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Many different interior items are used to decorate kitchens, they add bright colors and “zest” to the general atmosphere of comfort and home warmth. Some things are used to demonstrate the status of home owners, while others serve as decorations. Not only stylish, fashionable and cute, but also practical accessories are appreciated. Nowadays, magnetic boards for refrigerators are very popular. This simple little thing is capable of performing several functions at once..

What are magnetic boards?

Everyone is used to attaching magnets and stickers to refrigerators. Also, stickers are attached to the doors of refrigerators, on which various messages and notes are left. Now they are replaced by boards that are attached to refrigerators with magnets. They adhere perfectly, do not spoil the coating and can have various shapes. If necessary, they can be removed without effort and moved to another place, and it is as easy as shelling pears to take care of it. On the surface of the board, you can write with markers or chalk, depending on the type of product. Writings and drawings can be removed without problems, after which the board can be used again. Unlike paper stickers, which are disposable, the lifespan of the board is almost unlimited. The shape of this accessory can be different: in the form of a heart, an apple, a butterfly, an animal, a dessert, and so on. For connoisseurs of minimalism, there are the usual geometric shapes: circle, rectangle, circle, triangle. You can buy them at a hardware store or a specialized online store..

What are the boards?

There are two types of magnetic boards for the refrigerator:

  • Slate (chalk) board. Mostly the product is black, but there are other options as well. They write on it with crayons or chalk markers. Hard black slate is used for its manufacture. Sold complete with crayon holder, crayons and sponge.
  • Marker board. It is made of metal and covered with special enamel, making it convenient to write on it with a marker and then delete images. White color. As a rule, the accessory is framed by an aluminum frame. Includes: markers, stand and special sponge.

As you can see, the main difference between these two views from the user’s side is the color and what they write on them. Their functions are the same, as is the fastening method. In which direction to make a choice – the buyer decides. If your refrigerator is standard white, black will look better on it. It will stand out and contrast. White board looks great on a colored or black refrigerator.

Benefits of choice

Magnetic boards are widely used due to a number of features:

  • Convenient accommodation. At any time, it can be moved to another place;
  • Stylish and versatile look. Magnetic boards go well with a variety of interior styles. From strict high-tech and minimalism to cozy country and Provence;
  • Practicality and functionality;
  • Long service life;
  • Simple to use;
  • Unpretentious care. It will take a few seconds to clear the board;
  • Affordable price. The cost depends on the manufacturer’s firm, size and shape;
  • Huge selection of shapes and sizes for every taste.

Even small children can work with such a board, and they can use the magnetic board as an endless album sheet..


Initially, boards, both chalk and marker, were actively used in office premises. Some associate such objects with blackboards, mistakenly considering them a relic of the past, but this is not so. Today it is a very popular accessory for the kitchen interior.. There are two main ways to use this product.

  • For records. Many people put notes on the refrigerator door about grocery purchases, various receipts, activities, and so on. Several times a day, residents of the house must look into the refrigerator, and pass by it even more often. It is simply impossible not to pay attention to the board and the inscription on it..
  • For messages. The board can become a kind of messenger between family members. On it you can leave assignments and remind you of responsibilities. For example, you might remind your spouse to buy certain groceries for dinner, or write a message to your kids telling them to collect toys or do their homework..

Blackboard as a notebook

The modern rhythm lives at a fast pace. Most people make up a daily routine and live according to it in order to do the most useful things for a certain period of time. For this purpose, you can use not only a notebook or electronic gadget, but also a blackboard with magnets. She is always in sight, and the size allows you to paint on all plans for a day or a week. As soon as the item is completed, you can easily erase it and write a new one. Unlike a paper notebook, the pages do not run out, besides, the magnetic board does not need to be recharged like a mobile device. All tasks and tasks for the day will be in front of you. So you will definitely not forget to complete any receipt or other important matter..

Interior detail

In addition to the functional side, the above accessory also has a decorative feature. Thanks to the huge selection of shapes and sizes, you can choose the perfect option for the size of the refrigerator and the decor of the kitchen room. If the room is decorated with floral elements on curtains, wallpaper, tablecloths and other items, you can opt for a flower-shaped magnetic board. In the event that there are fruits in the decor, then a board in the shape of an apple, pear, pineapple and any other fruit or berry is perfect. For those who cannot imagine their life without pets, they will definitely like the board in the shape of a cat or a dog. Those with a sweet tooth choose an accessory in the form of an appetizing cupcake or ice cream. Also in stores you can find products in the form of popular characters from fairy tales and cartoons..

Do not forget that the board is a canvas on which you can depict anything you want. As a result, you will get a unique image that is a highlight in the kitchen room..

A new way to communicate

With the advent of magnetic refrigerator boards on the market and their active distribution, users have come up with new methods of using it. As a result, a new way of communication has emerged between family members and people who live under the same roof. In addition to notes, messages and various marks about household chores and worries on the board, you can leave pleasant messages to each other. Be it parents, significant other, friends or relatives and close people, there is always something to say to those who are dear to us. This way of communication will add variety to everyday life. Write a warm, sweet message to your loved one early in the morning, complete it with an image and your spouse will be in a great mood all day. You can also tune in to a positive household by writing a funny joke or phrase on the board. This accessory can be used as a platform for dialogue or conversation between family members. Each person will be able to leave their message to their relatives. Communication from early morning until late at night.

Conversation 24 hours a day

The board is especially useful for people who live together but lead different lifestyles and activities. “Larks” rise with the first rays of the sun, owls can sleep until lunchtime and even longer, and then stay awake until late. In order not to wake up another person and not wait for hours until he wakes up, you can leave a note on the board and, in addition, a pleasant wish.

As you may have noticed, such a simple and seemingly ordinary little thing has a large number of different functions. Due to the wide distribution of this accessory, it is not difficult to find it in stores with kitchen utensils and household goods. If you want something original, you can order a board according to individual parameters: shape, size, color.

In the next video – an overview of the magnetic board for the refrigerator.

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