Refrigerators Ardo

Refrigerators Ardo

The first refrigerators appeared a long time ago; they were a room filled with ice. Today the refrigerator is an integral part of the kitchen. When choosing this household appliance, many pay attention not only to the technical characteristics, but also to the design of the model. The Ardo refrigerator is able to satisfy all customer needs. Ardo has good technical performance and modern design, suitable for various interiors.

Time-tested reliability

The Ardo brand was founded in Italy in the first half of the 20th century. Initially, the factory produced scales. After the Second World War, production expanded, the factory began to produce cylinders in which liquefied gas was stored. Gradually, the company expanded its range to the production of household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, gas and electric stoves). Today the Ardo brand is known all over the world and is associated with reliability and quality. The name Ardo was formed from the words Ardemento Domestico, the translation means – “home appliances”. The brand of refrigerators is popular due to its affordable price and good quality.. The assortment of this brand is diverse:

  • embedded models;
  • separate models;
  • two-chamber and single-chamber;
  • freezers;
  • high (up to 200 cm) and small, compact (up to 80 cm).

A wide range allows everyone to choose a model.

Ardo refrigerators have a number of advantages, so they are able to compete with other popular models on the market.. Brand benefits include:

  • Corrosion protection. Ardo guarantees that the device will not corrode. For this, before the final paint application, the body is treated with cataphoresis..
  • A special coating is applied to the body, which does not leave fingerprints. This makes the refrigerator less easily soiled..
  • Most models have a built-in automatic defrosting system or No Frost. Thanks to this system, the freezer does not need to be defrosted manually. No Frost prevents ice from accumulating on the walls.
  • The surface of the walls is coated to prevent bacteria from multiplying. Thanks to the antibacterial coating, food lasts longer, does not generate odors and reduces the risk of infectious diseases.
  • Shelves refrigerator can be adjusted.
  • Material shelves are durable glass, for which blows are not terrible.
  • The refrigerator can be controlled using the touch display, setting the temperature or operating mode.
  • Refrigerators Ardo produce little noise (about 45 dB).
  • Many models have a quick freeze function (Quik Freeze) and shutdown automatically. Thanks to quick freezing, the products retain their useful properties.
  • Cooling agent is environmentally friendly.
  • Refrigerators Ardo are economical in energy consumption (class A + and A ++).
  • Freshness preservation area perishable products (fish, fruits, meat) allows you to preserve the beneficial properties of products at a temperature of 0-4?
  • The manufacturer gives a guarantee up to 2 years.



The art of design in Ardo refrigerators is boldly embodied in the decors of each model. The assortment of the Ardo brand, depending on the design, can be divided into 4 lines:

  • Line “Special”. All models have special characteristics. For example, the Home Pub series is equipped with a tap built into the door. This tap is connected to the beer keg, which is located inside the unit. This tap allows you to enjoy your drink without opening the refrigerator. This line also includes “Combi” refrigerators with ventilation and No Frost function..
  • Line “Hexagon”. It resembles a polyhedron, the surface is protected and does not leave fingerprints on it.

  • Vintage line. For lovers of retro style, the Vintage line is suitable. The units of this line have elegant curves and rounded shapes.. This line includes several design series:
  • Refrigerator series “Classica” evoke retro looks from the 50s and 60s. Outlines, decor, rounded silhouette of the door, unique, bright colors – all this is offered by Ardo designers. Inside the refrigerator, glass shelves are made of fireproof material. They bring sophistication and sophistication to the design of the refrigerator. In view of this, the space of the refrigerator visually increases inside. Refrigerators of the “Classica” class are available with one or two doors, have excellent characteristics and are economical in energy consumption.
  • Mediterraneo series allows you to decorate your refrigerator doors with sunflowers, peppers, olives, tomatoes and other products related to Mediterranean cuisine.
  • With the help of the “Fantasy” series the door can be decorated with any pattern that the buyer chooses.
  • Gallery series reproduces fragments of famous works of art on the doors.
  • Series “Only you”, will allow the buyer to create his own individual design. The buyer himself chooses the image on the door and the color of the case.

  • Evergreen line. The design of the line is laconic without unnecessary details. The lineup is presented in several options:
  • Fridge, freezerless, up to two meters high, the entire volume of which is occupied by the refrigerator compartment. The coating of the inner walls is antibacterial. Panoramic lighting.
  • Ardo also produces small refrigerators with a height of 85 cm. These include the MP 14 SA model. This offered model есть freezer compartment, volume of which is 17 l. The camera is located at the top. The unit operates at temperatures up to 32 ° C. There is a “super freeze” function. This option is great for an office or small space..
  • Model CO 3111 SHY is a roomy refrigerator. The unit can withstand temperatures up to 43?.
  • Model DP 36 SHY has 2 doors. The freezer is separated from the refrigerator compartment. The unit is of medium height (168 cm). Thawing of ice in the freezer takes place “manually”. When disconnected from the network, the cold remains up to 18 hours. There are no special additional functions, but the model is reliable and of high quality.

The refrigerator may need repair due to mechanical damage, voltage drop in the network. Due to long-term operation, wear of parts also occurs, which leads to a malfunction of this device. If certain irregularities are detected, repairs will have to be made.. Such violations are:

  • When connected to the network, the unit refuses to work, but the light is on. The reasons for the breakdown may be a malfunction of the thermostat, relay, compressor, as well as oxidation of the contacts..
  • When connected to the network, the refrigerator turns on and off instantly. The reasons for such a malfunction are relay failure, breakdown of the motor-compressor.
  • The device works without turning off. This may be due to Super freeze operation and refrigerant leakage, thermostat malfunction.
  • The unit runs continuously without stopping. The malfunction is caused by depressurization, leakage of coolant or malfunction of the thermostat.
  • The freezer has stopped freezing. Reasons – compressor breakdown, refrigerant leakage, the radiator of the No Frost system is faulty.
  • Accumulation of water in or under the refrigerator, indicates that the thermostat has broken, the drain pipe is clogged or the water container has been displaced.
  • The unit makes a lot of noise during operation. This can be due to an unstable position or a broken motor spring inside the compressor..


In the presence of a serious malfunction, a certain code is displayed on the display of the electronic control unit.

The meaning of this code can be deciphered using the instructions attached to the unit. If you find any malfunction, you should contact a qualified technician. The wizard will competently eliminate the problems, which will extend the life of the device. Self-repair can completely disable the unit..


Only positive reviews and recommendations can be heard from users of Ardo refrigerators. Ardo stands for quality, reasonable price and wide assortment. The unit serves for a long time and reliably, and thanks to the chic design, the unit will easily fit into any interior.


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