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Corporation Whirlpool begins its history from the distant 1911. It is an American home appliance company that has been operating in Europe since 1989. Pride, passion and quality are the watchwords of her work and the aim is to bring technique Whirlpool to consumer homes around the globe. The heart of the corporation is located in the state of Michigan, factories are located in a large number of countries around the world. There are representative offices in countries such as Great Britain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden, the Netherlands and, of course, Russia.

Features and Benefits

Company Whirlpool produces modern home appliances with high design and ergonomic qualities. When developing, the manufacturer uses high-quality materials and the latest developments in world science and technology. The country in which the products are manufactured can be different, because the corporation has factories in most European countries and in many world ones. Usually brand refrigeration equipment Whirlpool supplied to Russia from Poland.

The brand’s products are characterized by high energy efficiency.. Energy class A+, inherent in all representatives of refrigeration equipment from the brand, provides a fairly good economic efficiency when used, because it requires only about 370 kWh energy per year.

A good study of details and high-quality assembly elements allow automating all the work of sensors that monitor and maintain temperature conditions. This minimizes the need for human intervention in the operation of the system. The devices constantly monitor and select the desired level of humidity and cooling. This function is extremely useful in the event of an emergency power outage or if the door to the fridge or freezer compartment has not been closed by accident. The technique is able to maintain an autonomous acceptable temperature for about fifteen hours.

The devices are equipped with convenient flat-panel displays, on which all the necessary information is displayed and the functions of the device are controlled. I must say that most of the brand’s products have a large number of additional pleasant functions in stock. This is, for example, an anti-icing system "No frost", and child protection system, rapid cooling and freezing, antibacterial and odor-free filters, sound and light signals about opening doors or increasing the temperature.

The range of models of refrigerators from the brand is quite wide. It includes the familiarly designed classic models, as well as a modern, interesting design that includes a huge number of functions..

So, Whirlpool products have the following advantages:

  • reliability of assembly and high quality of materials;

  • proven compressors from Embraco;

  • anti-icing system "No frost";

  • high energy efficiency;

  • the mode of creating the optimal temperature and humidity;

  • automatic defrosting;

  • large selection of design and functionality.

Due to their positive qualities, the refrigerators of this company can work for a long time without interruptions and inconveniences for their owners..


Among the models of Whirlpool refrigerators there are a large number of samples with various external and internal parameters. Let’s take a look at some of the most important characteristics of the company’s refrigeration equipment provided to customers in well-known stores such as "El Dorado" and ".M Video". At the moment, these are the three most popular models: BSNF 8121 OX, WTV 4125 NF W and WTV 4597 NFC IX.

  • One of the most important characteristics of a refrigeration device is its useful volume.. In most cases, this parameter directly affects the total cost of the product. The required size of the device depends on the needs of each specific family, the habits of preparing food, the number of family members, the size of the kitchen, and so on. The dimensions of the devices presented are large enough and have a good usable volume. Model has WTV 4597 the volume is 450 liters, of which 341 liters are in the refrigerator, WTV 4125 has a capacity of 406 liters, and BSNF 8121 – 356, which is the smallest of the models presented.

  • The second most important technical parameter is energy efficiency.. Energy efficiency classes differ depending on the amount of electricity consumed by the device and are marked with Latin letters from A to F. classes A, A +, A++ and, as a last resort, B. Appliances with energy efficiency below C are considered obsolete and unprofitable. All vehicle models Whirlpool have an energy efficiency class A + and consume less than 400 kWh of electricity per year.

  • Display and type of device control also play an important role.. The electronic type of control allows fine adjustment of the temperature regime in the refrigerating and freezing chambers separately. Including turning them off if necessary. The display allows you to receive information about the operation of the device in an understandable and convenient form, it displays the temperature in the chambers, has a setup menu and, when errors appear, displays their code for the quickest search and elimination of the problem. Mechanical control makes it possible to only approximately regulate the temperature regime by lowering or increasing the temperature in the chamber. Naturally, this type cannot show any information to the user. But the mechanical control has one big advantage, in case of malfunctions and the need to replace it, it will cost an order of magnitude cheaper. The electronic module and the firmware for it will cost quite an impressive amount and their replacement is not an easy process.

All presented devices of the brand have an electronic type of control, which provides accurate and convenient adjustment..

