • Price. This is the final deciding factor on which the purchasing decision depends. The price includes the cost of each detail. Therefore, if you know the list of basic functions that the device you need should have, then pay attention to the absence of additional functions. These include: unusual design, built-in TV or display, included accessories.

Knowing clearly what parameters the device should have for your comfort, you can make a choice that you will be satisfied with.

How to setup

The next step after purchasing a refrigerator is to install and configure it. With the installation, everything is more or less clear: clean the device from foreign objects, rinse it inside, adjust the height of the legs and plug it in. But when setting up the device, you may encounter some questions and difficulties that can interfere with the correct functioning of the device. To prevent this from happening, you should take some time to study the instructions and configure the device..

After plugging into the network, the device will start working. This is evidenced by: the inclusion of a light bulb inside the refrigerator, the hum of the compressor. This means that you can put food in a few hours. But there is also a nuance that directly affects the operation of the device, this temperature regime of chambers.

When switched on for the first time, as a rule, the medium temperature mode is automatically set. It needs to be adjusted based on your requests..

The temperature in the refrigerator compartment must be selected in such a way as to preserve the freshness of products and dishes prepared from them for a long time.. The optimal range for this would be the interval from 0 to +5. At temperatures below freezing, food will freeze, which will not make you very happy when you want to cook something.

At temperatures above +5, your food will quickly deteriorate. Therefore, set the required temperature using the temperature controller.

The freezer must quickly turn the food into a “stone”, but at the same time, a crust of ice must not form in the chamber, otherwise freezing will occur.. The most optimal temperature is -18, since at this value, the product quickly freezes, retaining useful properties, and electricity consumption will be minimal.

Thus, the duration of the freshness of your stocks, the economy of energy consumption and the service life depend on the correct installation of the device and its settings..

From time to time, the temperature balance should be checked and, if necessary, adjusted..

The lineup

The Beko trademark has long won its niche in the production of household appliances, in particular, refrigeration units. Modern technologies have made great strides forward, and the variety of manufactured equipment cannot go unnoticed. A wide range of models allows you to choose equipment that will harmoniously fit into your life. So, let’s get acquainted with the most outstanding representatives of Beko refrigerators.

Let’s start with an overview of the models Side-by-side. This is a two-door device with rather large dimensions. One door hides the refrigerator compartment, the other – the freezer. The device is equipped with filters and an air ionizer, which destroy microbes and microorganisms, due to the action of which food products deteriorate. But despite the rather large dimensions, the energy consumption class corresponds to A, A +, which is very economical. Thanks to the function "No frost", which is present in both chambers, you do not have to worry about defrosting, since ice does not form in the chambers. Products are protected from damage during an unexpected power outage, as the high quality materials allow the temperature to be maintained for 21 hours after a power outage. In addition, the manufacturer has provided for the possibility of energy saving, thanks to the “vacation” mode. The design is laconic, modern. Color spectrum: white and silver.

For small families or for a country house, a single-compartment refrigerator is perfect.

It has a small size, but, despite this, it fits a sufficient volume of products.. The freezer is located at the top and the system is not installed in it. "No frost". This means that you will have to deal with defrosting manually. The refrigerator compartment is equipped with shelves that you can put at your discretion. The energy class corresponds to type A, A +, which saves costs. A nice additional feature is the ability to move the door to the other side. The appearance of the device is classically strict, and the color is white.

As noted above, in almost all models the freezer is located at the top. But there is a series CN, where the freezer is located at the bottom. The devices in this series have an energy efficiency class A + and can maintain an operating temperature for 17 hours after a power outage. Both cameras are equipped with the function "No frost", cooling systems are independent of each other, which prevents odors from penetrating from compartment to compartment. The shelves are made of glass and can be adjusted in height. Colors are slightly more varied: white, silver, black.

If the kitchen space does not allow you to purchase a large device, then turn your attention to a narrow refrigerator.

