Refrigerator dimensions

Finding a refrigerator in your kitchen can be a daunting task.. After all, here you need to decide on the color, model and size. The latter should be given special attention, because the size of the refrigerator will determine how it looks in the kitchen and how comfortable it is for you to interact with it..



There are five types of refrigerators in total:

  • Single chamber;
  • Two-chamber;
  • Three-chamber;
  • "Side by side";
  • "French door".

A single-chamber refrigerator has a simple device – it has one door, behind which there is both a refrigerator and a freezer. There are also models where there is no freezer compartment at all. A separate type of single-compartment refrigerator is just a freezer.

The two-compartment refrigerator has two doors – for the freezer and the main compartment. In different models, the freezer can be located both at the bottom and at the top. There are several compartments inside the main compartment for storing various products..

Three-compartment models have three doors: main compartment, freezer compartment and "zero chamber". The latter was created specifically for long-term storage of products, since the temperature in it is zero degrees. This way the food can stay fresh for a very long time. Some "zero cameras" have a division into dry freshness with low moisture content and wet freshness with high moisture content. Food in one of the compartments should be stored depending on the recommendations.

"Side by side" – models with the same size swing doors to the freezer and the main compartment. These refrigerators have many shelves and a huge amount of space, they are tall and large..

Models type "French door" have a refrigerator compartment with two opening doors and under them – a freezer, the door of which slides forward. This is very convenient, as less cold is lost, but it is rather difficult to find products if the drawer is full. However, now there are compartments with several drawers, making it easier to find. Refrigerators of this type take up much less space than the previous model, but at the same time they are very spacious..

Dimensions of various models

The dimensions of the refrigerator also depend on its type. The smallest models are mini-bars. They can often be seen in hotel rooms, but you can easily buy them at your home. They are small and suitable for storing drinks and some small snacks, and also fit perfectly into any small place, in addition, it is very shallow. Its dimensions are fifty centimeters wide and up to one hundred and twenty in height – depending on the models.

After the baby refrigerator, there are medium-sized refrigerators.. As a rule, they are single-door and not too high, something like household refrigerators, especially if you take into account their volume, no more than one and a half meters, at least with a freezer located at the top. Such models will fit perfectly in a small kitchen, because they are small in size and 40-45 cm deep..

Then there are medium-high models, reaching up to one hundred and eighty centimeters in height.. They are available with both two doors and one. The freezer can also be either above or below. Such refrigerators are often used as built-in appliances..

Large double-leaf refrigerators are not suitable for short people, as they are usually more than two meters high, and in this case it can be very difficult to reach the upper shelves.. It is also very wide. These models have a standard depth of 50-60 cm.

The largest on our list is the side by side double refrigerator.. Impressive dimensions: the width may well go up to one meter, but about the standard depth this is a lot. He is also very tall. Such units are bought for a large kitchen and for a large family, and also have a very large weight..

Embedded Appliance Standards

The selection of modern refrigerators is not easy, but if you buy an entire kitchen set, it becomes easier. When buying, you will most likely be asked to install a built-in refrigerator, as it will blend in with all other furniture and cabinets. The disadvantage of this solution is that built-in refrigerators are usually the same size and you will not be able to keep your old refrigerator or choose one that you really really like..

But if something breaks down, there will be no problems with service..

Since usually one company deals with all kitchen sets, which provides a repair specialist. As a rule, in large companies, repairs are of high quality and fast.

Some rules for installing built-in appliances:

  • You need to install the model not less than fifty meters from the battery and stove;
  • You shouldn’t embed it back to back to the sink;
  • Better to put the selected model away from the window so that a lot of sunlight does not fall on it;
  • From the wall to the fridge there must be some distance – you cannot put the unit close to it;
  • Be sure to check that the door is open the refrigerator did not block the path.


Non-standard models

If your kitchen is very small, you can always pick up models of non-standard sizes. There are some that are made to order, but they will cost many times more. Let’s take a better look at the low-rise options for refrigerators that are already available..

In many stores you can find models with a small width – about forty centimeters, and about the same shallow depth. There are such models for alcohol and beer, and for the whole family, although there is not too much space there..

The best representatives of such non-standard refrigerators – Ardo COG 1410 SA and Whirlpool ARC 2000. Also, if you need a large refrigerator, in this case there are the highest ones, those in which the depth reaches almost a meter. But you need to understand that such models will not fit everywhere, they will take up a lot of space, and you are unlikely to fill it to the end..

Overview of different models

It is quite difficult to make your choice among brands. Everyone offers something different. Therefore, we have selected several leading brands and made a general overview.

  • Panasonic refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes to suit all types of kitchens. There are both two-door and three-door, as well as models "Side By Side" for large rooms. Leading colors – gray and white. Users, for the most part, are satisfied with the purchased model, note the absence of foreign odors, the capacity of large refrigerators and their reliability. Multi-door refrigerator with compartment "zero freeze" can be moved close to the wall due to the presence of a compressor.

Even an ordinary two-compartment refrigerator Panasonic NR-B591BR-N4 very roomy, but many complain about its loud operation and the inconvenience of hanging the shelves.

  • "Sviyaga" produces exclusively freezers. There are very different sizes of models – from small, which you can carry with you, to quite full-size, which takes its rightful place in the kitchen. They also have one exception – a single-chamber refrigerator-showcase, the door of which is made exclusively of glass. It is not very roomy, but if you live alone, it may be enough for you..

