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When choosing a refrigerator, potential buyers pay attention not only to the appearance of the unit, its technical characteristics, reliability, but also to the internal content. Zoning the space plays a big role in the purchase, just like the accessories included in the kit. And refrigerator shelves also have their own characteristics..


At first glance, it seems that there are a lot of unimportant parts in the design of the refrigerator: a shelf, sealing rubber, a door handle, etc. However, without a shelf, the refrigeration unit will not be able to fully function. Of course, you can put food on the bottom of the unit, but this is not an ideal solution to the problem. It is impossible to fully use such an important device in the kitchen without shelf surfaces. Simply put, there will be no place to preserve food from their inevitable spoilage..

As in the old days, modern refrigeration unit manufacturers, including the Atlant brand, produce three types of shelves:

  1. Main (bottom, top).
  2. Over vegetable crates.
  3. Side (door)

The larger the home cold maker is, the more shelves it should have. At the request of the owner, you can replace part of the shelves, remove unnecessary ones or add additional ones.. All these nuances were thought out in advance by the manufacturer Atlant, offering consumers different components.. However, when choosing accessories, it is important to understand that durability and usability depends on the material chosen in their production. Also, we must not forget about the placement of shelves, climatic zoning in the refrigerator depends on this factor..


Home appliances and accessories manufacturer Atlant offers three types of shelves:

  • Glass. Made of extra dense and heat-resistant glass.

Despite the emergence of new materials, glass surfaces continue to be installed in refrigeration equipment due to their durability and reliability. As the years of operation show, glass is the most successful option for the internal filling of an electrical appliance. Easy to clean and wash and maintain.

Glass shelves can be edged and sold without edging. Surfaces that do not have such an element are less convenient and practical, since they are very easy to break, beat off a corner. If such a nuisance occurred, damaged "mezzanine" the refrigerator must be replaced immediately to avoid various injuries and injuries. You can purchase exactly the same one by purchasing an additional edging separately, or immediately buy a shelf with edging.

Many modern consumers believe that glass is a rather impractical and unreliable material for the shelf surface of a refrigerator, but this is a misconception. Yes, in appearance such objects look quite fragile, but this does not mean that they will not cope with a heavy load. The peculiarity of the glass shelf lies in its endurance. It can withstand a weight of 30 kg (as stated by the manufacturer, and as proven by a number of tests). Special tempered glass is very durable, so it is impossible to load enough food into the refrigerator that the shelf cannot support their weight.

The only thing you shouldn’t do is deliberately beat the glass coasters. If the metal can even be thrown on the ground, carelessly shifted and roughly handled, then this cannot be done with glass..

An added bonus of glass shelves – transparent tempered glass surfaces decorate the inside of the refrigerator, they are easy to maintain. The main disadvantage of the design is the obstacle to the normal movement of air masses in the refrigerator.

  • Metallic. Such surfaces are said to be the most durable, since they are difficult to damage, and with proper care they will last for many years. These attributes are made in the form of grates, they are often used to cool food or drinks. They are shockproof and very tough.

Some consumers are sure that lattice shelves are outdated long ago and are not relevant in modern electrical appliances, in fact, such surfaces are actively used now, even in the most prestigious refrigerators and Atlant brand appliances. They do not impede the flow of cold air, so the food is evenly cooled.

However, there is also a negative side: metal accessories sooner or later rust (these products are not made of stainless steel) and small items cannot be put on such a shelf due to their design characteristics..

  • Plastic. The complete set of this material will last a long time, as well as the handles. "New wave", the most that can happen is the appearance of scratches. The strength, service life and appearance are influenced by the type of plastic used.

Advantages "balcony"

The interior of the refrigerator must be organized according to the rules, wisely. This is the only way to easily place all sorts of pots, jars, boxes, salad bowls, etc. It is very convenient to store washed fruits and vegetables in a home appliance for the cold – a quick and healthy snack for the whole family.

In addition to the main shelves to optimize space, it is also convenient to use the glass door shelf.-"balcony". These are located on the side door of the refrigerator, that is, they are attached directly to the door. They can hold egg and bottle holders. There is also provided for the optimal temperature for storing various medicines and cosmetics, which must be stored in a cool, dark place. Some balconies have covers, which is very convenient if you need to attach various little things.

The glass balcony shelf has no particular drawbacks. With a heavy load, cracks may appear over time, fittings may break, after which the balcony can no longer serve and it will need to be replaced. In this case, you can purchase exactly such a new balcony or a balcony suitable for a particular refrigerator model from another manufacturer.

Causes of breakdowns

Replacing a refrigerator shelf is not an easy renovation job as some buyers might think.. A cracked shelf causes a lot of problems for its owners. You can not put anything on it, as a result – the workplace inside the refrigerator is inefficiently spent.

The shelf can become unusable for a number of reasons, the main ones are:

  • unintentional toppling to the floor. For example, while washing the refrigerator, when it was necessary to get a shelf.
  • Applying great force when placing heavy containers in a refrigeration unit.

It is in such cases that various cracks, creases, chips may appear, which in the future lead to a malfunction of the shelf..

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