  • The number of compressors affects the operation of the device. If there is one compressor serving both the freezer and the refrigerator, the inconvenience may arise due to the more frequent opening of the refrigerator compartment door. After all, the freezer remains closed, the temperature does not rise there, and the cooling starts to work on both chambers at once. Separate compressors avoid such overwork and reduce the energy consumption of the refrigerator. The models presented in stores have one standard compressor, which, apparently, avoids a sharp rise in the price of goods..

  • The defrosting system can significantly simplify the life of the owner of the refrigerator with a properly thought-out technology. Whirlpool refrigerators have an automatic drip defrosting system in the refrigerator compartment, which allows a person not to interfere with the defrosting process. Freezers, on the other hand, are equipped with a system that is very popular nowadays. "No frost". Inside the freezer there is a special fan that accelerates the air and does not allow condensate to collect on the walls and freeze into an ice crust. Thus, the middle of this process, beloved by the hostesses, looks like. After all, with its use, you do not have to completely deal with long defrosting and cleaning of the freezer. The drip system in the refrigerator section is good in that it does not include a fan, which can cause airing of food.

  • Additional functions of the refrigerator, frankly, are not so important for its functioning and fulfillment of the main task.. But they make the use of the device easier and more enjoyable..

Devices of the brand have such functionality in addition to the usual:

  • supercooling and freezing modes, allowing you to quickly cool the food you just put, for example, when preparing to welcome guests;

  • antibacterial filter that prevents bacteria and mold from multiplying;

  • sound signals when the temperature rises or the door is open;

  • autonomous preservation of temperature during power outage up to 24 hours.

How to customize the panel

For the refrigerator compartment, you can use the following settings and modes on the control panel.

  • The panel displays the state of the open refrigerator door, accompanied by a sound signal.

  • Set current temperature of the refrigerator compartment.

  • Quick chill should be used when starting to chill freshly placed food. It turns off automatically six hours after being turned on, or you can turn it off yourself when necessary..

  • Mode "Vacation" it is better to use in case of long absence. In this case, all products that may deteriorate must be removed from the refrigerator compartment, and the chamber door must be closed. The device will maintain a temperature that prevents unpleasant odors.

  • Standby mode turns off both chambers, the refrigerator and the freezer. The light in the refrigerator will also not work, but the mode does not imply disconnecting the device from the mains. Also, each camera can be entered separately into this mode..

Some functions are also available in the freezer.

  • Display of the set temperature for the freezer.

  • Fast freezing allows you to prepare freshly placed food for long storage. For the most effective cooling, it is best to turn on this mode 24 hours before you intend to lay new foods..

  • Mode "Guests" makes it possible to quickly chill a bottle of wine if unexpected guests appear on your doorstep. When this mode is activated, an animation will be shown on the display, after thirty minutes, the display will beep, indicating that drinks can be removed.

Also, the electronic module has some warning signals, such as an independent change in storage conditions when loading a large amount of non-refrigerated products, blocking changes and child protection, an alarm about too high a temperature, a signal to contact a service center, an indicator of the need to replace an antibacterial filter.

The device may not work properly in some cases. For example, the cooling might work too hard. But when food is frozen, they can lose their taste and useful properties, and they can simply deteriorate.. The refrigerator compartment can be too cold in the following cases:

  • incorrect temperature setting;

  • a problem with the door seal;

  • violation in the circulation of the coolant;

  • malfunction of the temperature sensor or regulator.

Among other problems, constant overloading can lead to rapid wear and damage to the compressor..

In the opposite situation, despite the fact that the device is working, the sound of the compressor is heard, the lamp in the refrigerator compartment is on, it does not cool. This can happen due to the following problems:

  • failures in electronics;

  • clogging of capillary defrost;

  • refrigerant leaks;

  • a problem with a thermostat;

  • motor malfunction.

If you set the correct temperature and change the light bulb for each user, then in such cases it is highly discouraged to practice "self-medication". Better to call a qualified technician or contact a service center.

The lineup

Refrigeration equipment range Whirlpool quite wide. Models are divided into single-chamber and double-chamber. The single chamber type is represented by a separate freezer. There are also small single-chamber models, with or without a built-in small freezer. This is an excellent economical in size and use option for a summer cottage or office..

The two-chamber type is usually a two-door option.. The freezer can be located at the bottom, top or on one of the sides in more voluminous versions.

