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Nowadays, it is difficult to find a more irreplaceable household appliance than a refrigerator.. After all, you can do without a washing machine and even without a stove, but nothing can replace the refrigerator, especially in hot summer.

Housewives impose many requirements on this household appliance when choosing – it must be roomy, have an aesthetic appearance, not consume a lot of electricity and meet sanitary standards – freeze regularly, do not leak, have no smell.

After all, the quality of the products stored in it and the health of all family members depend on all this..

Modern refrigerators Vestel fully meet all these requirements and have been in great demand on the Russian market for many years. They are characterized by a stylish laconic design that will easily fit into any interior, and a variety of models will allow you to choose an option that meets any set of requirements.

About company

Vestel Group is a Turkish brand with 19 companies. It has offices in many European countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia and the United States. Turkey is usually indicated as the country of manufacture of these household appliances, but many components, including those for refrigerators, have been produced in our country since 2006. Such a production system allows you to reduce the cost of products, which makes them attractive to a large number of buyers..

Vestel provides a three-year warranty for the manufactured products. Service centers are located in many cities of Russia, which ensures timely warranty repair.

All production is automated, carried out on modern equipment with a high level of quality control, which is confirmed by international certificates. Also, production and manufactured products comply with European environmental safety standards..

General characteristics

Most models are characterized by the following indicators:

  • climate class N (that is, the device is designed to work in a room where the temperature is from 16C to 32C);
  • energy class A (from 0.17 to 0.19 kWh / kg);
  • manual system for defrosting the freezer;
  • drip system for defrosting the refrigerator compartment (this is an automatic defrosting method that does not require disconnecting the device from the electricity);
  • used refrigerant – R600a (isobutane).

Inside the refrigerator compartment of all models there is a thermostat to set the required temperature value depending on the amount and types of food stored in it..

Do not forget that the cyclical operation of the device depends on the correctly set temperature and correctly placed products, and, as a result, the power consumption.

The set usually comes with 2 or 3 shelves made of plastic and one of tempered glass. The plastic frame for the shelves protects food, especially glass jars, from slipping off. Thanks to special guides, they are easy to remove and rearrange to the desired level. Also includes a rack for 10 eggs and a mold for freezing ice.

VDD 260 VW

The most compact of the modern models of this brand. Height 144 cm, small dimensions 54×60 cm, make it convenient for installation in small rooms with low ceilings. At the same time, it is quite spacious – the total internal volume is 235 liters, of which 187 liters is the volume of the refrigerator compartment. The freezer has one compartment, located on top, requires manual defrosting.

Of the advantages, it should be noted that the temperature is maintained for a long time when disconnected from electricity – 930 minutes. Power consumption is relatively low – 288 kW / year. This model is quite economical and is suitable for a small family – 2-3 people.

VCB 274 VW

Like the previous version, this is a relatively compact refrigerator with a height of 152 cm, but with a smaller internal volume – only 215 liters. The freezer of this model is located at the bottom, and is quite spacious – 56 liters, equipped with three pull-out plastic drawers. The noise level does not exceed 41 dB, 0.782 kW of electricity is consumed per day.

VCB 276 VW

The rather large internal volume of this refrigerator – 248 liters – is created due to the height of 170 cm. At the same time, it has a spacious freezer with three drawers, with a total volume of 67 liters. Freezing capacity of the chamber – 3.5 kg / 24h. Temperature preservation time without electricity – more than 10 hours.

The model is quite narrow at 54 cm wide and 61 cm deep, and has rear castors and adjustable feet, making it easy to set up and move around. In general, it is a versatile, convenient and fairly economical option for a family of 3-4 people.

VCB 330 VW

Large-sized model with dimensions 170x60x60 cm and a total volume of 279 liters. 188 liters are in the refrigerator compartment and 91 liters in the freezer. The freezing capacity of the chamber is 6 kg / 24 h. The noise level can reach 44 dB, the power consumption per day is 0.9 kW.

Such a refrigerator is perfect for a large family and for those who like to freeze large quantities of fresh vegetables or buy meat and fish for future use..

To ensure the proper operation of the freezer, remember that the food must first be placed in the upper drawer, and only after 24 hours put in the lower drawers..

VCB 365 FH

This model is similar in its characteristics VCB 330 VW, but with a large refrigerating chamber – 228 liters. A distinctive feature is the stylish dark silver color. This refrigerator will look great in a spacious kitchen with a strict, sustained interior in style "loft", minimalism or "high tech".