Its width will be no more than 55 cm. The manufacturer has created several narrow series, which differ in the number of chambers (two or one), defrosting system (manual or No Frost). But there are some common features besides the size. This is a single-circuit cooling system, quiet operation, a large volume of stored products, white design, high-quality materials and a high energy efficiency class A (A +). In some models, it is possible to change the side of the door opening.

I would also like to note the firm’s novelty "Beko" – system "Active blue light". It is intended to increase the shelf life of vegetables and fruits. This is ensured by the presence of a separate blue light source in the compartment.. It is due to this light that the processes of photosynthesis take place, thanks to which vitamins and useful microelements are better preserved. This system is actively used in the latest models..

Components and accessories

The refrigerating device, regardless of size and series, can be supplemented with various accessories. Some of them may be in the basic configuration – ice cube tray, egg stand and so on, and some you can buy yourself.

In almost all modern models, great attention is paid to the hygiene of the interior space..

Therefore, the presence of an antibacterial filter no longer surprises anyone. Thanks to him, all germs and unpleasant odors are destroyed..

Pull-out shelves made of high-quality glass allow you to organize the interior to your liking. The presence of the sides will allow you to avoid the spread of accidentally spilled liquid to other shelves.

The refrigerator door handle can be integrated, that is, invisible to the eye, or external. Their designs can vary in size, shape and color..

Depending on the model, the package may include:

  • folding container, which allows you to store small foods or snacks;
  • bottle holder – will securely hold the bottles, not allowing them to roll away or break;
  • water and ice dispenser – allows you to get cold water and ice without opening the refrigerator door;
  • swivel container – a special device that allows you to get any thing out of it, regardless of its location;
  • pull-out freezer container – the presence of such containers allows the most convenient and optimal use of the chamber volume, and it is very convenient to take them out, fill and wash them.
  • mini bar – special compartment with a hinged door for drinks.


Refrigeration units of the Beko brand have long won the trust of consumers and rightfully occupy a leading position..

Customers love the stable, reliable performance of the device. Breakdowns of equipment are not very frequent and not very serious, it is not difficult to find and replace the necessary part. The noiselessness of the work was appreciated by families with small children.

The most popular are two-chamber devices, which provide the function "No frost". They are quite simple to use, they do not take time for manual defrosting. Excellent modern design allows you to choose a model that fits perfectly into the interior. Variety of models: from large to small, from narrow to side-by-side, attracted its customers. Everyone was able to find the device that meets their requirements.

According to people, single-chamber refrigerators have become an excellent economical solution for country houses. They are quite roomy, and therefore allow you to store the necessary stock of food, which is during a short stay on vacation, that during a long stay in the country.

The refrigerator shelves are made of impact-resistant glass. They are convenient to put on and take out to place any items; easy to clean and streak-free. This made the housewives very pleased with the hygiene of the space..

Inside the device, the manufacturer installed a pleasant backlight that gently illuminates the entire interior and does not irritate the eyes..

Sound indication when the door is open will work in a minute, which will remind customers that they forgot to close it or did not close it completely.

Convenience in temperature regulation of refrigerators and freezers is noted by all owners of Beko brand household appliances. Particularly pleased with the accessories included in the package: containers, bottle holders, egg holders.

Many models have an electronic display located at the top. It can easily monitor the status of all cameras of the device.. You can also turn on the necessary modes on the display: “vacation” mode (leaves only the freezer working), “vacation” mode (allows you to minimize power consumption). These advantages brought certain advantages in the operation of the device..

In models where the display is not provided, it is also not difficult to regulate the temperature regime, thanks to special regulators.

Thrifty buyers noted that energy efficiency claims are consistent with the reality, so the refrigeration unit does not ruin the household budget when paying bills..

And the biggest advantage, which was noted by all owners of Beko refrigerators, was the rather affordable price of the devices..

The Beko trademark has been present on the Russian market for several years now and competes at a decent level with other corporations that produce household appliances. The company’s products meet all modern quality requirements. The latest developments, designed to make human life easier, are being actively introduced into production, which is gaining more and more sympathy and confidence of consumers. By purchasing a Beko refrigeration unit, you will undoubtedly receive a reliable device that will delight you with its work..

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