The model WBE 3321A. Model ARC 1800 small and compact, only 150 liters. It is a representative of a two-door type with a small freezer located at the top of only 40 liters.

Option WBC 4069 more spacious and has a volume of 380 liters. This is a modern representative of refrigerated trucks, belonging to the class A + electricity consumption. Equipped with LCD display, electronic control, one compressor, freezer defrost system "No frost" and drip for the refrigerator and convenient additional features. With all its advantages, the noise level is only 42 dB, which is also a rather pleasant characteristic..

The company also produces a version of the refrigerator that can be built into any kitchen interior. An example of such a product is ART 963. It has a capacity of 300 liters, an automatic defrosting system and an electronic control. Energy efficiency class A +, the device is also capable of maintaining the temperature in autonomous mode for up to sixteen hours.

An example of an interesting side-by-side layout is a refrigeration unit. 20SI-L4 A. In this embodiment, the freezer compartment is located on the side of the refrigerator. And the doors, respectively, are located not one above the other, but next to each other, allowing the refrigerator to be opened like a cabinet. Comfortable and spacious model with a volume of 505 liters.

The company also releases a fairly new design option – a corner refrigerator.. Such a change in the usual dimensions of equipment allows you to very effectively use the space in the kitchen and apply the most daring design projects in life. Otherwise, this type of device is no different from ordinary modern counterparts..

Most models have a lot of functions. This is also a liquid crystal display with the ability to accurately set the temperature in each chamber, modes "Vacation" and "Guests", rapid cooling and freezing systems "No frost", providing de-icing, and "Air Filter", designed to clean the air in the chamber from bacteria and fungi. All this functionality makes life much easier for the owners of such equipment and makes operation pleasant and easy..

The colors of the product design are also quite varied.. The most common apparatus are white and stainless steel. Various shades of metal are also used, such as bronze or steel. Even black and mirror options are presented, which are laconic and interesting novelty..

Among the variety of options, you can find suitable for any interior and taste..

Components and accessories

The refrigerating chamber components include door shelves and shelves of the main compartment, usually made of transparent impact-resistant glass. The door racks are available with or without a lid. Depending on the dimensions of the device, the number of all components and their dimensions may be different. There are always boxes for fruits and vegetables, which allow you to separate them from the main department, do not spread the smell and keep them fresh for longer..

Also, the door shelf is equipped with a tray for storing eggs. Some models have an additional snack tray.

The freezer compartment has drawers of various sizes, allowing you to classify foods and store them conveniently. There is also a mold for making ice.

When operating any equipment, sooner or later, components appear that may require replacement. Most often this is required by light bulbs or an antibacterial filter. Any user can handle the replacement of these parts, especially since the instructions describe the replacement process in detail. But sometimes other parts also require intervention: a handle, cooling pipes, an electronic display and control module, temperature sensors, fuses and timers, a fan, shelf guides and various fasteners. These parts are best left to specially trained professionals..

As accessories for refrigerators Whirlpool famous stores offer uninterruptible power supplies. Unfortunately, American appliances are not designed to cope with frequent power outages. This significantly shortens their service life, which is why a voltage stabilizer and a surge protector are often recommended companions for this refrigeration technology..

Odor absorbers, available in various shapes and colors, and cleaning products are also available as an accessory..


Product Reviews Whirlpool are mostly positive. Customers like the assortment of goods, and most importantly, their quality. Even after a ten-year service life, users note the following advantages for a refrigerator:

  • huge useful volume;

  • serviceable cooling and freezing;

  • lack of ice and snow, which made it possible not to thaw it for all ten years;

  • no breakdowns;

  • the convenience of glass shelves that do not break or scratch;

  • sound notification of an unclosed door is very convenient;

  • quiet work;

  • pleasant function of generating ice in the freezer;

  • a freshness zone in the refrigerator compartment that keeps the temperature around zero degrees and allows food to stay fresh longer.

Pleases buyers and the function of locking the display, however, it does not always work as a child protection because of its simplicity.

It seemed strange to many that with a fairly low noise level, you can still hear how the cooling system turns on and off. Sometimes the device emits strange clicks, knocks and gurgles. True, some buyers claim that you quickly get used to it..

The product received few negative reviews for malfunctions after several years of operation: overheating of the refrigerating chamber, freezing ice in the freezer.

Also, users are confused by the high cost of equipment and its operation. But this can be explained by the high quality of components and materials and a long service life..

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