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Manufacturers of modern technology open up ample opportunities for consumers. The classic design of household appliances is boring and, to some extent, even monotonous. However, in fairness, it should be noted that, despite the popularity of newfangled design styles and solutions for interior decoration, the classics are still in great demand among contemporaries..

The harmonious combination of classic style and originality has become a key criterion for decorating home interiors over the past few years. If we talk about the kitchen, today at the peak of popularity are household appliances of unusual design.. For example, a brown refrigerator is an interesting solution for a modern kitchen..

Color Feature

It is generally accepted that brown is a classic. Nevertheless, even a simple classical tone can be played up and modernized in an interesting way. A solid wood kitchen set is stylish, always up-to-date, exquisite, but, unfortunately, very expensive. Therefore, many who want to see wooden furniture in their kitchen, agree to little “tricks”, ordering facades “under natural wood”. If there are such admirers of brown in the interior who prefer stylish glossy facades made in various shades of brown.

The advantage of brown is the variety of colors. It can be dark beige, nutty, brown with hints of terracotta, chocolate, coffee, cognac, milk chocolate color, wenge color and others..

The second advantage of brown is its versatility in combination. After all, it is in perfect harmony with milk, light beige, cream, caramel, gray, white, various shades of yellow, lemon, orange, pink, blue, turquoise, light green and green. The combination with rich red will look stylish. So, there are plenty of color options for decorating the interior of the kitchen..

Kitchen appliances of unusual colors are an interesting opportunity to significantly diversify the interior. Recently, buyers are paying more and more attention to kitchen devices of extraordinary color solutions. And if everyone is already accustomed to red, blue, light green electric kettles, coffee makers and toasters, then the non-white refrigerator causes delight and surprise. Well-known manufacturers of large household appliances today produce refrigerators in steel, silver, coffee, beige, brown, red and other colors.. A refrigerator in brown can be an interesting design accent in a modern kitchen..

So, let’s look at how you can stylistically beat this household unit in an interesting way, which manufacturers to give preference to.


If you carefully study the market for household appliances, you can notice that almost every brand is engaged in the production of large devices for the kitchen. Refrigerators of various modifications, designs, sizes and even colors are presented in a wide range. There are products of both well-known brands and companies whose names do not tell consumers anything yet. To give preference to a novelty or a time-tested brand is the decision solely for the buyer. However, all the same, most companies rely on tradition and produce refrigeration units in the usual white color.. Today, brown refrigerators are represented by the following brands:

  • Bosch;
  • Hitachi;
  • Gorenje;
  • Liebherr;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Pozis;
  • Saratov.

For an overview of the brown Gorenje refrigerator, see the next video.


As you know, any non-standard design household appliances differ significantly in cost. Refrigerators are no exception. If you are interested in a model made in brown, be prepared for a higher price than a similar refrigerator in the usual white color. Typically, these refrigeration units cost between $ 383 and $ 1531..

Also, the price of a product can be influenced by a number of other factors that have nothing to do with its design and style. We are talking about functionality, dimensions, variety (with an upper or lower freezer, Side-By-Side model), the presence of various additional functions, energy class and more. Also, the popularity and popularity of the brand name significantly affects the prices. You have to pay more for branded and quality items.


How interesting it is to play with the refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen – every second inhabitant faces similar reflections, for whom not only the functionality and practicality of the room is important, but also the visual perception plays an important role. Gone are the days when the refrigerator was just a household appliance for storing food. Today it is one of the most important and significant design elements of modern kitchens..

Designers offer the following options:

  • One style and one color scheme. The entire kitchen (including kitchen furniture and large household appliances) is selected in a single style solution and one color. Various shades of the same color are allowed, but they should be as close to each other as possible. The disadvantage of such an interior is its uniformity. A visual perception of a single spot is created when all the elements merge together.
  • Household appliances in one color. We are talking about large household appliances and those devices that are on the surface. For example, for a brown refrigerator, you need to choose an oven and hob of the appropriate color. If the family loves to eat toast in the morning and drink aromatic coffee, then the toaster and coffee maker should also be made in shades of brown..
  • Combination with facades. Kitchen sets look interesting, in the colors of the facades of which two colors are used. Refrigerator and fronts of the lower part of the kitchen set in one color – an interesting solution for a modern kitchen.
  • Combination with an apron or table top. Most often, if household appliances are of non-standard dark colors, then the furniture is selected in light colors, but the work surface or apron is combined with kitchen devices.
  • Minimum compatibility. The brown refrigerator is complemented by a kitchen set of a completely different color, but at the same time you want to somehow beat the household appliance minimally, to supplement it with something. These can be home textiles (tablecloth, hot coasters, sofa pillows, cloth napkins, curtains or curtains, decorative elements (wall clocks, paintings or panels, flower pots, figurines, photo frames, table vases, etc.).
  • Isolation. The brown refrigerator is a single element in the kitchen in this color solution: the emphasis is placed on the household appliance. Only in this case, the unit must be stylish and modern so that this design solution is visually justified..

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