Refrigerator LG Side-by-Side

Refrigerator LG Side-by-Side

The most indispensable item in the modern kitchen is the refrigerator. You can do without an oven, blender, toaster, but food cannot be stored for a long time at room temperature, so choosing the right refrigerator is the main task of any housewife. Model from a global manufacturer of household appliances and electronics – refrigerator LG Side-by-Side – multifunctional and incredibly stylish assistant in the kitchen space.

The power of cold for a fresh sensation

The South Korean company has established itself in the home appliance market as a reliable partner in introducing innovative technologies into everyday life. The economy and functionality of LG products attract customers around the world, decorating a wide variety of kitchens with their appliances..

The line owes its original name to its complete set – literal translation “side by side“. The design of the model resembles an ordinary wardrobe, which has at least 2 doors. There is a specific camera behind each door. – freezing, refrigerating, sometimes additional freshness zones for vegetables and fruits. Despite the impressive dimensions, refrigerators Side-by-side look stylish and neat enough in the kitchen. The most popular colors are steel and silver, as well as classic white.


  • Linear compressor included reduces energy waste, due to which the service life of the device and its reliability are increased. LG Side-by-side models are equipped with two powerful linear compressors at once.
  • Integrated cooling system “Total No Frost” with multi-stream cooling avoids the defrosting procedure of the instrument. The system prevents the formation of condensation by cooling the shelves at all levels with uniform flows of cold air.
  • All models are equipped with a “clean water” system. It is carried out to the outer panel of any of the doors, and allows you to get chilled purified water or ice pieces without attracting the inner space. No additional connection to the plumbing system is required for the water supply.
  • Ice maker – bunker for the production and storage of lump ice. Filling capacity – 50-60 cubes per day, depending on the fullness of the freezer. Automatically stops production after filling or stopping the supply of water from the reservoir. Ice crumbs are produced using screw knives.
  • Infrared irradiation function to increase the shelf life of food.
  • Special system for absorbing odors from different products.
  • Freshness zones for various types of products: section for fresh fruits and vegetables, for frozen berries, for cooling dishes, a large number of compartments and shelves for sorting products.
  • LED display and the ability to easily change the settings of the refrigerator, temperature.
  • The volume of the internal space of the chambers is approximately 500 liters.
  • Door seal made of antibacterial material, to prevent the formation of mold inside the chamber.
  • The latest models are equipped with a self-diagnosis system, built-in bar, radio.


Due to its functionality, the refrigerator LG Side-by-Side deserves only the most positive reviews about the work, its ergonomics and volumes are suitable for a large family and make it pleasant and easy to work in the kitchen.

Despite the impressive parameters, the convenience of the location of LG refrigerators in the kitchen is noted. The impressive object does not require special care, the material does not leave marks from hands and water, and the steel coatings can be cleaned with a conventional glass cleaner.

  • The freezer not only impresses with its volumes, but also freezes perfectly, and the system “No frost»Avoids the appearance of frost on food.
  • The refrigerator itself gives signals if the system malfunctions, as well as if the door of one of the chambers is not tightly closed.

The owners of the refrigerator are surprised by the secret of increasing the shelf life of food in the chambers. Fruit, meat, dairy products and even greens stay fresh much longer.

  • Fans of cool drinks love function of supplying pure chilled water and ice cubes from embedded system. Minibar with chilled drinks has a separate door and convenient compartments.

  • The use of these refrigerators allows you to save on electricity consumption – energy consumption does not exceed consumption standards, despite the large number of functions and multitasking.

Pleasantly surprised by the absence of all kinds of noise, except when the ice maker is loaded and the production of ice crumbs.

  • The price will largely depend on the number of cameras, volume, choice of additional functions. Approximate price range from 80 to 120 thousand rubles.

Side-by-side line from LG is another worthy representative of a reliable manufacturer. Each customer will be able to choose a model from an extensive range of the line, in accordance with individual requests and different budgets.

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