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Company GoldStar presents a wide range of Smart, convenient, practical and reliable home appliances that combine attractive design, optimal dimensions and affordable settings. Fridge GoldStar best suited for a small kitchen or a small country house, a work office. This is a technique for rooms in which every square meter counts. The company does not only produce single-chamber models. There are also two-chamber ones – for example, RFG-130. This device can hold up to 130 liters. Such refrigerators are very popular, and this is not surprising, because they have a lot of advantages..

Compact solution

Refrigerator “RFG-100 “- the most compact among the models produced by GoldStar. It weighs only 20 kg and has a power consumption of 90 watts. The upper part is equipped with a refrigerator, it can hold up to 10 liters. The total capacity of the device is 100 liters. The refrigerator compartment has a volume of 90 liters. This is enough for a family of three.

Manual defrosting system in all chambers of the refrigerator. At the bottom there is a so-called freshness zone, created specifically for storing vegetables and fruits. The complete set of the device includes one compressor and an electromechanical control type. Energy class A +, so you can save on electricity. In width, this model will require only 47 cm in the kitchen, 85 cm in height, and 45.5 cm in depth..

In the reviews, buyers are advised to pay attention to this refrigerator.. Its price does not exceed 10 thousand rubles. But for this little money, you can get a reliable and high-quality device. Inside there are two shelves in the form of metal grilles, in the door there are 4 compartments, which are made of plastic and metal. The door is reversible.

Low model

RFG-55 from GoldStar is a refrigerator 51.5 cm high, 47 cm wide, 44 cm deep. The weight of such a unit for generating cold is only 12.8 kg. This manufacturer produces all models in classic white color, which fits well into any interior. The freezer holds 5 liters and is located on top. The refrigerator holds a volume of 50 liters.

The type of energy saving is economical, namely – A+. It keeps light in your home and money in your wallet. This model costs about 7 thousand rubles. You will have to defrost it manually – an automatic system is not provided either in the refrigerator or in the freezer. One shelf in the form of a metal lattice. There are two of them in the door, they are made of plastic. There is an electromechanical control, as well as a reversible door.

The device works very delicately and practically silently. There will be no discomfort even in a small apartment, where there is very good audibility between rooms..

Ideal for an office or summer cottage

Model RFG-80 from GoldStar buyers in their reviews recommend purchasing for small office space or country houses. This device pays off its cost (about 9 thousand rubles) with interest. It works quietly, the noise level is negligible, so the unit will not distract from work or rest. Such a refrigerator can be purchased as a second (additional) option at home. After all, there are situations when one device does not cope with all the work, and the products do not fit.

As advantages, consumers note an economical energy consumption class A+. Among the disadvantages is the lack of internal lighting. You will have to turn on the lights in the room in the evening to look into the refrigerator. The dimensions of this device are very compact: height – 70 cm, width – 48 cm, depth – 45 cm. It does not take up much space. The weight of such a unit is 17.5 kg.

A special feature is the reversible door. The type of control in the device is electromechanical. The package includes one compressor and refrigerant “R600a”. The freezer has a capacity of 10 liters. The refrigerator holds 70 liters. This is a single-compartment refrigerator with a manual defrosting system for all compartments. Inside there are two metal grates that serve as shelves. There are three shelves in the door which are made of plastic.

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