Refrigerator green

Refrigerator green

A modern kitchen is an optimal set of perfect mobile home appliances. She not only fulfills her immediate duties and functions, but also “plays” in the interior, creating special design solutions. For example, a green refrigerator can be a creative option for decorating a kitchen space. For some reason, there is a stereotype that the refrigerator should be perfectly white. But today this is no longer the case.

Green is not only good for the eyes. It also symbolizes environmental safety. Many manufacturers use green, salad, emerald colors to indicate an important fact: the production of household appliances of this brand is environmentally friendly..

Bright colors in the interior

Over the past few years, the interior of modern kitchens has been changing rapidly. Bulky household appliances are being replaced by mobile technical structures with striking designs. They will fill the kitchen with light, pleasant emotions, and this is due not only to the quality of technology, but also to its design features. A colored refrigerator is one of the innovations. Such a household appliance looks great in different colors..

Manufacturers use bright colors and tones. It can be red, blue, black, but green is the most popular. It is very simple to find explanations – the color of youth, freshness, good mood. A color that pacifies and positively affects the entire interior.

Manufacturers use warm and natural shades – mint, pistachio – they fit perfectly into any interior. By adding a few nice details for the kitchen in other tones of green – emerald, the color of juicy grass, you can disperse attention from the unusual color of the refrigerator to the entire kitchen space..

A limited number of world famous manufacturers are engaged in the production of green refrigerators. First of all it is Ardo, Atlant, and Smeg and Gorenje. They have excellent technical characteristics and are in demand among buyers..

Famous models

When buying new large household appliances, potential owners are guided by many factors – the technical capabilities of household appliances, brand, manufacturer, price line, color scheme, convenience. When purchasing a new refrigerator, each person dreams that the purchase will not only last a long time, but will also be able to decorate his kitchen, bring freshness and novelty to the atmosphere. This is why color technology is becoming more and more popular..

A green refrigerator is a special chic, a tribute to fashion and a desire to highlight your kitchen space through unusual colors. This is a non-standard solution, but very colorful, bright, which is liked by guests, friends and relatives. Manufacturers have taken into account the wishes of customers to diversify the color scheme used and offer multi-colored models of refrigeration units of standard dimensions..

At the same time, in their presentations, they explain that the green technique has distinctive features from the other – the production of such models does not harm the environment. For example, a brand Ardo represented by conventional single-chamber refrigerators with a volume of 270 liters of bright green color. And buyers are aware of the sustainability inherent in this brand..

Another popular brand – Gorenje. The manufacturer offers unique design structures with special functionality. And more recently, he pleases his fans with green steel cases. Convenient refrigerators with spacious freezers, lots of shelves and an electronic control system in a new color scheme significantly outperforms their predecessors.

Model aggregates Smeg are reliable. This is high-quality equipment, some models do not have freezers. Smeg is considered a technique that is great for embedding in any room. The green unit can simulate a cupboard or kitchen utensil drawer. Imagine the surprise of the guests who discover the novelty of the season – the built-in fridge of an emerald hue.

Nice “green” prices

It is pleasant to realize that modern color design solutions have very little influence on the cost of finished products. Good quality home appliances have never been cheap. It is available as per its technical specifications. And the addition in the form of color proposals did not significantly change the final cost of the products. On average, the price for a green refrigerator of standard sizes starts at 12 thousand rubles.

Naturally, the pricing policy is built depending on the functionality, additional functions, sizes and capabilities. The larger the unit, the more features it has, the more expensive it is, despite its color.

Changing the decor of the room

It is easy to assume that the appearance of a green handsome man in the kitchen will be the reason for a large-scale reconstruction of the premises or, at least, for another cosmetic repair. A green home appliance requires an entire space to be refurbished. Without thinking twice, its owners fork out for new tiles for walls, flooring, exclusive whitewash, paints or wallpaper for walls, new chandeliers, lamps, dishes, small interior items.

Thus, the new thing fits perfectly into the new image of the kitchen, complementing it and making the area of ​​the room especially beautiful and cozy. The renovated kitchen has beautiful mint curtains, emerald panels, bright salad vases, new kitchen utensils in delicate greenish shades. The table is covered with a beautiful soft green tablecloth, and even the napkins have an emerald hue.

Thanks to the new thing, the room acquires an exclusive look and unique interior features.

In this video you will find a video demonstration of the stylish and bright refrigerator Gorenje ORK 192.

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