Refrigerator width

A refrigerator is one of the most important devices in a person’s everyday life, besides, it is used in everyday life.. Its dimensions are directly related to the functionality and performance of the device. The sizes should be calculated based on the kitchen area, the number of apartment residents, their purchasing power and budget..


What width are?

For a start, it will be useful to find out what the sizes of this key kitchen appliance are.. The average parameters of household appliances of this type on the territory of Russia are modified in the following intervals:

  • Height is 85-210 centimeters. In this category, there is a division into small – up to 135 cm, medium-sized cabinets, the height of which is 140-185 cm, and large-sized refrigerators, they exceed 190 centimeters in height.
  • TOlassic, the width of which varies in the range of 45-65 cm, presented in three different categories. These include refrigeration cabinets of European, Asian and American class. Belonging to the American type is determined by their large size: wide and tall models with a width of 58-65 cm and a height of about two meters, that is, they differ in dimensions above average. Asian devices are aggregates of average dimensions, while the European type is distinguished by its height and narrowness..
  • Speaking about the depth, we note that it fluctuates between 50-70 centimeters., rarely reaching 76 cm. Refrigerators are classified according to this parameter, the minimum depth is 45-50 cm (in rare cases 40-42), – such devices are considered not deep. They are also standard, with a depth of 60 centimeters and large-sized, the dimensions of which go up to 1200 mm, which is equal to 1.2 meters.

Quite often, mini-refrigerators are created, the dimensions of which are much smaller than those of ordinary ones. They are often installed in the living room or in a special compartment of the kitchen unit. Their width is usually 45-48 centimeters, the depth is 52-56 cm at best, and the height is no more than a meter..

The ergonomics of household appliances is determined by its volume, capacity, which is directly related to the presence of departments in the refrigerator, or, more simply, refrigeration chambers. The standard capacity of the device is considered to be 250-350 liters, which is distributed between the main one, that is, the refrigerator and the freezer. This ratio is equal to 150-210 liters to 50-140 liters, respectively. Among the most popular types of refrigeration cabinets are called low (about 50-120 centimeters), medium-width single-chamber appliances with one chamber and a lower freezer volume of about 50 liters, while the capacity of the main chamber in such cases is 150 liters. The depth of these devices is 53-57 centimeters..

The main advantage of units of this type is that they are perfect for active use by several people, since it is quite convenient, due to its small size, but decent spaciousness.

On the other hand, if the family is large, then it will be much more expedient to use two-compartment refrigerators, specially designed for many users. They have two compressors, which ensure full operation of the freezer and refrigerator compartment. Their average parameters are 700-800 millimeters in width, 150-210 cm in height and 54-65 centimeters in depth. However, the main advantage is its capacity, reaching up to 380 liters. From these numbers, it can be seen that such kitchen utensils have great functionality and, importantly, separate blowing systems of two departments are built into them. With all this, this type of technology has a significant drawback – its massiveness.

To date, it has been noticed that the so-called “Side by Side refrigerators” are gaining high popularity..

Immediately, we note that such a technique is categorically not suitable for apartments with a small kitchen, since they are intended either for living quarters with a large kitchen area, for example, for private houses, studio apartments or spacious apartments..

The reason for their popularity is that in the market for this household appliance they have the most complete set of functions, including No Frost. In addition, they provide: vacuum storage, a freshness zone, an ice maker and sometimes even a built-in TV. The typical dimensions of this device are as follows: 180 cm high, 100 cm wide, 75-80 (and sometimes 90) centimeters deep. Due to all this, the capacity is 450-900 liters. The functionality brought to perfection and the special arrangement of chambers in the closet allows to improve the quality of food storage, because a special compartment is allocated for each class of products. In addition, this type of technique is convenient and easy to use..

How to choose the right size?

In Russia and the CIS, equipment of the European category is in great demand, which is presented on the market in the form of a wide range of models.. Despite the fact that the type of kitchen utensils and its known average parameters have already been determined, the dimensions of the refrigerator still remain one of the most important criteria that people rely on when choosing an appliance for their kitchen.

When buying, people try to buy a refrigerator that will not only keep food fresh, but also have wide functionality with relatively small dimensions. Kitchen appliances are usually fitted into the size of the kitchen so that opening the door does not cause any difficulties in the form of a lack of space. How to do this and how to find the best option suitable for the living space, read below.

It depends not only on the quantitative parameters of the apartment, but also on the preferences of its tenants..

So, if they like the freshest food possible, then it is preferable to give preference to a large refrigerator compartment, even if to the detriment of the volume of the freezer. Conversely, if the freezer compartment is frequently used, then consider options with a large freezer compartment..

Moreover, the choice is influenced by the frequency of trips to the store, because if you rarely buy food, but in large quantities, then, obviously, you will need a sufficiently large depth of the refrigerating chambers. And if trips to the store take place every day, but only the most necessary products are bought, you can save on such a parameter as depth. It may be advisable to purchase a smaller, more economical device if there is no need and habit of purchasing many products on time. For people with this level of needs, a compact single-compartment refrigerator is suitable..

It is important to know that when buying, two volumes of the unit are taken into account: there is a total volume, which means the internal capacity of an empty cabinet, while there is also a so-called “useful” volume, which shows how many products can be placed in a particular department. When selecting equipment, pay attention to the second parameter, as it indicates the real capacity of the unit..


Built-in models

It often happens that when ordering kitchen furniture, the manufacturer offers to order a built-in refrigerator. So, it acts as a built-in technique, which is produced according to certain standard patterns. They allow you to complete a kitchen set, as well as create a single design for all utensils. At the same time, there will be no difficulties with measuring the length, width and other dimensions necessary for embedding equipment. In addition, the service will always be at a high level, since the manufacturers of kitchen furniture closely interact with the manufacturers of household utensils, which have large service centers..

That is why the built-in refrigerator is one of the options that is the most versatile, practical and therefore suitable for many apartments and kitchens. On the other hand, this deprives the buyer of a choice, because he may want to purchase any other models that he considers attractive in style and cost. And a seemingly demanded engineering and stylistic solution has its drawbacks, for example, increased cost with a small volume.

While a freestanding refrigerator has many positive aspects, such as no need to match the appliance to the size of kitchen furniture, and the ability to place it at your discretion.


When buying, you should pay attention to such nuances as the material of the shelves, the number of compressors, the energy class, and the climate class must correspond to the region where the device will be used..

Having chosen a built-in or free-standing refrigerating cabinet and having entered it into the square meters of the room, it is necessary to install it. This can be done easily by following these simple guidelines:

  • Safety precautions must be followed, accordingly, the device should be located at a sufficient distance from the stove and the heating battery. The distance between them must be at least 50 centimeters. Do not forget that in summer, a lot of sunlight should not fall on it, which can lead to its breakdown..
  • Very undesirable put the refrigerator close to the sink.
  • One more “not”: do not place the cabinet close to the wall – it is better to leave a small gap between them.
  • For apartments with a small kitchen area, the following advice will be especially relevant: try not to place the object in such a way that when you open its door it will be difficult to enter the room.

It is obvious that such an item as a refrigerator in the modern world is the most important kitchen appliance, on which the vital activity of a person or a family depends to a certain extent..

You cannot do without this item in everyday life, so you should seriously approach the choice and carefully study the market, which offers a whole variety of options, both in price and in size, because today it is not so difficult for a buyer to find one or another modification of a refrigerator that will work effectively and meet the needs.


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