Refrigerator with large freezer

Refrigerator with large freezer

Today, no kitchen can be imagined without a refrigerator.. The choice of model depends on the brand of the manufacturer, the total capacity and design features. For a large family for which the capacity of a unit with a small refrigerating chamber is not enough, you can, of course, be advised to purchase a second refrigerator. However, an ideal option would be one device with a large compartment for storing frozen products – meat, offal, all kinds of preparations for vegetables and berries for the winter. How to choose a refrigerator with a large freezer?

Traditional freezer volumes

Freezer volume can range from 4 to 280 liters for a conventional stationary refrigerator. A household appliance with a freezer compartment of 150 liters or more is considered large. At the same time, the space of the main compartment is reduced in favor of the freezer. Models of European, Korean and Chinese production cannot boast of a large-sized compartment for freezing. The average volume of the freezer in such devices ranges from 80 to 130 liters or less..

When choosing a unit with a large freezer, you should give preference to American-made models, where the options begin with a freezer with a volume of more than 100 liters.

Side-by-side model

This version of the refrigerator for the home consists of two connected sections, where the freezer takes place next to the left. It has its own door and additional features such as chilled water supply, ice maker, and some models even have a personal TV on the outside. In such a refrigerator, the freezer takes up more than half the volume of the entire appliance.. At the same time, the entire unit turns out to be quite cumbersome, sometimes with a volume of over 700 liters..

The advantages of this model are undeniable:

  • Own freestanding freezer;
  • Freezer compartment without prejudice to the main compartment;
  • Lots of auxiliary options;
  • Colossal capacity.

The disadvantage of this type of refrigerator is its large size – the model may not fit through the doorway and is not suitable for every kitchen. The double-leaf unit turns out to be very high and inconvenient in operation – it will be problematic for owners of small stature to get freezing from the upper shelves.

Models with a freezer in the lower tier

The double door fridge with a freezer underneath is the most stylish and space-saving option. The compartment for storing frozen products in such a pull-out model, which is very convenient in terms of operation. The height of the device as a whole reaches 170 centimeters, the width is up to 120 centimeters. The volume of the refrigerating chamber is one third or even half of the total volume of the refrigerator. This space is quite enough for storing food for the needs of a large family, and you don’t have to worry that the freezer will be empty. This version of a refrigerator with a large freezer can be considered optimal..

Benefits of the bottom location

The large volume of the freezer allows you to store a significant supply of food. For each housewife, the best option would be separate portion placement. It is the products stored in this way that do not mix and do not stick together into one dense lump, do not become saturated with each other’s smells. Serving size can be made per cooking. The lower position of the freezer is perfect for responsible storage of freezing. Horizontal orientation involves many shelves and drawers for products.

It is easy to keep frozen in containers unchanged. In addition, such an isolated placement can be planned taking into account the features of the model – a compartment for shock freezing, a compartment for storing ready-made semi-finished products, meat and fish can now be stored separately. The refrigeration element is always located at the bottom of the appliance. The freezer on the lower tier helps to significantly save energy consumption of the household appliance.


Choosing a refrigerator with a large freezer is a very responsible and time-consuming task, because you need to find a truly multifunctional device that is equal in price and quality. Feedback from those lucky ones who have already appreciated all the advantages of a large freezer can come to the rescue. According to the responses of users of Internet forums, the Russian-made model “Atlant»Fits well in the kitchen.

The spacious freezer is located at the bottom, it has four pull-out drawers for storing frozen food. Convenient casters for smooth movement of the appliance on the floor, absence of protruding elements, beautiful design – what else is needed for a good refrigerator. The ability to defrost only one department without disconnecting another and an affordable price make this model very popular on the market..

Among foreign manufacturers, it is worth noting brand refrigerators LG, Sharp, Bosch. Refrigerator series Side-by-side from the brand Lg attracts buyers with a minibar. It can be used as additional storage space for essential products. You don’t have to open the fridge completely to get food out of the minibar, which certainly saves energy. Unit from the company Lg has a No-Frost function and a freshness camera.

Refrigerators firms Sharp with a freezer below they have as many as four doors. Stylish design (some models are equipped with glass doors) and modern technologies are perfectly combined in refrigerators Sharp. In addition to everyone’s favorite No-Frost technology, freshness chambers, the devices of this brand are equipped with an ice maker and an antibacterial processing function, which allows you to keep them fresh for a long time. No modern refrigerator model has such a function. Despite the high cost of such a household appliance, the demand for it is increased..

The most popular model of a refrigerator with a large chamber, according to satisfied customers, is the unit of the company Liebherr. It has two sections – the main one and the freezer, which are not connected to each other. They can be placed in different corners of the kitchen, or they can be stapled. This option does not take up much space and is considered ideal even for Russian cuisines. The popular No-Frost system in this model is replaced by a drip system that does not dry food. The only drawback (and this is noted by all buyers) is fragile fittings – the handles of refrigerators of this model have to be changed every year.

Tips for choosing a refrigerator

When choosing a refrigerator, what should you pay attention to so that the purchase will delight you for many years – we will give the main indicators.

  • The size

When choosing a refrigerator, you should pay attention to the place that it will occupy in the kitchen – will it interfere with other equipment, in which direction the door will open. It is worth considering the route of delivery of the refrigerator to the installation site – it will be a shame if it does not enter the door (especially for large Side-by-side models).

  • Volume

Choose the size of your freezer and main refrigerator section based on the amount of food you intend to store in it. Do not buy an appliance with a very large freezer so that it will be empty later. But it is also not worth saving on this important department if you have a large family and you need a significant amount of frozen blanks..

  • Defrosting process

Defrosting systems are in demand today – drip and No Frost. They are very popular, and sometimes their availability is the main condition for buying a particular model. Take your time with the choice. Manufacturers advise defrosting any refrigerator once a year, in this regard, it is better to give preference to a high-quality model with manual defrosting..

  • Compressor

It is worth choosing a model with two refrigeration systems – this will optimally distribute the load.

  • Energy consumption and climate class

These two indicators must correspond to the level of operation. From the sticker on the device, you can easily determine these characteristics.

  • Internal content

The number and location of shelves and containers, the fixing system, lighting features – all this is selected individually based on the taste preferences of the buyer. Additional equipment and control options play an important role when choosing a household appliance..

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