Freezers are highly praised by customers – they cool well and work quietly. Some do not have a temperature controller, but most users say that it is not necessary..

  • Fridge "Oka" – an old Soviet unit, pulling in size for an average height and width. It has two doors, for the main chamber and for the freezer. There are also separate freezers from this manufacturer. Despite the quite ordinary design and low cost, this refrigerator has collected many positive reviews..

People say that it is durable, fits any interior, and also has a convenient temperature control knob..

  • Company "Pole" manufactures refrigeration equipment for restaurants and shops. They have large refrigerators and freezers, as well as display cases with a temperature controller. All of this can be ordered at a good price, and those who shop in bulk are offered a discount.

  • The manufacturer Beko has a huge selection of models. These are standard two-compartment refrigerators, and separate freezers and models "Side By Side". There are also multi-door refrigerators with an ice dispenser and a freezer location at the bottom and sometimes at the top. The predominant colors of this manufacturer are steel and white. Customers are particularly pleased with the model Beko RCNK 400E20 ZX, which has a special odor ionizer and a separate "freshness zone" for long-term storage of food. The only complaint is that the refrigerator makes a lot of noise. In general, complaints about noise are constant, even with other models. In addition, the buyers did not notice any particular shortcomings..

Everyone liked the freezer too – it freezes perfectly, and it is convenient to get everything because of the transparent drawers. The disadvantage of this model is that there is no backlight inside. And all would be fine, but the manufacturer declared LED lighting.

  • Indesit also offers users a huge selection. They have all the models described above and also have a separate freezer. This is convenient, since you can easily find the right refrigerator for any room and price category. The predominant color of the models of this company is White.

Refrigerators with a top freezer, according to customer reviews, are quite good.

They work reliably and for a long time, rarely break, but by themselves are not very large, and the freezer is very tiny. Freezers also freeze perfectly, the only drawback is that they make a lot of noise.

The small, single-door refrigerator is popular with hotel owners and those who move frequently. It is convenient to transport it, it does not take up much space, it freezes well. The only drawback is that it starts to get louder over time. As for the refrigerator with a bottom chamber, the reviews are very contradictory.. On the one hand, everyone likes everything, it cools well, preserves food and removes the smell, and on the other hand, there are enough complaints about its breakage within a few days or weeks..

Design Tips

It is not so difficult to choose a refrigerator by itself, it is more difficult to make it fit into the kitchen interior. Here you need a competent selection and a fairly thorough study of your own cuisine.. Designers offer some tips to make this easier..

  • The size of the refrigerator in the kitchen is of great importance, especially in small apartments.. The overall dimensions should be for a unit designed for a small room. The design of a small kitchen assumes great functionality with a small size. A built-in refrigerator with the dimensions of a narrow refrigerator looks good in such rooms, where enough is placed.

As a rule, there is not much space in the Khrushchev and the kitchen does not exceed 8-10 square meters, so you will need a refrigerator about sixty centimeters in width and depth.

The size of the niche for the built-in wardrobe can be even smaller. A medium-sized unit will suit a larger kitchen, and it is no longer necessary to build it in – you can simply place it in a corner or in the middle of the room. Home models, especially if they are large, can be oversized, however, it is advised not to overdo it and buy a model size that you can fill with groceries..

For a summer residence, a single-door refrigerator is perfect, especially if you come there from time to time..

  • The height of the refrigerator also matters, and it should be selected at the same level as the rest of the headset.. If the refrigeration unit is much higher or lower, it will look ugly.

It is also worth considering the growth of all households and buying a model so that everyone can reach the top shelf..

A standard refrigerator, in the presence of which everyone is comfortable – 1.5 meters. In addition, you should not buy a refrigerator that is too low, otherwise you will have to constantly bend over, getting into it, which is not very great. However, if your kitchen is very small, it would be a good idea to purchase a small unit about the size of an ordinary stove..

  • Volume is an important thing when choosing. It is important here to maintain a balance between too crowded and too empty a chamber. Consider not only the number of your household, but also how often you need to buy groceries, as well as their quantity. Average size that suits many – about three hundred liters.
  • The number of cameras in a particular model depends not only on its volume, but also on various functions.. Of course, if your kitchen is small, you’d better buy a single-compartment or two-compartment refrigerator, but if there is a little more space, then you can consider other options.. The zero chamber is very popular, in which you can store various kinds of food for a long time and keep it fresh..

In some models, it has a division into fish, meat and vegetables. A large freezer can come in handy if you like freezing berries and mushrooms for the winter..

Before buying a refrigerator, carefully study its functions and decide for yourself whether you need them or not..

  • The appearance of a particular model is of great importance.. Moreover, refrigerators of different colors and with different coatings have now appeared. So you can choose a similar unit for any interior. In addition, you need to make sure that the model does not lose its appearance after a few months..

Particularly popular are refrigerators with a poured glass coating that does not leave fingerprints. Ideal if you have children in your apartment.

  • The shelves in the main compartment are just as important as the outside. They should be functional and easy to move or at least remove. In the presence of a large number of materials for the shelves, it is still recommended to opt for those with gratings, since they freely allow air to pass through..
  • Many manufacturers now offer models with an antibacterial coating.. This is a good way not only to get rid of germs, but also to eliminate unpleasant odors in the refrigerator..


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