All shelves of the refrigerator compartment of this model are made of glass, not plastic. It is also equipped with a door re-hanging kit, that is, if necessary, the hinges can be moved to the other side and the door can be opened on the left, not on the right, as in the factory setting..

The height of this model is 185 cm.When installing it in the kitchen, remember that the distance from the top panel to the ceiling must be at least 15 cm.

VCB 365 VW

This model in all its characteristics is a complete analogue of the model VCB 365 FH, but made in a classic white design, which makes it more versatile.

VDD 345 VW

The most spacious version with a volume of 312 liters, of which 242 liters is a refrigerator compartment. Of all the models presented, it has the longest temperature preservation time without electricity – 1140 minutes. Electricity consumption level is 0.91 kW / day.

The large freezer compartment – 70 liters – is located at the top and is one compartment without drawers. Freezing capacity is 3.5 kg / 24 h.

There are four shelves on the door, which is convenient for placing a large number of products that require a storage temperature higher than in the refrigerator itself (for example, cat food, sauces, baby food).


Unlike all the others, the freezer and refrigerator chambers of this model are equipped with an automatic defrosting system. "No frost". On the door of the upper chamber there is an electronic display for setting the operation of the refrigerator and controlling the temperature. The screen displays the temperature in each of the chambers, which is very convenient to ensure the correct storage conditions for food.

The refrigerator operates with an average permissible noise level of 46 dB, and consumes 1.042 kW of electricity per day.


Refrigerators, like other household appliances of the company Vestel, belong to the middle price segment. The cheapest and smallest model VDD 260 VW can be purchased for 17,500 rubles. in the official online store of the company. Price for larger models VCB 274 VW and VDD 345 VW is 18,990 rubles. Models with large freezers VCB 276 VW and VCB 330 VW cost 19,990 rubles. and 21,590 rubles. respectively.

One of the most expensive models – VNF 366 MWE. It can be purchased for 28,500 rubles. The silver refrigerator VCB 365 FH costs 23,990 rubles, its white counterpart VCB 365 VW a little cheaper – 22 690 rubles.

Operating conditions

To ensure a long and trouble-free operation of the refrigerator, some simple rules should be followed:

  • place on a flat surface (in the case of an uneven floor, this can be corrected by adjusting the height of the legs);
  • do not install in the immediate vicinity of heat sources (batteries, radiators, stoves and electric stoves) so that it is exposed to direct sunlight;
  • do not put hot food inside;

  • follow the rules for placing products and do not overload the cameras with large volumes (optimal when the chambers are not more than 2/3 full);
  • monitor the value of the set temperature;
  • do not open the doors too often, since this leads to a violation of the temperature regime;
  • if you disconnect the refrigerator from electricity for a long time, leave doors open to avoid unpleasant odors.

Selection Tips

When choosing a refrigerator, there are a few things to consider:

  • Kitchen dimensions. Do not think that only a small refrigerator is allowed for a small kitchen. The modern range of Vestel refrigerators allows you to choose the best option for rooms of any size – from low ones with a small freezer, to spacious two-compartment, high and narrow, which also do not take up much space..

  • Number of people in the family. It is clear that the larger the family, the larger the refrigerator is required. If there is a small child in the house, then often a large freezer is needed for storing fresh frozen vegetables or a special section for baby food (more often these are just door shelves).

  • Interior. This household appliance is an important element of the kitchen interior, and should not stand out from the general style. And if the classic white version fits almost everywhere, then when choosing black or bright color, you should think or consult with the designer. Also, remember that bright colors only whet the appetite, while white calms down..


Buyers leave conflicting reviews about refrigerators of this brand. The main advantages are usually indicated by a relatively low cost and a long service life (up to seven years or more), as well as a warranty period of 3 years. Many people like the ease of handling and quiet operation that they fit perfectly even in small kitchens.

Complaints are often caused by the fact that in case of repair it is difficult to get the necessary parts.. Often they have to be ordered from Turkey, which delays repairs and makes them very expensive.. Customers complain about slow service centers and poor service.

Also, minor breakdowns often occur – glass cracks or plastic breaks on the shelves, sometimes the seal on the doors leaves. Such cases are not covered by the warranty and parts cannot be replaced..

In general, users agree that the quality of Vestel refrigerators is quite consistent with their price, and they are a perfectly acceptable budget option..

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