Refrigerator Liebherr Side by Side

A spacious kitchen of a large family is unthinkable without a spacious refrigerator. The Liebherr Side by Side refrigerator has become a real discovery for many..

Features of the brand

Many people dream about the equipment of the German brand Liebherr. And for good reason. After all, the company has been producing its quality products for more than half a century. During this time, models are becoming more and more in demand. Refrigerators are renowned for their spaciousness, energy content and quality.

The name “Side by Side” means “side by side”.

This speaks of a special location – the refrigerator and freezer sections are next to each other.. Moreover, they can work and even be located in the room independently of each other. This two-door refrigerator will not only perfectly accommodate a huge amount of food, but it will also prevent odors from mixing..

Permanent benefits:

  • Solid volume of both refrigerating and freezing chambers;
  • Both cameras are independent of each other;
  • The compressor, and hence the cooling, is different for each chamber;
  • Automatic defrosting;
  • Electronic tuning system;
  • Several climatic zones in some models.

Model overview

Choosing a specific Liebherr refrigerator "Side by side" depends on the individual needs of the person. This nonsense offers a wide choice, but some models are the most relevant today. However, everything in order.

SBS ESF 7165

Tall and stylish refrigerator with as many as 6 climatic zones. It preserves the unchanged freshness of fruits and meats, cheese and wine. After all, each product needs its own temperature to store it..

For example, the Bio Fresh section is designed for fish and meat, fruits and vegetables. Special compartment BioFresh-Plus – for perishable food. Provided storage space for alcoholic beverages.

Each compartment has its own temperature required for each product.

You can set the desired temperature using the touch keys and the MagicEye display. For convenience, the containers have tips on where and what foods should be stored..

Ice Maker will be appreciated by lovers of soft drinks. By the way, the ice cubes do not freeze to each other – the Twist Tray’s swivel design took care of this..

And removable shelves made of impact-resistant glass can be positioned so that a large saucepan or tall cake can easily fit into the refrigerator..

This model of a two-door refrigerator does not need defrosting, because it is equipped with the No Frost function..

SBS 7252-24

This model also provides automatic defrosting and autonomous cold storage..

Inside, in addition to the standard set of shelves and boxes, there is a bracket for bottles. Each drawer slides out with telescopic slides. There is also an icemaker.

You can set up the refrigerator without getting up from the couch using the remote control.

SBS 7212

A high-quality middle-class refrigerator is the most budget-friendly. It is spacious, double-leafed and highly energy efficient. Therefore, with it you can perfectly save on electricity bills. There is a freezer on the right. It is divided into 8 transparent plastic drawers. In the refrigerating part there are 7 shockproof glass shelves, at the bottom there are two pull-out boxes, on the door there are 5 trays. There is also a display inside that reflects the settings.

It defrosts automatically. This means that it does not need to be turned off in order to clear it of frost. The freezer has No Frost, which means “no frost”. Simply put, the functioning is thought out so that ice does not form inside. The freezer has Super Cool and Super Frost, which quickly chill and freeze food. And also offline mode.

In the event of a power outage, the refrigerator can autonomously keep cold for 43 hours.

By the way, the refrigerator will remind you of the forgotten open door with a special signal.


Sharing impressions is relevant for those who have invested heavily in the acquisition of Liebherr Side by Side. Most agree in one opinion – the unit is not only undeniably convenient, but also of high quality in German. By the way, few people note the breakdown of the refrigerator. “It is not durable, it is eternal,” retort users “with experience”.

Large families especially appreciated the large volume, calling the refrigerator “family”. And the so-called freshness zone is noted in their reviews by almost everyone.

But the following is unambiguously unanimous – once you have tried any of the models of the refrigerator of this brand, you will never want to switch to “regular”.

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